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Making means finding your crush at 14 years of age, getting high grades so you can pick whatever job you want, finding the ideal job that pays a lot and you enjoy. Making it means your soulmate and you get kids before 23 years of age such that youe kids grow healthy from young parrents. Making it means you retire before 30 and travel the world and work if you want. You work out, have hobbies and most importantly don't browse biz.

If you don't have these checked you're ngmi.

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that's what making it means to you, not me.

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lmao this is the worst attempt at demoralisation I've ever seen

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Fuck you WAGMI
Digits and you get vored by cados asshole

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Keep telling yourself that anon. Live by an illusion.

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>high grades so you can pick whatever job you want
Lol, lmao even

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C- bait post. You have to say how you made it rich with some shitcoin or btc and FOMO a bunch of gullible pajeets

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It's an obstacle you have to pass and you have to do it well in order to maximize happiness.

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I made it with HEX

t. 24

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I just want 2 million off crypto than I can retire. I will inherit my parents house to since I am not an Amerimutt

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>finding the ideal job that pays a lot and you enjoy.
in eastern jewrope you can only get a good income as a:
>software dev

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i made that pepe

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>> making it means having the normie slave in bondaage life.
ok fren. lmao

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Projecting loser projecting his misery. you have no power here, enjoy your ban

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