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digits decide the price at launch

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19 shekels

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Three dolla

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jewish coin farmed by pajeets shilled constantly on biz

i'm sure nothing will go wrong

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24/7 cope machine

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3 dollar

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30 dollars

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please point out where the inaccuracy is

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sirs where can i buy this once it launches? where is it trading?

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Look anywhere, a lot of the people you are referring are not eligible. Look at the twitter announcement, it is full of upset jeets

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on uniswap its $1.56

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Eat shit and die you POS scammer

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>10% of pajeets were locked out therefore all pajeets were locked out
also if you think the insider jews who run arbitrum didn't farm the shit out of this you are retarded

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5 dollarinos segnor

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Retards wanna be spoonfed

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and you're just a LOSER who is so DESPERATE for a WIN that your only hope is a fucking AIRDROP

you suck at crypto thank you for contributing to my profits

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You sound like the chudposter
>by me measuring in standards set by this society you dont have enough points so i call you a loser hahahahahahaha

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>I used green text, this means your point has been invalidated
I am not saying that it will not dump like crazy, or that the inflation is not insanely high.
While this is not a good comparison, large amounts of insider Jews are what made Solana go from $3 to $100 or whatever.

Most importantly neither your nor I know how many addresses actually received an airdrop. Was is thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands? If we knew this then we could honestly debate what is going to happen.

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but i'm right. you're a fucking loser who's only hope of making it is some shitty jewish airdrop. you literally suck at crypto or you're just too poor. either way i'm better than you faggot haha

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I could live with this

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at least call us victim (used to be an insult) instead of this anglojewish insult "loser"
Its literally the worst insult ever and why i think anglos are basically jews
So you did not deny you are the chudposter hu?
So you fud this shit out of envy? Nice. I bet i have way more in crypto then you. But my expected arbitrum profit contributed nicely to it

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seethe, you get nothing.

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you are indian. there is literally no possible way you have more money than me

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We talk about you
Answer me
Also im white european

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i did get an airdrop. the thing is i'm not a desperate indian who needs airdrops. they mean nothing to me so i can see the situation for what it is. what's your argument now.

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You know what dont answer me shlomo and fuck off

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I cannot imagine spending time legitimately rooting for others to fail.
If you are so rich, what the fuck are you doing here? Go grind, do that "sigma" mindset bullshit.
The worst part is, if you actually have any money, you probably received your initial from rich family as a gift or some shit.

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>broken fucking pajeet english
lol if only you people didn't smell so bad i would come near you just to laugh in your face

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Are you the chudposter or not?
You are only deflecting my the point jew

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you didn't get anything, cope

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do you bring toilet paper with you to the street or do you just use your hands?

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>morale about how to make money
>it doesnt matter howe you make money
kys you dirty shitbag of lying worthless waste of matter
your mother wants it aswell and you know it

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i'm predicting $2.25

nice b8 m8

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hey smelly pajeet, please learn proper english so you can properly comprehend the english language thank you. btw you smell terrible

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Yes they smell terrible i agree
Now you MAY answer my points?

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No, you smell terrible. And you have bad teeth. I bet that you like to dress up like a baby and get spanked by your grandma.

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Makes sense

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Why didn't you fuckers ever tell me there was going to be an arb token? It says I never even bridged to Arb on my wallet when I used it when it first came out.

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I used metamask, how do I check if i'm eligible from this wallet? It doesn't have the option to connect to metamask

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You need to switch to the arbitrum network and then go to the arbitrum.foundation website to check.

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I did and it wants to open up ledger live or coinbase wallet to check

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