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How do I profit from my resentment towards my gf for being a whore in the past?

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This is actually good for you. You dodge a bullet.
Make a youtube channel. Check out the channel manosphere and all the redpill community.

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Get a virgin gf :^)
You didn't learn yet by being here for a decade?

you'll have to be extremely patient with one, but if you love her it won't be a problem.

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>still his gf
>scarcity mentality
>cuck mentality

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you don't marry the harlot

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Make her a whore again and be her pimp.

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literally nothing wrong with other guys test driving your girl for you. Now she knows how to give good head and have good sex because they taught her well with every thrust and every gag. It's okay brother.

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The only on-topic post in this thread. You're already a cuck, may as well profit from it.

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I'm highly blackpilled on women and don't have much self worth anyway, I don't think i'd find someone better than her, most women are stuck in the normie mentality whereas she isn't.
but she's really nice to me and I do like her she's also not really materalistic like a lot of girls are, I just struggle sometimes with the fact she's had so many experiences with other men and I haven't really done much with girls, it makes me feel not as important to her

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Anon they are out there hiding, you just need to look harder and aim for 18-21 year olds (lower if you're not a burger)

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stop dating white whores and choose the muslimah or asian pill. also ask your gf's body count and have some flings on the side to equalize

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>18-21 yo

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Agreed. took the muzzy pill and never looked back since.

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It's just quality assurance before shipping the product.

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Bang her sister or best friend. Always told my girlfriends and wife I dont get mad. I get even.

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Has she repented of her degenerate behavior? This meme of anons looking for a pure virgin wife is gonna result in us all being alone. It sucks but take one for team humanity and raise your children to be better.

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You can’t. On the upside you probably won’t be with her for long so enjoy the sex and prepare to move on to the next cum receptacle

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yeah, even if they had sex its with just 1 or 2 guys and probably forced to and they regret it unlike double digit white women

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Yeah, but it's hard to know if that repent is genuine, they'll say anything.
Tbf I am aware i'm low value, this in itself makes me aware that if she didn't actually love me she wouldn't repent because what woman does this for a low value male?

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>I am aware i'm low value
if thats what you believe, thats what you will be

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It doesn't hurt to be self aware, that doesn't mean i'm not trying to change that.

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She's had her fun bro, now it's time for you

take it however you feel like

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what makes you think you're low value? are you ugly? got rejected many times?