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Iso20022 not needed

Xrp,xlm,xdc and whatever else legit don’t matter.

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How does America not already have instant payments?
In Australia we have PayID, and it's really great. You register with a phone number or email address, and as long as somebody knows your name and number they can send instant payments across banks.

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we have that it's called zelle but our payments don't actually settle instantly, just on your balance sheet. am i missing something?

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Australia is cucked lol. Wtf?
In Britain Faster Payments have been around for a decade or more. Its just normal bank transfer that settles in seconds. You dont need any extra information like their phone number etc, just usual shit like account sort code

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they dont even know about $... kek

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It's not extra information, you use it instead of their bank details. It's so you don't have to ask them what their account number is.

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It's weird but the US is slow when it comes to technology adoption. We finally got chip readers for debit after almost all of Europe did.

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Ripple is literally on the Fed Faster Payments Steering Committee. Lol And it settles more cost effectively using XRP and due to ODL there is no need to prefund accounts. We have been watching this develop for literally years. You JUST learning about Fednow doesn't mean it is a revelation to others who have invested in XRP anticipating it 4 years ago. It just means you are slow

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>and every nation around the world will happily be using FedNow as settlement instrument

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wow I wonder what token is used to settle cross border payments between systems like FedNow and others around the world

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this anon holds 0 chainlink tokens (ticker: $chainlink)

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FedNow director is literally Ripple you retarded linkcel nigger

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Prove it


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Xrp will always be trash

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Yes, America bad and dumb.

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>FedNow director is literally Ripple you retarded linkcel nigger
>Prove it

looks like a duke lacrosse player to me. pic rel

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>(((Britain))) Faster Payments
>chip readers
designed to destroy your freedoms
use cash only or direct barter

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Our elections are sham, people are sitting in solitary confinement right now for walking into the capitol building when the police ushered them on January 6th and I'm supposed to be concerned with botnet?

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you should be more concerned that 75% of people got vaxxed and already willingly surrendered

you are alone

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luckily this is a simulation and nothing is real.

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If this is all a simulation then what is it simulating? What real life should be or what it really is?

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who knows, if it's a 1 level deep simulation then the next level up is God directly. maybe God trying to figure out how he came to be.
if it's 2+ levels though your little more than an advanced npc in some shit videogame, like a 1000+ year evolution of twitch.

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Imagine not being aware that there is the rest of the world beyond the US of A.

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>in Australia
And how does someone in Australia make an international payment? That's as much of a clue as I'll give you

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This was meant for >>54199377

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>You are alone
>80+ million are just like you
Got it.

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> It's weird but the US is slow when it comes to technology adoption.

Because boomers and nig nogs are still role playing 1800's farming simulator.

Their reason... it's "profitable and secure"


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>glow in the dark fed coin

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listen you dumb kike nigger monkey trying to FUD iso20022.

Fed now allows for 24 hour payments from the banks. Thats it, that is all it fucking does. Right now contrary to popular knowledge payment through the US banking system is not 24 hour a day affair. Fed now allows for 24 hour payments, nothing more nothing less.
Ripple owns the paten on ODL technology so regardless everyone in the states has use ripples system.
ISO 20022 was developed by all the largest banks in the world and is the new standard that everyone has to use. It is a different animal than Fed now you dumb nigger monkey.
Another fact, go to the ISO website and look at the companies that sit on the management committee, there are only two crypto companies that sit on the board.
Ripple and Stellar.
KYS for being a nigger and this fucking stupid.

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I can see FedNow stealthily rolling out and replacing a lot of the bank transfer infrastructure. It's about damn time.

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Imagine thinking the world as a whole will use private company token's to run all the money.


iso20022 in a whole

all the founders dump to fund lifestyles and operations. Retards call it fud all day but it is what it is, legit on the wall. Why do you think brad and his gang is getting sued? They dumped their XRP on you to fund their lifestyle. What you gonna say Chris Larsen dumping millions during 2017 era is fud? fucking poor fags will always stay poor.

BTC is the only coin that matters.

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