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>poltard raiders on /biz/ unironically tricked me into thinking there was ever going to be a happening
should've known... pol is always wrong after all

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>>poltard raiders on /biz/ unironically tricked me into thinking there was ever going to be a happening
>should've known... pol is always wrong after all
go ahead, post another kek

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One day trannies and chuds will join forces to kill every banker

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Cute chuddy

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so he doesn’t love any trannies

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Never listen to /Pol/ they're way too emotional which is why they spend their time on /Pol/ unironically.
Luckily for some it's just a phase, they move past blaming others for their problems and come to /biz/, /fit/ and others to sort their problems they have been running from out.

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>Blaire White
Okay boomercon

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/biz/ is 97% degenerate shitcoin gamblers and /fit/ hasn’t lifted since 2013. post hand fatty. I bet you aren’t even white

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none of you pass. internet filters are not reality. your large hands and hip to shoulder ratio will give you away even without seeing your mannish face.

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hopefully theyll join forces to kill each other

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God, reality beats internet every fucking time. I would fuck it's brain out.

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>We can always tell
Why do cis people find this lie so comforting?

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Fit is such an awful board. Honestly. I remember it in zyzz era when it was decent.
Now its just incel central. You make an actual lifting thread it gets 1-2 replies or 0 then archives.

At least biz all invest or trade, even if jeets

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whoa whoa whoa, I never said women trannies never pass. plenty of women pass as men without even trying to be trans.

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Nu/Pol/ also seethes and Is quick to give both (You)'s and their loosh

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I don't look like this but i wish I did it would be so fucking funny. I would make shitty Zoomer comedy like that dude with the long neck.