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At this point, if you are in the Chainlink community, you should either be in it for the long term or exit. If you're in for the long term, then our top mission should be to do what we can to help spur adoption & growth. If you-re not, there are a million other options out there.

Long term holders should realize it will be a multi-year journey. It likely involves more token movements considering the uncirculating supply left. It will likely take time to reduce subsidies, become profitable, & fully realize a staking system dependent on more Web3 adoption.

If those realities are not for you, then that's fine. Nobody should shame or mock people that want to put their time and money in other endeavors and projects. There a wide variety of valid reasons for wanting to do so and I seriously wish them success.

However, for the sake of long term people, we need to try to get rid of the negative energy from people that want to stay in but are unable to accept the long term nature. It hurts adoption, limits network effects, and reduces the chances of new people come into the community.

There are criticisms to be had but they are obvious now. Chainlink is surely aware of them and want to fix them but constant complaining won't solve complex problems faster. Chainlink's communication is improving but as Sergey said there "we won't always get the answers we want."

Ultimately, I'm just echoing what I have seen alot of OG & new marines say. We're not in 2017 anymore, the FUD state has ended. The path to success is now getting people excited to learn about Chainlink, join BUILD, develop with CL, etc. Bring the good vibes and memes back.

I truly am excited about the future of Chainlink as potentially the most widely used and sustainably profitable Web3 protocol. I hope to evangalize Chainlink with many of you moving forward and wish the best for people ready to move on. Let's all make it in our own way.

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imagine writing this incel manifesto on 4chan of all places what is wrong with you anon

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Are you that uncertain and in need of validation of your bags that you have to regurgitate your fag twitter post here? Link crowd seeks more affirmation than a guy in a dress these days.

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I'm tired. Every day it's I browse here it's all FUD. Token not needed. Serget betray. You're down 90% vs eth. ENOUGH.

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I shilled the fuck out of link for years in the early days and so few people picked up the torch (and the ones who did were just attention seeking grifters, the new Timos) that I can’t be bothered any more. I did my part, so did the other OG breadcrumbers and meme makers. Not our fault that zoomers are fucking useless.

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>2 more weeks
>you’ll be sooo sorry for not bagholding one of the worst performers in crypto

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Hey retard, you seem to have quoted my post and then written things completely unrelated to anything I said.

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Why did the fat fuck say last year that most of the oracles are profitable?
Why did he say they are finalising staking back in 2019?
Why didnt He speak out against Ed when he led the community to believe chainlink would be used in arbitrum?

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Sir gay did betray though
Ed Felgen did betray though
Jonneh from linkpool did betray though

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they should just do the IPO, the token is going nowhere

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The fucking problem is that the most well-educated Chainlink related Twitter accounts were hired by Chainlink Labs long time ago, so they no longer can neither share their insights nor engage openly with certain comments without breaking 30 NDAs, and now they have to pretend that a fucking VRF implementation on a stupid NFT scam is somehow a win for the community, which is funny, because it would actually be a win IF Chainlink Labs didn't completely subsidize the VRF.

Do you want to do things right? (Well, not you, you are just a paid shill). Accept non-vetted nodes into VRF, Automation and Functions feeds, force them to buy LINK and stake so if they act dishonestly their staked LINK gets distributed among honest nodes in that feed. That's the original vision. Stop bootstrapping most of the retarded use cases, and make them buy LINK if they want to fund their data needs. That's how demand is high, supply is low.

>b-but a reputation framework must be properly built for that to happen
And how fucking come that hasn't been your fucking top priority since 2019 when mainnet was released and staking initial implementations were designed and openly discussed by Coventry and Hodges?

>b-but if we stop bootstrapping then people are going to move to cheaper oracles
Are you saying that the only value proposition Chainlink has is being "cheaper" than self-proclaimed "competitors"?

Firing most of the sales teams would have been a great move if SELF SERVICE was properly implemented, but it's not, it's all controlled by Chainlink Labs, and when someone calls it out it's just constant "bulgarian fudder" and silence from big accounts. Do you want to have a happy community that shares and amplifies Chainlink message? Make number go up, stop bootstrapping everyone

>b-but SCALE and BUILD programs mean they are bootstrapping us now heh
Good, you just made the ETH/LINK pair not look as horrendous.

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based this is the greatest post I have read in years

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Nice... Or you could just say that sir gay is fat and you'd still be right

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i think this is a good response in principle, but VRF is not for free https://docs.chain.link/vrf/v2/subscription/supported-networks, neither is automation and functions. I don't see them charging for data feeds since it would cause a lot of problems for existing protocols.
I think you are correct in that they should stop being so cautious about node operators and allow anyone to join in VRF, automation and functions. It would be possible to have staking collateral needed for non vetted nodes and have the vetted ones as a separate tier of adjudicators as a intermediate step in the staking roll out.
Generally speaking I don't think they are doing anything wrong, the problem is that they are perceived as being incredibly slow (relative to the rest of the space), but the gain is that they have a perfect security track record and they have been very adaptive in anticipating and delivering services that the rest of the ecosystem needs. Functions is the next big step that can cause the next evolution in smart contracts (like data feeds were in 2019-2020)

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Yea I’m sure it’s all the community’s fault and not Sergey.

>releases staking v0. 5 yrs after ico
>dumps billions

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>VRF is not for free
True, that was v1. What nodes are participating in VRF v2? It's Chainlink's own node only, last time I checked my Dune dashboard. Is that a way for Chainlink to get revenue? Why not allow non-vetted nodes in and set a fee for Chainlink Labs in all randomness requests? New node operators win, Chainlink Labs win, a feed system where nodes don't try to outcompete each other is a win for end users too.

> I don't see them charging for data feeds since it would cause a lot of problems for existing protocols.
So bill them in USD forever at the end of each month? I forgot where it was but that Maker governance thread where Johann discussed the need for the protocol to adopt Chainlink oracles was quite eye-opening to the inner-working of the Chainlink Price Feeds. Being eternal "sponsors" is not scalable.

>but then some sponsors will refuse to pay and become freeloaders
Set deviation threshold and heartbeat hours apart (e.g: 24 hours, 10% dev threshold), if someone requires more granularity allow them to self-service and meet that demand by funding their contract in LINK. You won't get ridd of most free-loaders but you get to a middle point

>they are perceived as being incredibly slow (relative to the rest of the space), but the gain is that they have a perfect security track record
Well-differentiated paces are needed for different initiatives, look at what happened with Pyth and Synthetix. Chainlink lost an enormous ship because of how slowly low-latency oracles are being rolled out, they went with a non-robust solution rather to wait because of big the opportunity cost of not releasing their product in that moment vs waiting for Chainlink

>Functions is the next big step that can cause the next evolution in smart contracts (like data feeds were in 2019-2020)
Functions made things easier for devs, but it didn't add new functionality,querying api endpoint was already possible before Functions through direct requests

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I'm still in profound denial. It's still, and always will be a top 5 project for me. I just don't understand how it hasn't corrected upwards during this bear market; even after Schmidt, CCIP SWIFT PoC, BUILD rewards, etc. No point ditching it now after everything I've been through with it already. Just waiting for another bull cycle, if it underperforms again then so be it.

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This faggot from 2018, kys u fucking homo

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>Pic related

This is crypto. Nothing matters but perception. We can change that perception with a little meme magic.

>I believe in the power of collective positive thought.

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bruh did you get into crypto like last week? retard lmao

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The problem has always been sergey and it has been that way from the start.

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What problem has Sergey caused?

Not an answer. Zero crypto is priced based on its utility.

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this was the most retarded post I have ever seen from any big "link marine" account. These accounts have been shitting out unhinged hopium threads for years and screeching at reasonable detractors, not from link but from their own baseless posts which carry the weight of having relevance because they somehow have a bunch of retarded followers.

So I guess after years of posting bullshit, they now feel they have some kind of authority to suggest what the link community should do, basically putting up a "no fun allowed" sign intended for "toxic" link accounts that fud4fun/hate reddit normies etc.

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This. These retards have been endless amounts of copium (arbitrum, staking supply shock, the list goes on). Community then gets angry because Sergey barely delivers. Now these same twitter retards have the nerve to tell people they should stop being negative

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it has nothing to do with Sergey or the solvency of Chainlink, so you can go fuck yourself too. We have demand for CCIP and Chainlink Functions from SWIFT, Meta, AWS, and Google - so seriously, go fuck yourself. That has nothing to do with these twitter personalities being giant faggots.

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Where is this demand exactly? Please show me some tx on chain. You know the google bigquery contract has had zero transactions since 2019 right?

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hi sirgay. deliver a fucking product that isn't hot garbage and stop abusing your community as paypigs.


now fuck off back to work you non big mac eating bear f*ing gaym0r

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Trips checked, he can't answer without breaking 30 NDAs so he'll either ignore your question or pivot to some vague and ambiguous resource like an article or swift blogpost.

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>invest for 15 years in an erc20 token lmao

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so I you're telling me I should buy this, ok, i'm in, you got me hyped. I'll buy.

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>private test net
>show me the demand
Btw, it is straight form the mouths of product leads at these companies - but maybe if you keep posting this retard bait you'll eventually get some seethe to capitalize on. Until then, have fun wasting your time. Do you seriously think any of your effort has ever made someone sell? The most you've done is keep out some normie with $100 to invest

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hey buddy I just went all in, fucken A, you sell your house as well and go in!
>trips of truth

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>duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude our coin needs moaaaaar updooots
>duuuuuuuuuude sergey made a heckin podcast
>hodl marinesthhhh!!

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Don’t have to get that emotional lmao. Bags feeling heavy? You know I’m right.

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>I think you are correct in that they should stop being so cautious about node operators
they are not being cautious. They are letting sergeys old employees and friends run nodes to farm rep while keeping everyone out

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this is the reason I come here, ty

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I’m also interested in some actual evidence of demand and use. I mostly see cheap press releases like Vodafone letting your self driving car buy its own electricity…THANKS TO CHAINLINK


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Apparently all this demand is kept secret from us but somehow link cultists know about this

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yah ive heard this before. Theres a hidden pivitol tracker bro

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yeah, in two more weeks the announcements and partnerships will be real.

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Don’t forget! This isn’t priced in yet! Many threads said so! LMAO

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its not a single node providing the VRF data, its an offchain system with a single coordinator contract. following up and trying to bill for data feeds in USD would lose them far more in goodwill than it would gain them. Price feeds is the initial crack that the dealer offers to make the consumers addicted to the service.
functions is still in beta on testnet, direct requests/external adapters were not scalable since the developer had to do aggregation on chain+keeping track of the oracles involved. Functions removes the need for the smart contract developer to host and coordinate the off chain infrastructure.
The team doesn't need to be desperate and compromise on safety to gain every ounce of market share, since they have the backing of SWIFT and this is just the open source front

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thats starting to wear off. Swift just claimed them with a poc after six years. 1, thats not really a backing and 2, we are coming to a point where its past start up phase, they havent produced anything that can stan on its own legs.

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the only development team coming close to the quality of the product that chainlink delivers is Ethereum, and they have 60x the marketcap and developers

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>announce staking + CCIP + enterprise abstraction layer coming THIS YEAR
>go radio silent for most of the year on said releases
>finally announce staking...it's v0.1 and nothing like outlined in whitepaper. oh also lock up your tokens for a year because TRUTH > TRUST
>pretend you never announced CCIP coming THIS YEAR
>pretend you never announced enterprise abstraction layer coming THIS YEAR
>release neither
>also throughout year consistently associate with teams/projects that rugpull your community
>"maybe if you weren't so grumpy the price would go up"
topkek great work team!

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Yea and somehow the price is low due to the “fudders”. Don’t you DARE question the team

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just because its not in the public repo doesn't mean it isn't being developed. the initial PoC was in 2016 and they have been developing together since. SWIFT contains the smartest people in the existing financial system, they are very well aware that the current system is coming to a close and they want to maintain their hegemony no matter what takes its place in the future, which is why they contracted Sergey to make sure that their existing infrastructure will be able to operate in that environment.
If youre going to extend the same scrutiny to the rest of the space, no other crypto project has produced anything that can stand on its own legs, outside of bitcoin and ethereum. comparing price feeds, vrf and automation to NFTs and yield farming is like comparing amazon to pets.com during the dotcom bubble

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>just because its not in the public repo
i remember this line when they constantly told us to check pivotal tracker.
aave, SNX, YFI, what are you talking about there are projects from 2017 with finished products and have worked on L2's and are now worknig on v2/3 and waiting for link.

thats the shit im talking about

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you're in a cult

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Are you seriously saying price feeds are more advanced than protocols such as curve and aave?

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if anyone had any doubts about Chainlink being a pure globohomo project this should dispel that. they're literally using the globohomo playbook for demoralization.

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I wouldn’t say that, it’s just a midwit project from 2017 filled with delusional bagholders who are unable to criticize their lord Sergey

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schitzo posts dont work aymore. What has the team produced that can stand on their own to legs. btw fed now got pushed back. Im assuming thats what sergey was laughing at in his CLG interview. it was supposed to go live this month

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>Do you want to do things right? (Well, not you, you are just a paid shill). Accept non-vetted nodes into VRF, Automation and Functions feeds, force them to buy LINK and stake so if they act dishonestly their staked LINK gets distributed among honest nodes in that feed. That's the original vision
I bought for a decentralised network, not this gay bootstrapped shit

If people are actually allowed to engage the growth will come from there. By subsidizing you (Yes YOU, CLL) are falling into a self-fulfilling pit of becoming just amother company. Which is not why anyone is excited about crypto. You can dress it up with truth over trust all you like, currently you are a COMPANY and every node is a COMPANY EMPLOYEE.

Here's another hint. If you stay a company like this, your token will become wothless and you will have to depend on other instances to collateralize your security. Which means someone else is gonna be eating YOUR lunch, if there is any lunch left, and the crypto ecosystem hasn't simply moved on beyond you like we did fiat and banks.

It WILL happen. Pook what happened with Pyth and SNX. And Pyth fucking sucks, bigger decentralised challengers will come if you keep this up. You listening, CLL?

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Anons weren’t kidding when they said holding Link will be a torture. I have no other hope but to hold until 81.000 or 0.

>> No.54172546

Remember when Aave wanted to go live in 2021 november with ccip? It must be absolute hell dealing with chainlink for these dapp devs

>> No.54172560

My friend has worked for Chainlink since 2017. He has a cozy position in sales and basically this post is schizobabble

>> No.54172606

In 2017 the team consisted of just sergey, steve, thomas and rory retard

>> No.54172619

>bla bla bla
Not all of us earn a salary from Chainlink. If we were paid to hold, I’m sure we could maintain enthusiasm. I’ve been denied for 5 positions at Chainlink and my girlfriend applied (who is retarded), and she got two follow up interviews
Good point

>> No.54172658

>my friend works at Google therefore it's not a globohomo company you schizo
lol wut

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retard alert

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all of those are applications, price feeds, vrf and automation is fundamental infrastructure. as you said, they are waiting for link (not the other way around)
the only compensation i have recieved was a hackathon reward

>> No.54172848

the only other so called competitors have a single use case or a single product. Chainlink is building a whole suite, nobody else is doing this and nobody else is relevant over time. just compare the competition between Ethereum and other L1s and L2s, in comparison Chainlink have no significant competitors

>> No.54172912

and its being subsidized reenforcing my point the team hasnt done anything to stand on its own legs, while those protocols have and are in profit. you word your words like a CLL employee

>> No.54172942

I can still clearly remember that node that was earning an average of 4k LINK doing VRF jobs only :)

>> No.54172963

>stop abusing your community as paypigs
get it in your fucking skull, you need to get profitable and no one will give a shit if you sell 600 million more tokens.

>> No.54173001

price feeds are subsidized, vrf and automation is pay to use. Chainlink initially raised $38M, current fully diluted mcap is $7,102M
you talk like pol newfags who bought the top

>> No.54173002

All those other protocols are printing hundreds of millions for its holders. Because thats what defi is. Chainlink meanwhile is an ultra centralized entity which is ironic because they keep preaching the benefits of decentralization

>> No.54173082

>mcap as indicator of profitability
>pol newfags
it is actually fucking retarded and has no arguments.

>> No.54173091

>vrf and automation is pay to use
you missed my point or are arguing like a dumbass. if its profitable then why are we still subsidizing the network

>> No.54173154

No they are not. They are inflating their token.

The price of that token goes up due to hype and positive sentiment.

Literally nothing to do with the tokens utility.

>> No.54173164

>price feeds are the crack to get them hooked

Crack works because it is addicting. If you’re using free price feeds for your shitty dapp that doesn’t make money or have any users (which is all of them), no one is going to start paying for that free service because they’re just so addicted to maintaining code for a user base of 0 regardless of the cost.

They’ll just abandon the project or find a free alternative…

>> No.54173204

because their scope is larger than just making a couple million per year and becoming a business.
sure they could remove data feeds from being public onchain and having them use the same payment model as the other services and have AAVE pay out of the ass (making their protocol unviable and killing demand). What youre missing is that they arent building the ecosystem for immediate profit at the detriment of long term market saturation. They don't need to focus on immediate profitability given their warchest
previous posters insist that these other protocols are printing "hundreds of millions for its holders", enabled by free price feeds

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This is the perspective any normal person would have. We were basically encouraged to hold because of how amazing 2022 would be according to Sergey’s presentation.

Well, I’m down over $1M since then and I’m not paid a comfy salary by Chainlink and I would have been a lot happier if I wasn’t constantly encouraged to hold.

They could have said all of this when the price was $40+. At that point they should have talked about how much longer it was going to take and maybe it would be a good time to leave at that point. Not at $6.66, 90% from ATH…

>> No.54173258

let's be real here. sergey basically admitted in his clg podcast that he has no concrete business concept for chainlink and that he is just throwing products at the wall hoping that they stick. he doesn't know if the token will ever be needed or what the fuck he's going to do next. he's got so fucking much money he doesn't know what to do with but he has to deliver something or he'll get some kind of smartcontract on his head. that's all i can see from my humble perspective.

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So high IQ, much woaw

>> No.54173294

you should have done like they did and DCA sell during 2020 and 2021 to fund operations. central banks are buying gold yet telling the plebs to hold fiat
this fud is actually a bit more sophisticated and fun. the board is healing...

>> No.54173361

>calling truth fud
you CLL shills are not the sharpest tools eh?

>> No.54173413

signing with a pre mainnet wallet should be the prerequisite for replying to my posts

>> No.54173463

That’s not sophisticated fud. That is an actual summary of the podcast:

>I can’t predict what is going to happen next, so I just want to make sure we offer a lot of services so we can hopefully be used by whatever is popular
>mentions that hot use cases have been DeFi and NFTs, both of which were just complex ways of hyping up idiots to invest money in bull shit so that it could be siphoned by small groups.
>he can’t even feign excitement about his pie in the sky parametric insurance ideas and basically just says “well insurance is real slow moving…so…”

Then when it came to the token, this is a summary of what was said (starting at 57 minutes in)
>If you wanna understand the token, you have to understand cryptoeconomic security…which isn’t really well understood
>Sergey babbles on without explaining how cryptoeconomic security ties into the token
>the interviewer realizes sergey hasn’t explained why the token is valuable and in an effort to salvage that segment talks about the cryptoeconomic security of the Bitcoin network and ethereum. Again though: no one specifically explains the Chainlink cryptoeconomic security model.

I’d love an explanation about how this is disingenuous fud and how I can see the silver lining

>> No.54173508

They (Twitter faggots like CLG) are unironically Chainlink employees, you cannot possibly expect any other behaviour from them.

>> No.54173512

It’s clear you have no clue what you are talking about and never used defi in your existence

>> No.54173523

If I do this, will you start being honest?

Also this seems like a pretty shady request to data mine for holders’ identities. I already know that people working in this space know everyone’s identity and KYC tokens like Everest will track that information and grant or deny access to various applications with specificity.

>> No.54173611

no I agree, its really hard to understand what drives actually genuine adoption in the crypto space. The most organic example I have seen personally is bitcoin being used as unconfiscable savings vehicle and alternative to government fiat in the third world (nigeria, lebanon, venezuela), but this happened 10 years after the inception of bitcoin. I also think that until the nodes are actually holding the tokens as slashable collateral, there is no real cryptoeconomic security inherent in the token. Im also frustrated that smart contracts are taking so long to reach market saturation, from what I can tell the largest actual barrier is that smart contracts are unable to initiate payments in legacy financial systems, im working to fix this now with Functions but its complicated. as soon as stablecoins/ether being used for payment reaches the mainstream this all changes.
im just fucking with the newfags

>> No.54173650

Something I don’t really see discussed much is the difference between Chainlink and the wider community. Chainlink has always been different. Anti-hype, started out with a very quiet presence. Contrast this with the generally absurd, loud cryptocurrency scam of the month and it’s a really stark difference. To make it worse, Chainlink is basically in a class of its own. There’s really not many other cryptocurrencies/teams like them. The reason I bring this up is there’s an overall sentiment in this retarded industry where most people who get involved in cryptocurrencies couldn’t give any less of a shit about the technology or the philosophical values behind it. They just want to make a quick buck.

Chainlink hasn’t done everything perfect, but they’re one of the few teams that’s actually trying to solve real problems in this retarded industry and this is completely at odds with your average braindead moonboi faggot.

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>> No.54173725

These insufferable groupthink faggots posted moon hopium on twitter for years for retards to sniff at and scoffed, ridiculed and blocked reasonable concerns and arguments against some of their most ridiculous takes. Even sergey agrees more with their banlist then with them. Fuck them, fuck chainlink cryptotwitter, fuck paid chainlink shills. Now they crying ppl are negative, when they drowned out every single ounce of criticisim for years? go fuck urself

>> No.54173748


Only thing that is profitable is eth. Like 2mil a day in fees? Which is fuck all when distributed to stakes.

Gmx was once, now it's shit. Like 80k a day rev. They are now increasing supply to maintain Apr.

Less said about sushi the better.

Utility means fuck all. It's all about perception.

>> No.54173853

>Apparently all this demand is kept secret from us but somehow link cultists know about this
This can't be stressed enough. "Trust the plan" is the general Chainlink marketing strategy

>> No.54173910

>Trust the plan
as long as number went up it worked because no one cared since number went up. now it's obvious (as admitted >>54173258 by sirgay) there is no plan and they have to actually deliver something because the hopium won't stick under these circumstances.

>> No.54173912

Then stop pretending Chainlink holders don't exist and stop pretending Chainlink Labs is not a operating like charity funded by the token holders

>> No.54174065

The problem with smart contracts is that most people don’t want their money tied up in a bunch of escrow smart contracts. Why would I want to have $1B sitting as “collateral” in a contract in case something goes wrong when I can just take the risk and assume nothing will go wrong? This is the problem no one will accept. The financial system thrives on taking calculated risks and most of the time those risk pay off.

Let’s take this example:
>Company A wants to lend Company B $1B from its pension fund for 10% annual return
>Can’t do it because Company B doesn’t have correct rating
>Big Insurance offers to insure the $1B for 1% return…they basically assume nothing will go wrong and just want to collect 1% of a billion annually and will deal with it if an issue arises

If this arrangement were made using smart contracts, Big Insurance would ultimately have to put $1B into some escrow smart contract which is retarded for many reasons, whereas now, they don’t have to put up shit and don’t need to worry about a “contract exploit” and can use that money to invest in many other things and make more money.

Who exactly prefers this model? Company A? So they can get an immediate payout? At that point, why not just cut out all the insurance companies and you’re back to a situation where no one needs smart contracts.

I’m really genuinely curious about what these “high value” applications are and who is going to trust putting $1B into a contract that always has some % of exploitability?

>> No.54174625
File: 1.71 MB, 960x720, we are all in this together.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"The Chainlink Community"
>we are all in this together

>> No.54174655

What if the smart contract is set up to pull funds from their reserves in the event of a claim

>> No.54174783
File: 1.80 MB, 2048x1680, 1672178403136782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the FUD state has ended
Actually it has just begun.

>> No.54175017

I'm not sure such an architecture can exist where a smart contract is allowed to drain funds from an existing account. Also, it still doesn't make a difference as they need to keep that money idle in an account somewhere, otherwise the "proof of reserve" system will constantly trigger some notification of undercollateralization.

Then you have to consider "ok, well what if you build this huge convoluted system where one contract triggers another which triggers another and another so that they can get paid off" and it just becomes overly complex with so many unintended consequences and no one is going to want that to operate in a programmatic way.

>> No.54175060

>smart contracts are fucking useless, more news at 11

>> No.54175068

It’s a case of “smart contracts are the financial system of the future…and always will be”

>> No.54175176

I don’t care how long it takes. In fact I’d prefer it takes longer so I can accumulate more. Look at all the angry fudders who bought the top already replying, these are the types I hope sell and fuck off.

>> No.54175178

This is the unfortunate truth honestly. And it’ll always be…

>just wait until there’s CBDCs
>just wait until there’s strong KYC
>just wait until currency can be biometrically and economically tied to your output

>> No.54175259
File: 1.29 MB, 1000x800, 1530018582958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point I hold Chainlink for the long term to spite the team. Telling people to sell right before SWIFT integrations is a pretty shitty thing to do, too. You are never getting the positive vibes and magic back until there is positive price action. Expecting otherwise is naiive, CO.

>> No.54175351

I actually bought the bottom and have more Link than you. I just stupidly never sold because I let all the money I was making on paper overshadow my inherent skepticism. It is honestly pretty clear now though. Isn’t it interesting how basically every “valuable” use case is always behind closed doors and still literally no profitable companies have found a use case for public blockchain tech (or really private for that matter).

>in B4 press releases about Siemens corporate bond on polygon or one of the other thousand press releases that BIG COMPANY is DEFINITELY USING BLOCKCHAIN

People expect the chainlink network to collateralize a trillion dollars, but no one can really think of what the next use case will be. I can think of what it’ll be: it’ll be convincing more people that some kind of token has a lot of value and that we can’t even yet imagine what that value is. Maybe a new token standard that easily moves between chains called a GRC20 token (Global bla bla bla)? Then we can subsequently pump GRC721 NFTs?

What will we do in 2028 though?

>> No.54175397

My dad works at Nintendo and he told me that it’s completely legit so you’re wrong.

>> No.54175437

Is there any evidence of swift integrations honestly? Yes I know about the PoC and the transition to ISO20022…but I haven’t seen anything suggesting ISO20022 involves Chainlink, let alone DLTs. And I’m familiar with the breadcrumbs going back to “ISO20022 for Dummies” in 2018 and all of the same buzzwords of “interoperability” constantly being used. But unless all these banks have enterprise-ready blockchains and CCIP is being released in enterprise format in three days (both of which I don’t believe), I’m not sure what you’re talking about. You don’t need to share the SWIFT press release about the PoC again

>> No.54175452

*cringepepesmokingcigarette* link has turned into cardano
You newfags make me sick

>> No.54175476

Did your dad hold NintendoCoin from $52 to $6.90?

Also do I need NintendoCoin to play Mario?

>> No.54175842

>chainlink community
what’s with people who want so badly to belong that they start to group themselves by mental illnesses ?
see also:
>lgbtxyz++ community
>incel community


>> No.54176045

I'm wavering between thinking its over and convinced that because I believe its over, I am the midwit signal and really its happening. Still not sure which it is. As far as TA goes, all I'm really concerned with is link/btc, and while I was initially sure it was fucked beyond belief when we broke 29k sat support, I got out of my link bubble and started comparing to other alts sats charts, and link is actually doing better than everything but eth, every other major alt either broke below their June 2022 low or just about touched it, link is still roughly 25% above it. So it isn't doing the 2019 thing yet where it outruns the market, but it also isn't underperforming relative to other alts despite what the chicken littles shout here. Basically this is the boring part of the cycle where you really should just be in btc and wait to see what happens next.

All that being said, if link doesn't break out by summer, its a fair bet it isn't going to run against the market like it did last cycle, and is "just another alt". If I were a newfag right now, I'd be in btc, and watch the link sats chart, if it breaks above 50k sats that would be a signal to get back in link, especially if it does it within the next few months before other alts recover.

The thing that has me the most macro bearish on crypto is that BNB, fucking BNB, is outperforming bitcoin AND eth since last cycle, still on an uptrend with no signs of breaking yet. Until BNB collapses, this market absolutely doesn't give two shits about fundamentals. And fuck anyone who is a binance shill, so much goddamn binance astroturfing on this board it makes me sick, you are allowed to hate kikes and chinks at the same time you know.

>> No.54176083

What Sergey said about the need to be able to pivot on the recent podcast was incredibly frustrating to hear, primarily because other teams seem to do just fine without pivoting, despite facing much bigger challenges. Arbitrum didn't pivot when other teams started working on zksnark tech, uniswap didn't pivot when exchange aggregators started popping up, cardano didn't pivot despite being a mess, hedra didn't pivot when ftm ripped them off, eth didn't pivot when scaling became an issue... in fact came you name any mid/large cap project that has failed to deliver for years and blamed it on 'pivoting'??
Sergey asks for the community to stay positive despite giving them nothing, years have gone by with absolutely colossal opportunity costs for link holders, all because the very fucking core of the project is still missing... staking. I actually sold half my stack after smartcon this year when I realised what fucking dogshit v0.1 was. Considering how much effort is put into incentivising parties correctly has anyone on the team stopped for a fucking second to consider the incentive for holders? The only reason anyone gives a shit about this thing is to make money and link has been one of the worst holds for years now. Link is an idea with so much potential, its a pity how badly it has been squandered with such botched implementation and delivery.
Also, for a man who is obsessed with the notion of truth, Sergey doesn't seem to give much of a fuck about honesty. Its incredibly poor to just pretend nothing happened regarding CCIP. The situation is so much worse than something like trusted hardware. There was an actual hard deadline missed, pathetic to not address it and say mea culpa. Usually when shit like this happens exec's offer an explanation and provide a revised timeline, not deflecting and mumble some excuse about 'pivoting'. Whats next? Is the team going to pivot on staking and maybe decide they don't need it after all?

>> No.54176206

That comparison doesn't make sense, when you consider what they're going for. Arbitrum just wants to be another shitty L2 (they're even releasing their own token despite claiming for years they wouldn't), Uniswap wants to make money on shitcoins, Cardano and Hedera want to be eth clones, ETH just wants to run the shitcoin casino (and is getting its lunch eaten by Binance for 2 years straight).

Chainlink, and this is coming from someone who is ready to admit it could still be a decade away from happening, if it ever happens, is trying to literally eat everyone elses lunch in crypto. They're trying to take it all, and build it from the ground up. That's why they subsidize price feeds and enable defi, that's why they helped with Arbitrum to try to scale ETH (and then got stabbed in the back), that's why they're building CCIP (to try to take a cut of all these transactions). You can argue its a failed strategy, but its a winner take all game they're trying to play. I can respect that at least, everyone else just wants to get theirs, get that one good pump on bitcoin, and content with selling into bagholders for eternity after. Even ETH which is held up as the gold standard has still yet to surpass its previous sats high.

So yeah I'm bearish on link and admit it may never happen, but fuck comparing it to all the other scams that are only any good if you can predict which ones will win (PLENTY of failures out there if you were actually here in 2017/18) and also get out at the right time. The reason this board coalesced around link 5/6 years ago wasn't because they believed they could time a top and get out, it was because they believed it was the next step in DLT and was going to be around for 10+ years and you'd literally never have to sell.

>> No.54176315

is this still a thing? just looked at the chart, looks pretty dead to me

>> No.54176387

>Usually when shit like this happens exec's offer an explanation and provide a revised timeline, not deflecting and mumble some excuse about 'pivoting'.
it's the same problem for all shitcoin devs, they aren't accountable to anyone, it's intentional. some have integrity, but it seems like this guy doesn't

>> No.54176579

You didnt address any of his points on Sergey. That arrogant cocksucker that he is

>le community owes me more upvotes because I made hamburger jokes and did a podcast

>> No.54176644

It makes plenty of sense. What I'm getting at is that as new surfaces for value-capture became available other teams focused on actually delivering something achievable instead of constantly dropping what they are doing to chase the next hot thing and losing all sense of scope in the process. Oracles and DONs as they exist right now are an incredibly important piece of infrastructure and staking as described would allow enormous amounts of value capture, but instead of getting on with implementing staking and giving holders a reason to continue holding, the team is doing what exactly? Who knows? They certainly aren't forthcoming with much information. They are clearly trying to lock up both the first and second order value from oracles and yet have succeeded in capturing neither.

In short the team have demonstrated that promised features can be dropped anytime, that timelines even when they are given are meaningless. So what an earth does Sergey expect us to be positive about?? I wasn't joking when I suggested the team might abandon staking altogether, I mean why not? They've abandoned trusted hardware, CCIP is missing with no real explanation despite devoting smartcon 0 to it. If it is just a bit delayed why didn't Sergey say as much at this year's smartcon or at year end? A steady flow of information is required for investor confidence and yet the team say nothing and act surprised when the community is pissed off.

>> No.54176938

That’s because there’s two distinct groups with regards to Chainlink. there’s the technology group and then there’s the token group. The technology is cutting edge, and must be fully realized before our world can change into the web3, truth not trust promises world that we want. A web3 dapp wants to guarantee security, they use nothing other than Chainlink. Then there’s the token group which can be further divided, there’s the frogs, the fudders, the discord trannies, Bulgarians and the CTfags. As a collective around the token, these groups screech louder than those that understand the technology. Let’s breakdown what each group does,
The smallest of the subset of the group. Understands the intersection between the token and the tech.
>fudders (paid or just disgruntled Linkies)
Constant screeching about the token not being needed. Doesn’t care about any arguments, will proceed to bring up token price history.
It’s in the name, and they’re fluid.
A little historical but still prevalent. Actively shorts the token and shits on it. Nearly liquidated a couple times, if not already liquidated.
Twitter people who have formed an identity around Chainlink the token and a little bit with regards to tech. While also slightly including those that just go around shilling other tokens and active CT traders. A lot of attention has recently gone here.

Anyways all this is a long winded way to say that at the moment, Chainlink has secured a monopoly amongst the oracle markets. Their tech, research and development is light years ahead of everyone else. Their oracles are active on any chain with any semblance of value. there isn’t another Oracle or decentralized oracle network. The token is used to pay for services from the decentralized oracle network, which now includes off chain computation and soon arbitrary messaging between chains, token needed for this. Consider this a low risk high reward gamble.

>> No.54176988

token not needed

>> No.54177025
File: 18 KB, 488x452, frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am frog

>> No.54177200
File: 482 KB, 1125x1970, 3130C3A6-C738-43F2-B8BE-6BE0F6E62468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed. If you listen to Sergey talk, he can feel the arrogance. In his mind he shouldnt have to tell any of his investors what hes doing. Hes soooo smart and above that. Nevermind the fact thats where he got all his funding in a space w very little regulation. We are a mere annoyance to him.

>> No.54177222

You can feel*

>> No.54177304

>being this desperate
lol, go for a walk fatty

>> No.54177453

If they just were transparent about timelines I believe expectations would align and 95% of community bitching would go away. We are always led to belive, through innuendo or silence, that we are the precipice of historic breakthroughs and price action, but it always seems to disappoint.

>> No.54177691

Sir gay is fat and that hasn't changed. Neither will the price. Good luck my fellow chudlinkers

>> No.54177858
File: 297 KB, 1096x1432, chainlink10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We are always led to belive, through innuendo or silence, that we are the precipice of historic breakthroughs and price action
that's by design to wear you down and get you to sell.

>price about to breach through resistance
>OH NOOOOOOOOO not another epic black swan event! what are the odds?!
>what they didn't sell? well surely they'll sell the next black swan!
>rinse and repeat

it's a like an extra retarded version of the man behind the curtain because we're all watching him desperately pull levers and manufacture artificial chaos while we sit here laughing and memeing about it.


>> No.54178072

>chainlinkgod downvotes me

Oh noooooo!!!

>led to believe

Sergey verbatim told us 2022 would release staking and ccip. 16 months later and neither are out.

The whole conspiracy thing hasnt held water for at least a year now. Its a tired excuse and your chart is no longer relevant. Btc is back near 27k and Link can barely break 7. What a fucking nightmare. Meanwhile fatboy is prob keeled over coughing after his half mile hike.

>> No.54178146

>hehe you conspiracy theorists are crazy
>conspiracy proves to be true at some arbitrary later time
>rinse and repeat
the conspiracy label is starting to lose it's sting big guy. time to cook up a new angle.

>> No.54178231
File: 369 KB, 1080x360, 1530148265985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even shitter of the team to explicitly tell holders to sell when this is happening. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/other20230315a.htm
Never forget when we make it that the Chainlink team hates you and did everything they could to make you sell.

>> No.54178240

This is unironically correct but no point in saying it anymore because the lines have been drawn. Either you can see it or you are intentionally refusing to.

>> No.54178724


>> No.54179019

Yaya. Fatman needs sustenance

>> No.54179057

Israel has no right to exist.

>> No.54179216

This is bullshit and you all know it, 99% of what the “community” (what a gay fucking term you faggots need to buy ada and go back) thinks about link is driven by token price, nothing more. And nobody in the “community” has even the slightest understanding of macroeconomic factors that will always take precedence over anything happening in crypto, let alone a project with less than 1% of the total crypto marketcap. So what you have is a bunch of financially illiterate neets crying about shit like opportunity cost when many of them got handed a 10-30x for free even holding to the bottom. But all you see is “gibs me dat” with zero self awareness. If you want to get rich quick learn to trade you stupid niggers.

>> No.54179405

Why are you upset linkies? Your negative sentiment is interfering with the teams ability to maximize the amount dollars they get from dumping.
Be happy, and provide liquidity.

>> No.54179425

a constant them from og's is that they never deliver you fucking mutt. no one cares about a pump to seven dollars, we want the 500$ plus price that can happen but wont happen because they cant deliver

>> No.54179453

The PA of this shitcoin has been the biggest scam lately but If it closes the daily around here it doesn't look too bad anymore. But we know what happens before daily close: sergey will panic and derisk. FAT FUCK

>> No.54179637

>my retirement money is lost, how am I going to afford all of this new stuff? I am an idiot.

>> No.54179712
File: 104 KB, 750x658, 20230317_161539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ready to go

>> No.54179775

stop. you are matrix posting all wrong. the reddit spacing is hyper cringe. you aren't supposed to shill or bash a specific coin. you literally fucked up every part of matrix posting and there were so few requirements. KYS
in minecraft

>> No.54179843

I don't care about Sergey, I don't follow talking heads.
checked but what?
Do you not understand the chicken and egg scenario that is staking? For staking to be self sustaining, there needs to be enough network activity to incentivize node operators to lock up their tokens for rewards. If there isn't, then either the rewards will be too small to convince nodes to stake, or instead of subsidizing price feeds, chainlink would have to subsidize the staking rewards themselves (which they're already doing and why staking 0.1 isn't real staking). There's nothing chainlink can DO on the technical side that speeds up the process of staking being profitable, besides create a larger network effect. Unfortunately, as crypto is mostly a closed system still, that relies on the rest of the crypto market to increase that network effect.

What you're not getting is that the pivoting is done precisely to increase network effect, which is THE deciding factor on whether the staking model proposed can work. And the fact you don't get that and still hold link is just yet another factor that makes me bearish, and makes me want to sell. Except I can't because I staked like an idiot.

>> No.54179968

What is this? What project is an SIP for? Solana?

>> No.54180005
File: 411 KB, 779x541, 1530552838975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Synthetix, one of Chainlink's oldest users, who were one of the first to start testing CCIP.
Here's another big fuck you to the Chainlink team for telling their holders to sell when this shit is happening.

>> No.54180026

BTC will overtake all these shitcoins none of them are needed. BTC is moving towards Defi and isn't a security.

You are a bagholder.

>> No.54180201

So Sergey Betray isn’t a meme

>> No.54180299

I don't really understand what this is saying, but I'm guessing it is an implication that it is easy to transfer SC logic from ethereum to optimism which would require some kind of early iteration of CCIP.

I've never used synthetix for anything and am not going to pretend I know how it works or what it does.

>> No.54180319

The negativity will continue for as long as sergay produces nothing, a deposit contract does not count as an achievement. I will not buy chainshit and I will continue to drive people away from it

>> No.54180942

I have also been watching the link/btc chart and started buying link recently for the first time since 2017. I was tempted to last year but it took off before I made a decision. Maybe I’m retarded but I think it’s worth getting a bag just in case

>> No.54181058

Link/btc shit looks awful, makes dogecoin/btc look like a better long term hold

>> No.54181485

It looks awful but not noticeably more awful than most other shitcoins, doge/btc just looks like an utter scam and I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole with how heavily manipulated it is, the only alt that is holding against btc decently is eth and bnb.

What's happening with bnb is what has me more bearish on this market than anything else, CZ has now fully assumed the throne and is even more in control of the markets than FTX/SBF ever was. And nobody is talking about it. There was a minor period of a couple weeks there where people were questioning binance's solvency, but shills/astroturfers stepped up to cry about it in every thread, and now that's quieted down. The simple fact though is right now CZ controls crypto, he fucking owns it all.

>> No.54183402

CZ will be gone eventually and the market will get over it, don’t worry anon, we’ve bounced back from worse

>> No.54183547

Welcome to 4channel newfren. There are refreshments and candy, however the exits are bolted shut. Enjoy!

>> No.54183591

>Telling people to sell
What are you on about? And no external links your id has CP in it so I already don't trust you.

>> No.54183991

Crypto Oracle told people to sell and he has been on the Chainlink payroll for 4 years.

>> No.54184048

Bit of pathetic showing by the marketing team, as they were entirely responsible for the fud situation in the first place. They earned it entirely.

>> No.54184153

all the fud spam like tnn came from twitter or the community discord controlled by none other than Rory Piant the secret FUD mastermind. If you want to stop the FUD you need to defeat Rory Piant but then you will not get cool chainlink merch like the branded hexagon shaped trashbin lids they handed out at Smartcon or the Official Chainlink IPAs at the Hackathon or even the little Sergey on the toilet figurines they were handing out at ETHDenver and when you press a little button he takes a big out of a Big Mac srs.

>> No.54184173

I have no idea who that is but you should go back to what ever platform he is on.

>> No.54184632

Read the OP, retard.

>> No.54186478
File: 27 KB, 309x376, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone notice how largely reasonable the conversation is itt compared to the cacophony of retardation haunting LINK threads since 2021? Capitulation. Glad the eternal optimists have been forced into actual conversations.

I agree with everyone's thoughts regarding Sergey's naivety around people's frustration about LINK and how fucking ludicrously insulting it is to be now telling people to sell after pulling that bullshit on 1 January 2022 where you told people to hold. Truly, what the absolute fuck is that? Then to say you've DELIVERED on the original whitepaper! That's the first thing he's said that made me legitimately angry.

The point I didn't see made here though is the silliness of the demand we contribute something, not just because of their own inability to deliver and the state of borderline insanity we're in because we've been skewered for 2 years, but because conversations such as those itt contain genuinely useful technical and business advice that routinely falls on deaf ears. Holders describe exactly what they want, out of an intimate understanding of the Chainlink idea built over nearly 6 years of patient attention, and it's blended up and spat back at us as grumpy complaining. No, get serious about transparency and delivery. That is not unreasonable, yet it's ignored like Eric Scmidt's advice. Fuck off with the memes, which are not cute anymore, and spell out how all of your pet inventions make number go up. Agree with the other anon above: how the fuck hasn't cryptoeconomic security been priority #1 all this time?

>> No.54187408

It’s worse than you think regarding crypto economic security, or simply, just finding a way to make staking work.
I tried to create discussion in 2018 breadcrumb threads about a video I found of Sergey speaking in early 2017, before launching Chainlink. He admitted that there’s no precedent for staking in any academic field, alluding to the fact that he’s been trying for years. He openly admitted he has no idea how to create a staking mechanism then went ahead and lunched link half a year later anyway just hoping for the best. Without any fucking plan
Someone might know the vid I’m referring to: set in a small classroom, makes some joke about wishing he bought ETH before it took off. Some angry autist calls him out on how staking is flawed and Sybil attacks he completely admitted it. Says it might even be impossible. Still launches a token into the 2017 hype anyway. 6 and a half years later he still refers to crypto economic security as a ‘problem’

>> No.54187566

Shiny object syndrome. Common in web3 and new industries where there is lots of opportunity, and common with inexperienced founders who don’t know how to build sustainable product or use customer insights to steer roadmap.

You can tell whoever is making roadmap decisions is retarded. Remember Chainlink keepers? It launched to zero fanfare with almost zero users. It was a HUGE undertaking for the team, probably cost them tens of millions to develop and now is just a dead product. I couldn’t believe at the time they would build something without first validating the need, but it seems like it’s just a wildly inexperienced team, like most teams in crypto.

I still haven’t sold, waiting to see what CCIP and functions bring this year… but I’m concerned they’re just more products built for nobody, especially with Sergey’s “frustration” over “slow” adoption. Makes it sound like they’re solving for problems no one has. If there was a use case for what they were building, it would not be hard to find customers. You’re either saving businesses millions/billions or you’re not. Simple as.

>> No.54187824

This has to be a joke, no one is narcissistic enough to believe that holding a bag of link tokens constitutes some kind of work, or contribution? Are you really this entitled?

How much money did you lose greedily staking link with bucket shops? If this thread had DECO enabled and only og's with 10k or more could post, the we'd see what sentiment actually is, your seething bitching does not constitute "sentiment" or anything remotely important and it's barely intelligible.

>> No.54188093

automation is not a dead project
when the whole financial system pivots into using smart contracts because the trust in the existing system disappears, its going to be a very rapid shift. until then we are stuck with gambling and useless nfts

>> No.54188234

Neither you nor him posted any evidence that keepers aren't being used

>> No.54188324
File: 437 KB, 1875x511, 12.65.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The point is the irony of Chainlink asking for help despite never properly addressing or taking account of readily available, reasonable feedback from a loyal following that knows their project well and was misled into holding through a massive drawdown due to that team's woeful track record of broken promises. Now they say start helping or just move on. It's tone deaf. That's why we end up with podcasts or messaging that completely miss the mark. You've intentionally misrepresented this and the post is perfectly intelligible - you're just feigning incomprehension.

>> No.54188363

Sergey is throwing faggots a bone, you think he actually cares? You think he cares if every anon link marine bitch sells their baggies? The only delusion here is you, you're going through this much effort to cope with your seethe - sell and go. It something else retard, it literally has zero impact on what chainlink labs is doing.

>> No.54188408

read my post again

>> No.54188489

>No, get serious about transparency and delivery.
Top fucking kek. To everyone else: nobody ever gave two single fucks about transparency, and neither has Chainlink. In fact, that was always part of the mystique with Chainlink. That was also why it was natural to not shill it and that "lack of transparency" is what kept noLINKers away until some normies began FOMOing in when they had some news/enough social validation from 2019-2021.

From here on out: just ignore anyone FUDing and carry on posting normally. Or, better yet: just go outside and occupy your mind with something more productive than spending time on here. Besides, the quality of the FUD has become poorer and poorer as more dumb money has capitulated, or early entrants fucked off to live life during this stage of the market cycle away from the retards left on here that didn't sell the top. The only people left are newfags and people spending all their free time trolling retards/newfags.

We still got some more to shake off, so keep holding off on your buys. Cya in another year or two.

>> No.54188533

And what will you do when link still hasn't done anything two years from now? Because I remember reading these posts a few years back. And here we are, at 2019 levels against btc and eth.

>> No.54188565


Shut the fuck up paid shill, go back to twitter.

>> No.54188701
File: 39 KB, 700x540, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SWIFT is a fucking meme. How delusional do you have to be after 6 years in this space to believe ANY growth will come from legacy institutions?
It's the same retarded narratives XRP, IOTA or BSV bagholders latch to with 0 success.
ALL of the money in this space is made through innovative features and composability with other defi startups/protocols.
A bunch of crusty boomers at SWIFT will never buy or use your service token, just like IBM or Google or Docusing didn't. And you don't need them when you have a dapps like GMX or AAVE or Compound trading BILLIONS (which will turn to trillions) everyday using your services.

What Chainlink needs is to release the fucking staking and CCIP establishing it as an increasingly decentralized and censorship resistant defi primitive that generates money for its participants.
Most if you are fucking clowns and never use dapps nor provide liquidity so you don't even understand what I'm talking about.

>> No.54188708

didn't read

>> No.54188714


>> No.54188748

We know you can't read stupid nigger, no need to advertise it in a post.

>> No.54188768

uh, I said "didn't" not "can't"
maybe it is you who can't read?

>> No.54188780

go back to twitter posting 5 years old pepe you didn't even make, paid shill nigger

>> No.54188786

The thing is, most linkies never used defi in the first place because they think it's a scam. However the ironic thing is, defi is exactly what chainlink needs to generate revenue. Swift so far has brought zero traffic to the network so it's a nothingburger.

>> No.54188790

purchase an advert

>> No.54188792

If you want to advertise that (you) can't read dude literally just buy an ad

>> No.54188889
File: 191 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20210111-153638__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i guess thats part of why we fud
>if i dont make it
>the fat fuck cannot succeed
if the token truly fails pretty sure some anons will do things that might get em life emprisonment

>> No.54188933

well, the really hardcore link marines all owned LPL and the Linkpool team are alive and happy so in short you won't do shit when LINK fails just like no one acted when SBF, Celsius, Bancor, Bitconnect, Terra Luna Mt Gox fucked them hard.

I am learning so much about real human nature from Crypto its fascinating science. People are not prone to violence when things are taken from them from a far. I think the Mediaeval peasants are the best analogue. Every crypto incident proves my point. I'm going to be a best seller. Seeth shitcoiners
srs tho bruh buy an ad susin no cap

>> No.54189016
File: 15 KB, 409x409, 1611408612189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ftx had normies who fell to matt damon shilling on national tv.
for chainlink, you have extremely paranoid schizos who have been under pressure for years.

im not sure you understand how deranged the people who lurk biz and pol are

>> No.54189022

Hardcore linkies knew the linkpool token wasnt needed so it’s unlikely they bought in. And if they did, they sold after the erc20 migration

>> No.54189050

Yeah I know but the people rugged by Mt Gox were 1000 times worse than the normies that come here nowadays. They didn't do anything. I remember one or two guys showed up with a sign and confronted that fat french dude on his way to the office in Japan and that was it kek
I think the team are very safe and should get comfy. Relax take your time. Things taken from a far do not result in violent repercussions.

Normies or schizos it does not matter although the INTP type that most allegedly have here could result in a more cautious approach when dealing with a potentially volatile situation. This was disproven by the LPL fallout. Unless they simply lied to construct a false in group to gather real INTPs. Regardless they all were rugged and the scammers got away scot free productions

>> No.54189056

I have it on good authority all pool bros had mandatory hexagon tattoos on their temples and practiced a rigorous acetic lifetime

>> No.54189107

>Payton Gendron
>Oregon shooter
>Supreme gentleman
You are funny, you don't really understand the fauna of this place.

>SBF, Celsius, Bancor, Bitconnect, Terra Luna Mt Gox fucked them hard.
None of these things were an object of obsession for local schizos like Chainlink and Sergey.

>> No.54189140

>None of these things were an object of obsession for local schizos like Chainlink and Sergey.
newfag detected people went nuts after gox.
>>Payton Gendron
>>Oregon shooter
>>Supreme gentleman
>You are funny, you don't really understand the fauna of this place.
a bunch of miscreants coerced by glowniggers is no basis for a stable theorem into the mind of the anonymouse internet dweller anon

>> No.54189704
File: 218 KB, 355x600, 1540929325673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spot on.

>> No.54189875

Imo his desire for us to contribute isn't that bad, however why should anyone contribute? Morale has been completely NUKED after missing the bullrun and also going back to 2019 lvls vs BTC/ETH. If LINK was trading at 30-50$ right now, most 2018 OGs would have made it (7-8 figures) and would have been actively contributing to the ecosystem because they can afford to. But today, most OGs are back to 6 figure hell except those that sold the 2021 run up to $50. Meanwhile Ethereum has tons of developers and enthousiasts because you can actually make money joining the Ethereum ecosytem. A profit incentive always spurs innovation. What has chainlink done? They fund the entire defi system by giving the bill to Link bagholders. Then they have the nerve to tell us to ''be positive''.

>> No.54189899

The point is that you don’t release a product you think will be useful at some undetermined point in the future without any need for it now. That’s just classic narcissist CEO thinking like you can predict the future or know what people want or need. The way to build sustainable business is to build things that are valuable to people NOW. You don’t make money with products nobody wants.

You can literally see it. Are you new?


>> No.54189925

The niggers telling you to contribute for free while the token did a -90% from ATH are the ones paid a monthly salary to post hopium on twitter anon.

>> No.54189948

You are right but this is the first time that Sergey himself said it and to stop complaining. it's just sickening. Some OGs have to go back to the wagecage right now. Sure it's their own fault to not sell during a speculative mania. But then again, it is Sergey's fault for dumping is way more than we should have.

>> No.54189950

More people need to be aware of this.

>> No.54190072

After what linkpool and then reading this gay shit from clg & the oracle I wanna see chainlink ruined.
I was hyped as fuck, an OG, I was all set.
I didn't sell the top of link & linkpool. I kept my mindstate positive and shilled the project while sergey kept on dumping his bags.
Then when staking comes, linkpool rugpulls, we get v0.01 staking and now sergey is blaming us for negative vibes while the token price is shit.
Blame the community, my life has been a strugle after linkpool rugging.
Sergey should look in the mirror - he ruined the project.

>> No.54190089

Anyone also find it ironic that biz somehow has more insightful discussions about chainlink and how things should go than the team itself? Just look at the Celsius situation. Biz knew it was a scam as early as 2020 and it all fell on deaf ears over at chainlink labs. Over and over again biz has to correct their mistakes and CL labs just quietly sweeps them under the rug. And biz just consists of a bunch of neet incels, who still know more about this stuff than the so called employed ''experts'' over at chainlink.

>> No.54190111

It feels fucking absurd that what we have talked here in biz and to see how incompetent the chainlink team really is.
How many times has cl been associated with scams? You cant even count them with two hand fingers.
I literally want to have an old fashion bare knuckle boxing match with eric & jonny.
Those fags really deserve to feel what violence is.

>> No.54190123

I honestly dislike Eric more than johnny. Jonny at least has been in link from the start, Eric just shows up in 2019 and does nothing but ''manage the community''. This means telling OGs to shut up and read the blogposts even thought they know more about link and have been invested way longer.

>> No.54190146

>hardcore link marines bought extraneous lpl and put their tokens in unsecured third parties

>> No.54190152

It sickens me that eric gaslighted a 5yr built community in the last month before staking, who all were supportive and wanted to see linkpool succeed. Only to get a wet towel slapped on their face and mat rugged under their feet.

>> No.54190174

This is in line with my tale - it just feels like massive scope creep. Like they are lost in their own back yard. Yes, they are making progress and releasing products and features, but they aren't doing it against a defined need. It is what Google does. Difference there is they are doing it off the back of their original vision and killer app - search. They have no issue iterating and launching and letting things die, because their bread and butter continues to mint day and night. That's not the case here - CLL has failed to release the original product and instead skipped straight to the "do whatever you like" phase. I knew as soon as white paper 2 landed - talking about super linear steaking and DONs when regular nodes and staking never launched - we were in trouble.

>> No.54190502
File: 53 KB, 364x420, 1664623800845012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>arbitrum has a token launch
>dozens of projects that arent launching anymore with link (gravelcoin)
>basic staking beta took 5 years
>partnered with: FTX, Celsius, bancor, linkpool, etc all blown up
>dumps coins nonstop during the bullrun killing demand
>no news
>barely any development despite massive hiring
>eric scmidt doesnt even mention it when interviewed
>CCIP in 2 more weeks
>we dont talk about price here
No development. No progress. All it does is verify data and no one cares and no one will care until sergey fixes all these fake promises and stops dumping.

Every other shitcoin and large cap has been pumping nonstop since Jan. Link cant even break over and hold $8. This wont reach ath ever again.

>> No.54190523

>tranime picture
didn't read

>> No.54190547

Ty for being sergeys exit liquidity. He needs to eat more.

>> No.54190667

Honestly the lack of progress is more concerning than the scams they have promoted. They talk to everyone so there’s bound to be a scam among them. But the main problem is them doing absolutely nothing of value and abandoning the white paper

>> No.54190698

The part in your post where you lie about every other shitcoin pumping since January is unnecessary, was already solid convincing fud before that.

>> No.54190768

When did they tell me to sell

>> No.54190825

I think that's basically the point that was being made. Price isn't where it should be. The requests for contributions in that context are comical.

>> No.54190891

Yea, if price had gone up more and I would be living off staking gains I’d spend some of my free hours building shit that uses Chainlink just for fun. But instead I have to wage slave all day because fatty doesn’t understand price of token > all. Big token price = more retail interest = more consumer eyes = more attractive for developers = happy community who wants to develop and give back. Instead everyone is angry and bitter and nobody wants to touch this shit to build because being involved with this community is hell.

>> No.54190947

Funny how also link baggies have been screaming ''retail not needed''. Now Sergey suddenly claims we need to ''do more'' to spread awareness and create usage. Fuck off

>> No.54190968

I think Chainlink is a good project

>> No.54190999

I tried years ago to get this retarded board to recognize our collective power should be harnessed to bring retail in. Too much incel arrogance and hatred led to their own downfall, dragged me along with it. I actually fucking hate you all, now that I think about it. When LINK could have had a run to $100+ easily you all went to Reddit to post lies about it and call it a scam and chased retail off fucking permanently and now we all pay the price.

>> No.54191017
File: 82 KB, 831x479, 43a889d3-fb02-4783-8e4c-87c3edeead44_screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I want my money back

>> No.54191163

Read the OP. Crypto Oracle (Chainlink's paid blogger for the last 4 years) told people to sell.

>> No.54191193

Chainlink was the #1 performing asset before they started paying faggots like CLG to shill it on Twitter.

Maybe they wouldn’t have needed to dump so many tokens to pay all of those useless salaries if they stuck with the organic “community”

>> No.54191210

Yep hope all the chuds and incels learned a valuable lesson about karma it’s hilarious thinking how smug they all were and looking at the price today.

>> No.54191212

Ok, how about they issue a timeline then you screeching nigger? They've missed deadlines and not given explanations. They day the community is their greatest asset but can't be bothered to provide meaningful updates. Instead they talk about bear meme? Stfu you broke fucking nigger

>> No.54191232

Isn't that exactly my point? Provide some timelines so we can make more informed decisions.

>> No.54191253



You know that affects every crypto project right? How come Link still is one of the worst performers since 2020?

>> No.54191627

You and I both.

>> No.54191663

Those paid shills have beem completely useless, worse they are basically paid sycophants ruining any chance of organic feedback.

>> No.54192199



>> No.54192274

Wow what a bunch of fags

>> No.54192603

>The path to success is now getting people excited to learn about Chainlink, join BUILD, develop with CL, etc. Bring the good vibes and memes back.
Permanently increase the value of the token by delivering on promises and we'll bring back the good vibes and memes. Reciprocate or you get nothing. There's your feedback faggot.