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I quit smoking. I switched to cofffee and if I drink a lot, I get the same buzz. It's like I get free cigarettes. I make my coffee at home. I'm going to stack up on SHIB now.

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Is coffee good for you?

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Clever little fella!

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same, i've been on that Mcdonalds App 99 cent Large Iced Coffee wave no cream no sugar.

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There isn't really anything significant as far as health benefits to drinking coffee, but at the same time it's only as unhealthy as what gets put into it for flavor (cream, syrups, etc). It's basically caffeinated water.

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>There isn't really anything significant as far as health benefits to drinking coffee
You need to do a little more research

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Dont you feel like you need to feel the smoke in your mouth/throat/lungs?

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>You need to do a little more research
No. Spoonfeed me. Preferably without referencing articles that are full of "may", "could", "possibly", or "suggests".

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I would avoid SHIB like the plague anon

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Porque anon

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The science says it's good for you and increases longevity so it actually probably lowers your life span

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bitter substances are generally bad for you
sorry you failed the IQ test

>but the jews told me they're good!
yeah, exactly

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Depends if you're smoking at the same time

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Quit drinking
Quit smoking
Quit weed
Quit expensive restaurants
Quit buying tech/games
Sleep better. Focus better at work.
Am now putting at least $1000 extra into shitcoin and PMs each month. Have done $12,000 in the last 5 months alone. Money i'd have just blown on nothing. Actually I do drink. But I keep it to weekends now and a bottle of whisky lasts me for months now.

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I will NEVER and I mean NEVER sell my SHIB. I have 10,000,000 SHIB that I received for 10 dollars. This is my story

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