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I stopped posting here pretty much once my net worth crossed $3m. I basically fomo'd into Verge, Neo and some other coins and managed to somehow sell near the top. I'm pretty clueless and I still don't know how I managed to go from a mcdonalds wagie to a crypto millionaire in under 2 years.

I moved to Thailand (got a residency permit using a shell company that I use to funnel through my crypto gains) and I pretty much pay near 0% tax on the gains.

My most memorable moment was finding a very hot thai girl that ate my dirty and hairy ass that I has not wiped clean. I told her to lick me clean. It's not a fetish, it's about dominance. I paid her $50 for the service. She obviously sucked my dick as well after cleaning her mouth.

I live in a pretty big condo unit at the top floor. The view in Pattaya is insane and it's very cheap to live here. People respect wealth and they will cater to your needs compared to Europe that'll only hate you for being rich.

Thought I'd do an AMA.

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>Thought I'd do an AMA
yeah but who asked? and stop posting disgusting trannies

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you're disgusting and pathetic.

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How is this business or finance related?

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That’s a man

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Did you know it was a thai ladyboi?

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>reddit spacing
>larp shit
real incel hours

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Nobody asked no. I'm here to be asked, silly. Are you envious? ;)

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Notice how the westoids flood in to display their irrational butthurt. They know you made the right choice and you will actually have a better life in Thailand than America. Enjoy your life bro.

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Well it's about crypto. Isn't making it a part of it all? I'm here to be an example for you guys!


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I would wreck that man's arsehole

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Which NHL team is gonna draft Conor Bedard ?

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If that's a ladyboy then I'm gay as fuck lets just leave it at that.

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>My most memorable moment was finding a very hot thai girl that ate my dirty and hairy ass that I has not wiped clean.
How ugly are you?

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What are you hoping offer from an AMA? Your life story sounds pretty shitty...

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based troll

what crypotos do you still own

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Thanks I'm loving it. 5 years passed and I'm excited for the next 5, still feels just as unreal to be here. I have no idea why some people say it gets boring. Maybe it's because they themselves are boring and don't try new things often enough. Gratitude is also important to practice imo.

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> My most memorable moment was finding a very hot thai girl that ate my dirty and hairy ass that I has not wiped clean.

So how did you get so many people to FOMO into ICP?

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I made about 650,000 from my 2017 investments and did 5 years in vietnam. sent my ex chunks to sell p2p and I made 6% on the dollar when cashing out VND.

Was a good life but then she broke up with me and I unmade it by holding to the bottom and getting scammed by the evil Bancor kikes. Now I'm hoping for it to go back up again so I can go back.

It really is a better life out there.

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I'm like a 4/10. Short, very hairy and unproportional facial features including a small chin. I'm confident though because of my money. It goes a long way to be confident. I also take the risk of wearing fancy clothing to stand out and make up for my poor genetics.

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what do you do in thailand?

I mean, besides the obvious. How does it feel walking around being judged for being a perv all the time?

What are the other expats there like? What do you spend on rent/house?

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Btc, Eth and some Hex. Maybe about 50%, 35%, 15% respectively

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>Got lucky
>Low IQ idiot who did nothing of value with new wealth but to blow it on degenerate sexual behaviour

You have no insights worth providing.

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I would like to unsubscribe from your blog

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Ama eh?
Give me 25k? To fund my anti israel posting of course.

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Surely that's not enough to retire for life and live as a rich man. Is Thailand that cheap?

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Share more pictures from Thailand if you have some spicy or funny shit.
Also, good for you for being honest at least

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>lost it all
>came back to biz
>now he does ama for free

You’re stuck in Thailand, aren’t you? Post wallet. I’ll give you 50 baht.

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Not hating.
But Thai people are one of the most materialistic cunts of all Asians.

They even play songs and shit about ripping off rich dudes on national TV.

That Noped me out to Taiwan.

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Damn that's some ugly roastie. Imagine having a nw of 3 mil and settling for this rag

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Yeah, you're a one hit wonder and "your" wealth was a fluke. You're no different than someone winning the lottery.

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Holy fuck yes this is the kind of story I want just without the degenerate parts. Right now I can’t fucking get any sleep. How can I sleep when I know what’s coming… soon XRP’s utility will be recognized and who knows how high it will moon. In mere days I will be a millionaire and never have to wagecuck ever again. It makes me think… what will I do when I get my millions? How will my life change? These are questions that are exciting and I’m glad I’m having this opportunity but still the awe of the situation I am in makes me freeze with fear. It’s just all too much I guess.

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Hold up he hasn't given me 25k to prove he's not a larper
biz rule #1488

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I don't really care how others percieve me. I am a millionaire and they're not. Thry're there to serve my needs and wishes regardless.

There's plenty of expats. I speak regularly to a few of them that live in the same building as me. Most of them work on Youtube channels or Software. We go out sometimes which is nice. I do enjoy the westernized cultural aspect as well.

Rent is 125k Baht a month. It's pricy but also not pricey. Here's an example very similar to mine:


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Respond to me nigger you owe me 25k.
Roosh I'm coming for my 50k as well buddy I know you're lurking.

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It really is! My living expenses are like 250k baht a month but you can get away with like 1/100th of that lol. I just spend money like a retard rn. Crypto goes up more than my spending habits.

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OP ignore this faggot.

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True, but I don't care about money, I don't think I was supposed to make it anyways. I'm here to have fun and if they want money to give me that experience then fine be it.

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what an attitude

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>XRP schizo
Yeah only faggot is you buddy hope you enjoy holding those bags another decade.

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Enjoy having your assets nationalized during the coming global depression, that's if you aren't killed outright. Now that being said, are the bj bars a real thing?

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my gf eats my ass for free
>not making every girlfriend eat your ass and cumming down their throats regularly
>tfw by your own metrics im more successful than you despite being poor and owning no internet coins
Hows if feel?

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True I can't argue against that. My Hexies has been doing good this year though. 6x in this month or so.

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Nobody cares faggot take your blog to reddit.

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>soon XRP’s utility will be recognized

Some of you were biologically hard-wired to fail and suffer in this world.

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Iam movin to cuba once i make it. Femoids there are hotter than asians and more desperate for money

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> Taiwan

Lmao, enjoy bag holding like hong Kong

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I have considered storing 1% of my net worth in gold in case that happens. I feel like people have been anticipating a depression for a long time. Seems like we just keep going up instead.

And yes, everything you've heard about thailand is probably true.

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>the coming global depression
in 2 more weeks?

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Hahahah holy shit this is gross. the fact the you exist is a problem

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kek, doomers are so fucking retarded and ALWAYS stay poor.

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Yeah so like what the fuck do you do all day as a random expat in thailand?

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>I made a hex thread guys
>and I ignore everyone who isn't fellating my blog
Your an attention whore and likely worth less than 10k like most attention whores
>I count my staked hex I can't withdrawal until 2054 but I tell you what I'm gonna be worth 3m then so I'll larp like it's already happened
Okay pal I'm sure that jew would never rugpull you.

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I'm going to make god hate me until he strikes me down. I know he won't do it which is why I'll continue to be a degenerate.

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Okay, say he spends 2 hours ass-fucking some trannie per day. What about the 10 hours that go into a day?
Just wander around some slums or sit in your underwear? How is that any different from being a poorfag?
The wealthy create businesses, they create families, legacies and generational wealth. OP is the definition of a nigger.

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my mate came back from Thailand 3 days ago, yes they exist. Blew my mind as well.

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>I'm confident though because of my money.
Now that you've achieved this level of confidence and wisdom on confidence, do you think if you were to lose it all you could maintain this level of confidence? Do you have any advice for those of us who haven't made it on how to achieve your level of confidence without it being backed up by wealth?

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You know how much gold they pulled from hidden pockets and teeth in Treblinka right? But you might make it out and I don't blame you for enjoying it now America is a dystopian nightmare that gets worse every day.
For you and >>54183159
I know I know, but I think it is different this time. Global population decline is imminent and the debt is unsustainable.

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It's totally not like Hong Kong bro.
Very Japanese actually.
Well being ex nip colony and all.

And a amazing tax haven if you know what you are doing.

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Based thread OP

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Today I woke up, had a breakfeast at a fancy place, went to shop for some clothes, had a footmassage, went to the beach to enjoy the sea and look for prey. I found two girls that lookes like twins and I brought them to a pool party with me. We talked, had some to drink and then I bought them food. We then did random shit like walk around and then I showes them my condo. Lets say they got horny reaaal quick once I did. Hopefully they won't expect me to marry them.

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Whenever this shit is said in a faggots thread it's guaranteed a samefaggot nigger.
KYS op you attention whore, If you do have money I hope someone robs you and shoots you in the stomach then while you're dying someone removes your organs with a rusty knife.

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You can always fake it til you make it (Not even a meme). It's just harder but doable. Money helps for sure.

>> No.54183294

third world countries are currently ~4 times cheaper than first world

I suspect this gap will close slowly over the next 50 years

>> No.54183309


I'm sorry you didn't make it :[

Come to Thailand I'll buy you a drink bruv

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Well I'm glad you have such simple desires OP, I don't think most people could sustain themselves on just lounging around and fucking sluts for 5 years straight lol.

I guess that's based in way? I don't know. Good for you though.

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Yep basic arbitrage theory. New places will emerge though. It always does given how money always flows to us in the elite class.

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You have no idea how much I want to goto thailand but not for the reasons you did.
See I'm not gonna be alive in four years, I want to go enjoy the food but that's a fantasy.

The god of this world is satan and he benefits faggots like OP, he gives hedonistic niggers everything they want, he gives good people the hardest time possible while they live their short existence here.

This place is hell and you're my enemy.
I don't drink nor would I ever share a drink with someone such as yourself.

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you do realise it's a communist country with CCTV set up everywhere to prevent women sleeping with foreigners?
you can fuck women there but the logistics are very bad

>> No.54183364


I think it's IQ. I remember scoring low and failed Uni hard. I believe that's why I am capable of enjoying doing the same shit over and over again. I was pretty content at Mcdonalds desu. I just didn't feel like it was enough so I got into crypto after a co-worker suggested me to.

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/biz/bros what's the point of being rich if you're just banging SEA women? You can do that as a broke autistic retard. I thought the whole reason for the grind was to bang girls like that one from iCarly like the politicians and producers do?

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Can you expand on how did you get away with 0 tax anon? Would be helpful.

>> No.54183400

if you had to say how much did you put in, in total? Also what would you pick now if you had to start over. Probably harder with all the noise from different chains/nfts and grifters

>> No.54183407


The food is awesome sucks that you can't come to enjoy it.

And yes the world is unfair. I'm just playing my role to the extreme. I'm here to use people and to benefit myself and my degeneracy only.

Also Pom says you shouldn't be so rude :(. Be nice she says!

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That's what normies do yes.

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Yeaahhh i don't care as long as they maintain this lifestyle they've developed.

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I just wanted to say it was a good thread nigger damn

I didn’t have anything to contribute but I think a retarded autist getting a small fortune in shitcoins and fucking 3rd world pussy for the rest of his days is heart warming in some strange way

>> No.54183446


It's pretty complicated and I paid an accountant to help me with most of these things. It's well worth the money. You'll save so much instead of doinf it yourself.

>> No.54183467


Normies can come here 2 weeks a year. I live here and my money goes a long eay here too. I actually didn't lose much money since I came here. Hex pulling a 10,000x in 2020-2021 made up for a lot of the expenses.

>> No.54183493

Right because you're satanic in nature and follow anti christian values, that's why satan gave you money.

I'm literally dying and I can't even get what's legally owed to me, we aren't the same and you're my enemy.
You said it yourself you're here to use and abuse people.

This world isn't fair because it's satanic in nature, now go enjoy your money, this thread should be an awakening for those who don't realize unless you're evil at heart you will not ever gain fortune on this earth.

Don't even bother trying if you're good natured.

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$400 or something. My Verge buy did amazingly but I sold early. I think I had about $50k when I sold it. I then bought some Neo and did another 100x into $5m and sols most of it and held the rest. I traded some other coins but only made a few X's so not worth mentioning.

>> No.54183516


Christian bros should've read whitepapers rather than the bible ayy lmao

>> No.54183517

$400 to 5mil sounds like divine luck desu

>> No.54183522

which gogo bar is your favourite?

>> No.54183528

You don't even have 10k to your name, it's a nice blog thou you got lots of (Yous)
But you weren't lying when you said you're here to use and abuse others.

>> No.54183539

did you ever consider that the meaning of life is seeking pleasure and you are being punished for being a buzzkill?

>> No.54183548


You have to try it even for just a week. Hot AF girls come to me in public and I've never felt more desired. In Europe not a single girl ever approached me. I approached them and I had to live like an incel because they kept nobbing me.

What I do now is paypack to the world.

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>on his LARP shitcoin fantasy he is so poor he has to move to some third world tranny hellhole in order to feel rich

>> No.54183566



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Yea also depends for every country.
My country tax is normally 33%.

If I pay for stuff directly for goods and services it's 0%.
Even if it's buying property.

>> No.54183594


Yep but it's crypto so I'd say extremely lucky tier. Divine luck is being born as a chad (Which I am not) and money.

>> No.54183610


Finland has 33% taxes don't they?

>> No.54183617

god? you have to pay women to eat your shit to not feel bad. i guess that's a pretty hellish state, but you're really just pathetic is all i'm saying. i guess that's why you were a waggie before you fell into money. sounds like you were better off as a slave. you're a testament to the merit of capitalism

>> No.54183625

>I live in a pretty big condo unit at the top floor.
pics of condo or scenery? don't tell me you have none.. lmao.

>> No.54183636

Why promote degeneracy and psychological warfare?
You really believe this world is about fucking and sucking and stealing from others?
We were born into a spiritual war, only 1 out of 100 will choose righteousness and they will be killed off.

You choose hedonism, you're raised and controlled by a culture of women, women were targeted by satan from the start.
Your kind like OP will fight me till my last breath

>> No.54183649


What's my motive? You're envious that's it. Stop rationalizing idiocy nerd.

>> No.54183656

thanks for confirming your LARP, you probably never been to Pattaya

>> No.54183661

If I liquidate it whitin 1 year of buying it.
Same rules as stocks.

This why crypto visas come in very handy Kek.

>> No.54183673


So are women pathetic because they try to look nice in order to attract men? How is paying a women X any less pathetic? She wants my money and I want her body. Same with a normal couple mating. Everything is just a resource game.

>> No.54183693


I don't feel like doxing myself completely

This one is similar to mine:


>> No.54183701

I'm broke and I've fucked better escorts than that rat looking ladyboy. Imagine being rich and going to Thailand to fuck ugly subhumans because those are the only women that would touch you. Lol, lmao even.

>> No.54183706

Thanks for confirming Thai women are fucking disgusting. Also larp

>> No.54183712


You're clueless lol it's the same experience as a gogo bar.

>> No.54183719

not really sure what else to do, society is going to collapse and starting a family now does not seem like a good idea

I spend most of my time alone in nature and occasionally seek out high quality sex with very attractive women. the sex has a high emotional burden but what is the alternative? praying alone and feeling bitter about the world?

>> No.54183726

>I don't feel like doxing myself completely
Of course lol. larp. have fun anon.

>> No.54183728


Where should I go next? I have thought about moving. Dubai?

>> No.54183736

OP literally described a financial transaction, learn to read

>> No.54183751

whats current net worth

>> No.54183756


God damn I didn't know that. I kind of assumed all of Europe sucked except Switzerland and moved quickly lol.

>> No.54183763

don't worry Barry we already know the location of your bedsit in Boston

>> No.54183767

yes, that's why people make fun of women who get plastic surgery. it's a pathetic attempt to escape reality. your case is much worse though. you have to pay women to tolerate your presence. not only that, you find cheap women that you could already afford on your waggie salary, and are so proud of this that you brag about it hahahahaa

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$30m. Here are my Hex holdings.

>> No.54183789

Dubai pfffff
It's a Theocratic hell hole normies seem to like.
And you are kinda forced to keep your shit in a social bubble and places
If you are not a native sheikh.

Go to Korea, Japan, Taiwan.

>> No.54183802

Is there hope for me to make it too in the next bull?
When is the next bull?

>> No.54183804


> you have to pay women

Yeah and women have to wear make up for me to find them attractive

>> No.54183807

So zero.
Like I said he's 100% staked into a scam so he's penniless and larping.
A jewish enemy antichristian what a shocker boards literally brimming with your types.

>> No.54183815


Japan is a legacy country. Korea or Taiwan might be fun. With my newly gained confidenct I should be able to fuck anyone now.

>> No.54183829

Would you rather fight a ducksized ladyboy or a ladyboysized duck one on one to the death?

>> No.54183834


Always. The law of attraction works. Believe and you will make it. Always learn new things and be ready to update your reality whem proven wrong.

>> No.54183840

well, i doubt you're as pathetic as a woman, but you definitely sit a bit lower than a normal man.

>> No.54183846


The ducksized ladyboy. I'd take a wee on her.

>> No.54183850

Most retards here don’t deserve to make it but you seem ok. Maybe try doing something good for others every now and again instead of just for yourself, and I think you will find true happiness.

>> No.54183854

Well Belgium tax system is weird.
If you are a accountant nerd you can get away with a lot of weird loop holes.

"You need to pay this BUT if it's in this way then not" laws.

>> No.54183859


I'll take that rating any day thanks sir and god bless

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>You seem okay
>39 posts
>admits he's here for psychological warfare and to scam others
>You seem alright
This board is literally an antichrist board now.
Thanks jews.

>> No.54183874

Exactly how hard was it to get out of burgerland? I know expatriation tax fees can supposedly be a bitch, but what would you consider to the bare minimum for getting out and at least coasting by (in terms of how much if the US peso needed) for a few months before getting settled in?

>> No.54183875

God damn good for you.
You will have hundreds of millions in your lifetime.

>> No.54183876


I donates $5k to a local charity. Didn't feel a thing. I think I'm just gonna watch out for myself.

>> No.54183895


Sweden is not like that at all. You always pay a flat 30% no matter what. Only exception is if you lost money the same year lol. Retarded commie laws.

>> No.54183905

You don't even have 5k nigger, but you sure spend all day ruining this board because you got scammed by a jewish fat faggot.
Nice job you deserved it.
What year does that HEX unstake 2039?

>> No.54183912


You're so fucking jealous and I am living it. Keep bumping my posts. Also, fuck the bible. I'm gonna burn one in celebration of freedom of speech!

>> No.54183927


I'm from Europe so it was easier with no exit tax. The US has become absolutely fucked recently.

>> No.54183937

I don't need to bump your posts nigger you are an attention whore you're gonna bump it regardless just exposing your mask nigger.
Penniless ESL shits up a board news at 11

>> No.54183939

Nigga made 7 figures and thinks he "made it".

You moved to Thailand and fuck lady boys. You settled. You settled for the bare minimum. You may as well have never left McDonald's. You still have the bare minimum loser McDonald's mindset.

You haven't achieved shit and you could have achieved so much fucking more. You're better than this. You deserve better than this.

>> No.54183946


Thx I hope Richard Heart will do things to make HEX last. I love the community, so vibrant compared to Btc but also Eth a bit. #nohexpectations #hexican4life

>> No.54183955

making it is having sex with pic ?

>> No.54183963

Yea but gotta watch here too cause if my liquidation is too frequent I will be seen as a day trader or professional speculator.

Which means it goes on my capital gains tax that can be as high as 55%.

So you gotta be smart here.

>> No.54183966


You don't have to stake for 25 years. I just staked it because it's money I don't need. I have like $15m in Btc and some Eth too. I'd rather wait for Hex to hit $10 before I sell any.

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>he fell for the SEA meme

>> No.54183980


> 14 posts by this user

Thanks again for the bump

>> No.54183987

Let’s just say some random SEA country (could be Thailand, Phillipenes, etc). Taking the exit tax out of the equation, let’s say buying a home in a reasonably safe area, vehicle, etc. Its something I’ve romanticized about, but have always wondered how feasible it really is for an average wagie that just wants to escape this hellscape

>> No.54183992


$3m 5 years ago.

$30m today.

You only really need $500k to settle in Thailand. It's 4x as cheap as the US on average.

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File: 2 KB, 128x48, Jewish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Yep, problem?

>> No.54184016

>16 posts by this ID
Why are you so fcking anal?

>> No.54184028


Holy shit 55%? I guess idiots like me would've had to pay a lot in taxes cause I did a lot of trading in 2017 lol.

>> No.54184042

How do you feel during post nut clarity? Truely happy, or some boredom creeping in?

>> No.54184047


Oh you're sage. Glad you'll be dropping dead in 4 years. You are truly a mean person. God knows what he's doing.

>> No.54184062
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Oh the 50 posts by OP is fine, me slowly blowing up his bullshit thread isn't.
Nice samefagging nigger.

>> No.54184068


Boredom in a sense cause I wonder if I should be trying to get more or just settle. I do love it here though, but a spark within my veins tells me to do more. Maybe go to Taiwan? Is prostitution legal there?

>> No.54184078

He is answering questions you fucking mongrel, just leave the thread

>> No.54184080

What are you doing to socialize if you are not on the chans? i don't suppose you hang out and chat with thai men a lot.

>> No.54184083
File: 140 KB, 860x1024, 1675799073507805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no but i prefer women without penis

>> No.54184090

>I'm here to use and abuse people
Fuck off you god damn kikes.

>> No.54184099


I hang out with other expats that live in the same building as me.

>> No.54184100

>made a little bit of money in crypto then moved to gookland to fuck ugly midgets

>> No.54184111

Let's get this bullshit thread to 300 replies so this nigger OP can stop getting attention.

>> No.54184114

Yes and no.
Kinda like in Japan.

It a "massage bath parlor" but everyone knows it's a brothel

>> No.54184116


I'm fairly short as well so that's part od the reason.

>> No.54184126


What happens at 300?

>> No.54184128

>I am good and caring christian looking out for humankind but the jooooosssss
Go back to /pol/

>> No.54184134

Anon, even a wagie could fly to thailand and get a $50 rimjob.

>> No.54184152

well, i like your attitude and i'm happy you made it for yourself. i personally wouldn't do it, but it is nice to see anons make it.

>> No.54184159


I should totally go then. I've heard it's pretty calm there. I kinda like the action that thailand has to offer.

>> No.54184171
File: 13 KB, 271x186, download.jpeg-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah but he'd need to go home again. I live here dawg. We are not the same.

>> No.54184182


We all have different goals in life. My goal is just to be a degen and provoce people.

>> No.54184201
File: 35 KB, 566x148, Exposed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah there it fucking is it's the hex nigger scammer, did you mean to samefag or are you fucking talking in the pulse thread?
Thanks for the clip you deceiving degenerate nigger, this is all the boards left with narcissistic lying kikes who can't help by run psychological warfare 24/7 on this dead board.

I'm glad people are wasting their time psyoping a poorfaggots.
Now delete this post before anyone else notices.

>> No.54184213


Oof my hexies are up another +10% today on nomics.com didn't even notice.

Anyways I'm gonna eat breakfeast with Pom now. Thanks for the hilarious shit you guys made me laugh hard as hell, and also Sage kys

>> No.54184220

>I'm here to use and abuse people
>I'm here to be a degenerate and provoke people
Nice guy you are, glad you lost everything to a jewish scammer who took BBC in elementary school.
Very typical but I'm actually laughing knowing you will kill yourself within two years.
I'll somehow outlive this nigger.

>> No.54184221

You're a stupid fuck

>> No.54184224

Dude good for you on the success but you are a midwit at best, you are not "provoking" anyone here

>> No.54184226


I'm good at baiting bizbros lol too ez. Sage you missed Hex didn't you?? Lmao brokie.

Gn biz been fun. You guys are too easy to bait though ngl.

>> No.54184251
File: 63 KB, 640x596, what-is-it-about-richard-heart-that-makes-you-suspect-he-v0-yzroli6gvlr91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I am Luke skywalker on the IQ scale

>> No.54184270

Whenever you post ever again on this board and every single hex thread I'm going to refer back to this and post screenshots of you talking with your namefag, Vaperguy.
You fucked up you drunk degenerate and will never be allowed to be taken seriously here ever again.
Not that hex faggots were in the first place.
But I'm so glad you "baited" me into exposing hex niggers as kikes.
What a shocker bro, goodnight you fat fuck hope your heart doesn't give out when you're asleep.

>> No.54184278

Well they are a lot more conservative over there but ultra libertine.

And it's pretty much a 1st world country.
Lot of Thai come there to work.
But hey sluts are everywhere if you know where to look of course

>> No.54184289

>Made it
Big based if true
>Made a Thai hooker eat your shit
You are a disgusting trainwreck and thanks for the blog post

>> No.54184304

and take your fuckin meds

>> No.54184322

You went all the way to Thailand to bang tranny midgets. Why?

>> No.54184339

Cause he's the kike posting all the spam shit on chud shit and other spam threads here, read his entire 61 post blog, 89 if you count his samefaggot ID's.

>> No.54184340

Depends on the holdings in your bag anon, and the bulls might return after the next btc halving. I am already making worthwhile investments, and have eyes on the Seekers NFT which would be used to run nodes on a decentralised communication platform with users earning rewards

>> No.54184471

How is zipper head sex compared to white virgin?
What bacteria strain do their vages have there?

>> No.54184474

Why did he think that thai hookers would entice people to buy his bags?

>> No.54184521

You sound really fucked
Why is it always these souless morally bankrupt fuckers who make it ?
You could have done great things that with that money but instead you chose to exploit women in a 3rd world country for your sick vices
No amount of money will make up for what's wrong with you
You will never have a soul worth anything

>> No.54184552

frenchbro is that you?

>> No.54184561

KEK Exactly !!!

>> No.54184604


>> No.54184678

everyone on here is a faggot so, you got company.

>> No.54184693

How does you company works? Was it hard? Are you not afraid of going to jail for tax fraud?

Honestly, this is the most based thing in your post, I wish I could stop paying this corrupt government.

>> No.54184729

How is getting lucky on some shit coins supposed to be an example lol? Like what can you possibly tell us?

Maybe if you'd actually built a business from the ground up you would have some value to offer but you're just another crypto bro XD

>> No.54184838

Two more weeks XRP baggie ahahahahahahahaha

>> No.54184867

He doesnt have confidence, he has 4/10 rich white man living in thailand confidence, literally anyone with 50k usd a year can live his lifestyle in thailand.

>> No.54184923
File: 161 KB, 813x499, 49C998F0-1C7C-4144-A79B-76B5759687BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m glad you made it anon. That’s why we’re all here. I’m happy for you, regardless how degenerate you may be or have to be.

>> No.54184964

>> He thinks 30m is enough to make it.

>> No.54184967
File: 2.16 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20210910_215624397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Infact they'll even give you money because they got more taxes than expected.
Waiting on my $6000nt

>> No.54186418

Based moralfag. Yeah those women are someone’s daughter, sister, ex partner. Imagine being proud of paying for sex. It’s pathetic, it’s real and many of us will do this in our lives, doesn’t make it right.

>> No.54186442

Have you ever ran into Tony huge?

>> No.54186526

Checked. Roosh doesn't live in Thaliand though, try Cypress

>> No.54186586

Why are you gay though? There's zero difference between having some jungle Asian lick your ass clean and having a burly homosexual fist your anus in a San Francisco bathhouse

>> No.54186592

>got a residency permit using a shell company that I use to funnel through my crypto gains) and I pretty much pay near 0% tax on the gains.
can you expand on this? or post some links where to get more info

>> No.54186621

You’re a New Zealander. No capital gains tax for property but there is for crypto. Go figure.

>> No.54186744
File: 10 KB, 305x165, mmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ive never seen so many poorfags wageoids trannies in a thread seething. OP is based as fuck

>> No.54186833

Based OP!
You've achieved peak consumption.
Now work on achieving peak self actualization.

>thai ladyboy licked ass
Just had my ass eaten and dick sucked before I creampied in pussy but with my girlfriend. Feels good man.

> it's not about dominance
Man, the tingle she does with her finger in my ass area while she licks my balls gets me into heaven.

>> No.54186886

Paste post...ya I'm thinking we are back.

>> No.54186975

If you're literally dying then why not do some anti-politician things in minecraft?
They're your enemies?
What does that mean if you literally don't act on anything?
Doesn't that just mean you're their slave and not enemy?

Call me a glowie but I think you're just a pussy
I was despising that guy shoving the carrot in front of your face until you mentioned the "enemies" thing.
You just sound bitter

>> No.54186976

how many more years of hardship do I have to grind through to get a cutie GF playing with my ass?

>> No.54187019

no one goes there unless its for ladyboys or children
Considering where he lives he isn't the historian outlier either

>> No.54187055

Ok nm you’re a shitbag loser, kys

>> No.54187135

You can live comfy in Thailand on like $1000-1400 USD a month

>> No.54187155
File: 282 KB, 456x411, 1658205789657091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54187291

did you cash out without paying taxes?

>> No.54187429

this is the most successful hex thread in the history of /biz/ and all we had to do this whole time was promise the jeets poo if they bought hex you can't make this up

>> No.54188325

>I moved to Thailand (got a residency permit using a shell company that I use to funnel through my crypto gains) and I pretty much pay near 0% tax on the gains.

Outed as being an actual larpfag. Most people who actually live there know that Thailand only says it doesn't tax income earned from foreign sources/salary. In reality it's far different.

>> No.54188750

Haha thais still think you’re a fucking loser and can smell it a mile away

They actually loved me there, unlike you. Donated to temples, helped poor, did good work teaching and developed a strong reputation.

Show off all you want, you’re generic paaattaya farang trash. Fuck off or actually respect thailand. That mindset gets your chin rocked eventually.

>> No.54188776

>Very Japanese actually.
>Well being ex nip colony and all
You've never been to Taiwan lmao

>> No.54188936

The bible invented free speech. Ironically that’s what destroyed it too.

>> No.54188962

>The bible invented free speech
"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man"

>> No.54189047

Could I move there with my gf or would constant hoes trying to get some money hitting on me be a problem?
Also show a picture of said view

>> No.54189053


>> No.54189054

Thankyou for your community service. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

>> No.54189200

Yes. Shit is fucked desu

>> No.54189228

these posts remind me of a decade ago when OnA agents encouraged anons to move to ukraine and join azov
we all know how that ended lel

>> No.54189270

Getting cancer just reading this pathetic loser of a man, all of your ancestors spit on you.You will definitely neck yourself in the next 5 years. Btw no one here would change places with you even if you offered us 10 million dollar

>> No.54189362

I would be happy for you, but you're making poor girls eat your ass, so I hope you get killed instead

>> No.54189440

We have got Richard Heart himself with us brose

>> No.54190714



>> No.54190752


I doubt that. People like you would swap in an instant

>> No.54190798

Imagine having to move to a foreign country like Thailand in order to fuck women since white women and other good looking girls refuse to fuck you or look at you in your home country. That’s sad. Truly a beta male move tbqhfamalam. Good job on making it though. OP is still a faggot though

>> No.54190811

>made it
>is paying to fuck 2/10 jungle gooks
you havent made it bro

>> No.54190818


I can't control my genes but I can control how much money I make. We all just gotta do what we can with the cards that were given to us.

>> No.54190839


My definition of making it means having as much sex as possible, eating whatever food I want whilst also growing my net worth. I am also achieving all those 3 things.

>> No.54190850


I can tell you're envious because you're tryinf to put yourself above me with some far fetched rationalizing. Hint: you're below me ans I'm short as fuck lol.

>> No.54190862


I pay them handsomely. They smile and even come back for more usually. It's a reasonable exchange imo.

>> No.54190875


Hex general doesn't so it. Gotta stand out more with the string pulling.

>> No.54190887


She needs to love you. Paying her is honestly easier.