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IMAGINE not buying this chart

BIGGEST cup and handle in human history.

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Hold my beer

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that's cap

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ngl, pretty good looking chart
downside risk 15% at the most, big upside

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>big upside
Unbelievably massive upside.
Stock and silver junior miners are still insanely low.
Opportunity of a fucking lifetime.

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this nigga (nigger) is spending money on shiny rocks

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only problem is you and the rest of us might be waiting another 5 years for it to breakout

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we've been waiting for 14 years. It's literally happening this week/month. You're insane if you aren't getting in now. So much time has passed, check the chart, it's showtime.

Check the price of gold going back to 1960 if you dont believe me.

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Post your name and address so I can send you hate mail when it doesn’t happen.

Spoiler: nothing ever happens.

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don't have to imagine it. i'm not buying it.

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thing about gold is that the people that control the world want it cheap, who you going to bet against? a few retarded gold bugs or reptilians?

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This but post your it so I can end your life if nothing happens
Are you that confident op?

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>buy now
nah, wait until the crash. It would not be a crash if everything didn't get wiped out and that includes gold and silver. The window of buying opportunity will be very small though before they bounce back, so be on your toes.

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>nah, wait until the crash.
what "crash"?
It's going to be massive inflation
they will just print money
there will be no crash

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i can tell the RSI on that looks horrendous, shiny rock fags are so screwed

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>cup and handle

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lmao the absolute fucking cope
I can't wait to rub this in your faces this year

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why would i buy fake paper gold or even real gold when i can make more money with digital shitcoins
NGMI boomer rock holder delusional faggot

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you're not going to make money with shitcoins this cycle

anyway, do you know how much junior mining stocks went up in value in 2011?

Why do you want to miss out on a 20x?

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We are going to make so much money bros


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I was promised a comex default by you guys in two weeks for the last twenty years.

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Whatever gold does, BTC will do 10x or 100x better.

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>it happened once so it will happen every cycle for eternity

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It's literally happening right now.

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Central bank gold purchases were literally at all time high last year. The thing is that the lower the gold price is, the more expensive it is to bail out central banks as more unit weight of gold is required to be purchased. A higher gold price means cheaper central bank bail out in unit weight terms.

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He's right you know

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Are you suggesting anons buy bayhorse silver again lol

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Noob question, I've never bought metals before. Where buy?

I've read people saying it's stupid to buy internet gold in an IRA or something. Do I actually want to find a physical store and buy physical gold?

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Hard ‘r’ not aloud here sir

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This anon is right. Mostly. There will be a crash in some sectors. A huge boom in others, like gold. And a crash followed by a boom in others still, like energy

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>buy physical gold
>price pops 8% off a handle
>take 10% haircut selling back to coin dealer

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Gold is a fools investment, shit gains and only sold to boomers with lead filled brains and schizo doomers. Biz should ban all boomer rock post desu

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No. Thats cup

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>shills the standard currency since the dawn of time
OP has figured out alchemy and can print infinite gold… do not buy you’re going to get rugged

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It's a solid investment to preserve wealth over the longterm but it's never going to be as sexy and exciting as crypto in the digital age. Goldbugs make themselves look like desperate retards by force meming gold into something it's not.

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i always see this exact shill post kek, gold isn't an investment nigger its an insurance from the kike system which is literally collapsing as we speak.
>pic related, i look like this and i say this

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Gold only performs in times of change. Gold doesn't perform when things don't change. I agree with you that gold is a bad "investment" in usual times.

However, empires rise and fall. We are witnessing the downfall of the USD system. Central bank gold purchases were at all time high last year, and western CBs bought zero. It is clear which nations are on the rise and which ones are falling. Gold is good to have in times of change like this.

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i wanna cup and handle a nice pair of titties

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Meh, jews just dump paper gold to the market and dump it back down if it tries to pump

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>dude just hold 20 years for a 5x

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biggest is silver on the yearly

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What is that platinum?

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>this'll never happen to bitcoin bro

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>triple top
lol did you look at btc?
Gold is going back down

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>cup and handle
you said this about btc 1 and a half year ago... get lost

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I prefer to hold my own shiny rocks and not take part in the imaginary stocks and papers anymore.

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how is this nonsense still a thing. the homeopathy of finance

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Yeah I guess it is pretty cup and handle.

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Hello, what is the best way to invest in gold except for physical. What tickers/etf/ etc are the best to buy tracking gold price

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Miners that have solid buisness models. Stuff like Barrick. You want larger miners with their own refining capabilities. Not shitty microcaps that get eaten up by the big boys.

It's basically inverse crypto. The smaller something is, the worse it does.
>t. Moved all my tech stocks into mining corps and I'm not even a goldbug

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Sprott, PSLV or PHYS

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Thanks anon, currently my whole folio is TSLA. But even I can see that gold is prime for a major breakout. Would buying barrick be the best and safest big miner play in comparison to etf’s
Like GLD?(I just did a quick google search)

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looks identical to XMR/USD macro

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>Noob question, I've never bought metals before. Where buy?

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Im in Europe, what ETF or whatever the fuck can I buy here for Gold?
Not sure about Silver, it sure sucked in 08, it was a pump and dump.

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Yeah but you are talking about actual gold, not individual mining stocks isn't it. How the fuck would you know which one is a good one.

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Where do you guys keep your physical gold? I asked my local bank the other day and the guy told me they'd charge nearly almost 500€ a year to keep my (few) bullion coins.

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>asked my local bank
Do not keep anything you actually value in the bank lol
stuff in safety deposit boxes just gets vacuumed up when they bust or can just get raidied by the feds whenever like they did in the news not too long ago.
If you want remote storage probably go with a vault in singapore or cayman islands

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Lol shiny rock niggers shilling harder than cryptofags. I’ve seen this thread posted so many times this week. No one wants your shitty metal. Only niggers buy gold for any purpose other than the limited uses for conductivity

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>whole portfolio tsla.

Retarded. You made money in the stock cycle now put it all in gdx for the gold cycle

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We're trying to save you morons from yourself but you losing all your money would make me exponentially happier.

No one wants your pancake coin.

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Yeah just let go me all in on a physical asset that can’t easily be bought or sold at market value for the possibility of a 70% increase max

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what is the point of buying and holding? all the exchanges have a buy price listed as well, for which it would need to go up substantially just to break even.

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yer crypto is shit

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I own more in mining company shares than I do in crypto for reference. The few gold coins I have I really like looking at and holding, point is - is that the value in them? idk where to sell them without getting severely gypp'ed at a sell below real market rate if I did want to.

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Retarded and you don't even make an effort to understand. You'll have a 35% rate of return on gold by the end of theneyar and mining stocks will have gone up 200-300%

I can't believe so many faggots just open up their mouths and shit out stuff they have no knowledge on. Surely they would have shut up by now? They just keep coming though. It's getting worse and worse.

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IMAGINE not checking these dubs

BIGGEST dubs in history