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I have 0.0162 of a Bitcoin

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Lol. I remember when I was like you anon. I have .05 now and life is great

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Would you like us to buy it from you so you have nothing?

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Image checks out.

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I remember when I was like both of you anons. I have 0.075 and I will continue to keep stacking sta like my life depends on it.

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If BTC hits 10 million, we will all be rich.
I have 0.0573

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I sold from 0.1 to 0.065 and now I regret taking profits. Bought at 15k

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I love all of you, bros. The last few weeks have proven the /smg/ fags, /pmg/ fags and altcoiners all wrong. They are finally shutting their mouths and listening to us. Keep orange pilling your family and friends so they don't lose their savings in their bank accounts. The bitcoin milkshake theory is alive and real.

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did you forget to buy in the last 2 years?

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Feels good to be wholecoiner

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Buy More.

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0.25 here, need more, i only buy when its shooting up like it did today and miss all the dips lol.

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I meant to post this photo

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>mfw I had 3 btc in 2017
>then 0.3
>then 1.2
>then 0.3
>now 0.8

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man ill never reach full coin status if i make a measly 15$ an hour. fuck this gay earth

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Yeah, I honestly don’t know what to do in your situation.

My first (real) purchase of bitcoin was 4btc.

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Milkshake theory?

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Gotta play in alts, NFTs, or stocks and get a decent stack going.

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>If BTC hits 10 million


lmao even

maxi's truely are retarded

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You are like a little baby to me. I have 0.06