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How would you react if bitcoin went up to 1 million dollars in a single day? This is a serious question, would you buy ammo and bug out?

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I would buy a lambo and continue working from home for the free insurance.

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nah id just use the profits to gamble on shitcoins desu

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>thinks he can cash out

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Wouldn't you be worried that the global economy is about to collapse? To me it would be frightening that global wealth started piling into bitcoin and what the short term rammifications would be.

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I wasn't even talking about cashing out. I literally mean:
>see chart
>1 btc = 1,000,000 USD
>buy ammo out of checking account
>get away far from populated city centers

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living your life in fear isn't living at all, anon.

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I'm pretty sure shit would be hitting the fan at that point

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We’re gonna see her the whole year aren’t we

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I'd sell a certain amount and hold the rest. But I'm already retired so it's no big deal. Before when I had a bug out bag ready I would have kept it on the downlow and just made moves to quit my glowjob as soon as humanly possible, consequences be damned.

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maybe the rest of the time your on 4chan

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Yes, she is the face of the collapse of modern civilization.

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wow so artistic haha how do you balance like that you are so talented lol

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I would finally acquire intercourse with a female homo sapien

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If that happened I'm going underground

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finally someone who understands the gravity of btc reaching that price

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Worrying is for faggots. Stop pretending like anything you read on the internet is real. None of it has any effect on any of the stuff you see outside of your window right now.

I'm looking at the mountains, the water tower, and am killing time before my dinner reservation in two hours. I would be doing the same thing if BTC went to $1M, except I'd buy a really expensive bottle of wine at dinner.

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Clearly you're dying for someone to ask.

ANON! What would YOU do if BTC went up to $1M in a single day?? Would you BUG OUT??

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idk, that's why I am asking retard.

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at this scenario, it's more like the USD crashed rather than bitcoin mooning
so the "castle up" is the only real answer
the retard talking about "cashing out" is a fiatcel who has lost all his money in his 401k and deposits, because his bank bought TLT with his money and TLT is dead

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> would you buy ammo and bug out?
I would, yes, because the only scenario where this could feasibly happen is if the United States of America make BTC fiat.

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this. banks failing. cash out $1 milli worth of BTC. even bitboy had to run through tons of hurdles to cash out huge amounts of crypto because banks all thought he was still sketch. that's why i squeeze out a little at a time here and there

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>How would you react if bitcoin went up to 1 million dollars in a single day? This is a serious question, would you buy ammo and bug out?

I'd unironically move to El Salvador and cash out with zero issues. Fuck these Northern slave states made for cattle and sheep.

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She is 4chan’s Joi

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she's based

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Don't you have to pay 1 btc for citizenship?

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If it went to 1 million, I'd only have 82k.

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I'd be terrified since that means the USD probably just collapsed.

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Retards in the morning
>Holy MOLY! Bitcoin is up to 1,000,000, I'm rich!

Smart people in the morning
>Oh fuck, BTC is 1 mil, that means the US dollar dropped off a cliff.... Time to break out the firearms and ammo.

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why does everything think that BTC going to a milly means that USD went to zero.

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I'd probably kill myself because I'm a nocoiner poorfaggot.

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If it did in one single day, that would be the most likely reason.

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no, that's jenna

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If it goes up 1 million dollars in a day you won't be able to spend it for awhile because that means the banking system is finished.

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so what would you do?

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serena mogs this thot

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I would do the same thing I do now. Workout, sauna, snowboard, eat high quality meat and shitpost.

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You are my clone.

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how dare you argue with the trips of truth

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she looks like a gremlin bro

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Serena mogs

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did donny and marie have a grand kid?

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Daily reminder that it's her manager posting these threads to build up hype for her blacked.com debute on April 12th

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this literally just made my stomach crawl reading this. fuck this timeline

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Swap half into gold because the kikes would absolutely try to kill it at that point

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The rug will be epic

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Next level of stupidity, i'm not convinced anybody can make much with shitcoins, except you're an insider. I would prefer something solid, like hook, sylo, or Zil
the next few months will be interesting.

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Anything other than this means you are just an extra in the movie idiocracy

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