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FedNow uses Chainlink.

We won.

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there's almost 100 projects in their showcase

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Dumbass. It's Quant Network providing interoperability at scale
Its over for stinkers
Quant chads rise up!

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I can't help but feel completely disgusted by this

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Cypherium as been proven time and time again that it was nothing to do with Chainlink

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The federal government needs chainlink oracles.

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Is that a masonic symbol?

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Are you French? Your sentence kind of makes sense when I read it with a French accent.

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it's supposed to be a spotlight

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Can’t wait till summer hits to see what this actually means Sky is a little bitch and never gives a straight answer

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sigil of satan

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That piece right in the middle? That's chainlink. ISO200022 goes live March 20th.

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How much CPH do you hold?

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it really does feel like we're gonna godcandle out of this range we've been stuck in.

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schizo checked
>sigil of satan

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How many US dollars do you hold?

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wtf yes?

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What the fuck of an occult symbol is that..?

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It’s not one

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You linkies must be rich. Or is it only Sergey who sells on the news?

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square and compass bros
we are not going to make it

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biz never properly figured this one out

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I'm just looking for the 666 at this point

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drop deep alpha sir

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What do you mean?

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Sigil of Lucifer

I fucking told you niggers to walk with Jesus Christ not Lucifer the Fallen One wtf cant you dumb nogs follow simple instructions

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Why wouldn’t you make it? Just invest in Cypherium

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that's FedNowSM (Fed Now Sado Mas) not Fed Now

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Check the price of LINK good ser

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Oh shit are they using CPH?

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Chipotle uses Flexa to accept crypto, which uses chainlink oracles.

Does fuck all for the price

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it's obnoxious how you retards believe you're entitled to monopolize every geometric shape with your gay symbolism. in your peurile minds every vaguely triangular object evokes le secret cult!!11 or your retarded desert fanfiction and its boring cast of characters. this would not be a problem if you did not force it on us nonstop for thousands of fucking years. it's *you* memeing this - there is no secret - it's you and your fucking circlejerk. can you leave us out of your larp thanks. or at least come up with new material because holy shit I don't know how this entertains you day in and day out

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Nobody PAYS WITH CRYPTO dumbass

but a CBDC would do trillions in volume

Probably going to buy some CPH as a punt here as well

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Its cut off in the OP picture but it looks like the Sigil of Lucifer for sure

A lot like the "Google Play" symbol as well

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This guy knows

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Not even fudding but the chainlink logo has been removed from their website. It used to be on the second page I remember that being a bit fucky back in 2020

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Stop coping this is the chosen coin

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I just searched the archive it seems CPH has been chosen a long time ago

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I just swapped all of my BCH for LINK. Sent it to cold storage immediately. Never selling.

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Post a timestamp or source that includes the phrase "Chainlink" or "LINK" or fuck off.

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>doesn't know what cypherium is
this is on you, newfag

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>Gaining momentum
I want all kikes dead

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>Those colors
>That font
>The subtle nod to all the anons out there

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Nope, nice try. Partnership was ended in Q4 2022

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Looking through my old photos, thought you faggots might enjoy this.

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thank god chainlink is NOT part of the luciferarian takeover confirmed by this anon and I saw it in a dream
>holy fuck
is that logo the 666 wrapped around like the WEF one but in 3D?

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Fuck you Thomas

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its quant doing this not chainlink but nice try

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This will 100x

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gibs token name pls sirs

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So this is why we are being raided

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Why nod just use Bitcoin for everything? Why the complexity?

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Is this why there are faggot buttholes everywhete?

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why does it have to be bitcoin?

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Because its what works.

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No, it isn't. Not even as a currency, let alone something smarter.

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Why do they have an upside down pentagram in their banner? Are the pol schizo chuds unironically right?

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Also they waited till the price was 6.66 again to relase this didnt they?

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Fuck m8. If you don't know by now.

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Okay bait

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Yes it does, you can transfer arbitrary amounts of purchasing power from place A to place B and from NOW to time X. That is all you need. The universe loves simplicity.

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Xrp tards are gonna rope

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Currency needs to be non-fungible and - for small transfers - instantaneous. You will never use BTC in the supermarket and you will never use BTC to buy a gun. It's useless beyond speculation.

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Perhaps but Bitcoin's strength lies in other areas and I would not underestimate it.
t. Link maxi

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I meant to say fungible, I'm a retard.

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You know how merchants work? they dont fucking settle instantly. not the VISA network, Mastercard or anything else. it takes almost 2 fucking weeks.
Your bank balance is simply removed instantly, but in reality the money has not gone anywhere. it is a complicated process.

There is absolutely no reason a crypto cannot BEAT that system and settle in minutes(takes merchants now 2 weeks) while employing a similar system to have it instantly "organised" while that happens. I believe lightning network does work this way.
I'm not really someone who is all about m crypto replace fiat but please. understand shit a bit better.

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Debit card transactions are insured. The moment your card clears, the merchant has certain guarantees. The process is complicated and takes weeks for a reason.
Crypto payment processor can build a similarly complicated (and business-friendly) process, but not through BTC alone. You need insurance, something like DECO, eventually an equivalent for the derivatives market to allow credit (the actual currency of the modern world).
BTC is gold. No more, no less.

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>Minimum submission requirements: Questionnaire and logo
I'm getting Walton Chain vibes

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Reported this token for impersonating the government/government-affiliated companies in an attempt to scam people. Sincerely hope you are all not in the US.

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you have to go back, plebbitor

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feds now

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Next 1000x

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hon hon mes amis, baguette baguette. Chainlink bad coin. Creole.

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>2 more weeks
And absolutely nothing will happen with link on march 20th

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>desert fanfic
The cult of geometry originated with Pythagoras retard

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>digital world of satan
Where to take refuge?
>digital third temple
Temple OS bros. It’s our time.

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>that it was
Hon hon hon Jamal please fuck my wife!

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It’s kind of insane how easily link has gone under the radar. You’d think some moon boy youtubers would be spamming the connections but instead they shill animal coins and nfts instead

Starting to believe /biz/‘s plan to fud normies out of link has worked so well that it must of been pushed inorganically by outside forces

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Well if you mean it will pump exactly on March 20th than obviously that is unlikely but SWIFT is actually moving the needle forward with Chainlink and that is necessary for price appreciation eventually

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Just like how things would change when arbitrum and staking was released huh shill fag

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I mean I have a large stack of LINK obviously but Idc if anyone else buys it.

This iteration of staking is trash and only V1.0 where its not capped and is actually used as collateral on nodes will complete the tokenomics causing much more bullish pressure.

I will say the community was led to believe LINK's Fair Sequencing Service was going to be used making them validators for Arbitrum and that was either delayed or not happening its unclear which at this point. Not everything works out but I'm pretty happy with my returns thus far since I bought back in early 2018

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Sergey said he believes they've delivered on basically everything in V1 of the whitepaper, so that would include staking. I'm doubtful they're even going to implement anything like they promised, and that the whole security collateral per node thing is going to get dumped.

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your syntax is éclatée au sol sacrebleu

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it's most certainly not under the radar. I am praying for the day karma catches up to the team as karma always does. Seeing Sergey perp walked is going to be glorious. I cant fucking wait

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>2 more weeks 2 years from now
>2 years passes by, $3.50
>dude if you want quick gains buy dog coins

kill yourself you piece of shit. Karma coming for you too

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Are you mentally ill? I didn't say anything other than have patience. LINK legit went from ICO of $0.09 to $0.11 if you got the bonuses to about $54.

That was one cycle. I would recommend that people never buy dog coins and if you consider it akin to a lotto ticket where the money is almost definitely gone.

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looking forward to this most of all too. forget developments and partnerships when the fuck am I going to see sir gay escorted out in cuffs. never happen to an Illuminati cult member tho

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>I'm doubtful they're even going to implement anything like they promised, and that the whole security collateral per node thing is going to get dumped.

Its in the Chainlink White Paper 2.0 kek

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>just one to ten more updates to go!
>V0.1 V0.2 V0.3 V0.4
>2 more weeks trust the plan!
Meanwhile in reality Its completely dead

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>Absolutely malding

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Idk why you bother I'm not selling. Everyone that will has already done so

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Yeah and every dog shitcoin went up 1000x in a few months while link went from an epic $20 to $50 during the entire bullrun

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Most dog coins don't have great liquidity and its real thin. The unrealized gains get shredded if they market sell. Even with Shib a handful of people were able to cash out truly substantial amounts. The only exception was DOGE.

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I wrote an open source lightning app starter that you can set up in 10 minutes. You can run a website that enables users to send each other instant payments. Deposits and withdrawals are also instant. Running this app costs you about 15 buck a month and enables you to program money. Once you understand this you realise that everything else is obsolete. There is only one kang.

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>>54146192Insider here. I have known Sky for many years. I was working alongside him in the early days of CPH. We had a major falling out - he betrayed my trust and embezzled a huge sum of money from my accounts (there was a very sneaky clause in the contract that he had me sign that allowed him to get away with it. The alleged "partnership" with FedNow is a complete hoax. They are not involved with the FedNow service in any way. Look closely and you'll see this for yourself. The CPH tokenomics are absolutely atrocious, and this is by design. I was told from early on that Sky was planning on running with this FedNow partnership narrative, and then rugging the project in due course. This is what will happen (I was in on the scam for a while, I'm ashamed to admit). I am just here to issue a warning to you all. The rugpull can happen at any time, and knowing Sky he doesn't even really care about making huge profits from you all, he is a psychopath and is - above all else - intent on causing untold financial loss to those who have put him up on a pedestal. He has no background, very little legitimate education, no real connections to speak of. You will come to know him as one of the faces of evil in the world. I am just trying to warn you all, as I have seen an increasing number of threads mentioning CPH in the last week. Don't trust Chinese psychopaths with your money - EVER!

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This just means Chainlink will be forced to report every transaction to the IRS. Big loss for crypto really.

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faggot OP does not share web URL to web page:

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Why isn't the Cypherium token moving more?

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I am torn between making money on this and supporting Lucifer. I think I'm going to dodge this one for the sake of my soul.

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It's a scam. They simply filled in an application form for a showcase on how they would use fednow payments. The only requirement was to submit a logo and a questionnaire. Anyone could've done it. It's a classic crypto 'partnership'

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In b4 fud
Take a look for yourself.
Obvious scam

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Is this the new FUD?

>> No.54161680

No I'm just a schizo who is deathly afraid of going to hell. This shit will definitely moon but it's got Satan all over it.

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That is SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS look at the participation criteria retard stop fudding anons out of making it

>> No.54161777

I thank you for coming forth and saying this.

Sky guo keyed my car after a chain link meetup in NYC. I went to go serve him with small claims court papers and a police report at the We work office listed on their website, but when I went there up to the office they told me there is no cypherium here. Really suspicious.

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god hates us and i dont know why

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I did and there was nothing special in there. Look it's an obvious scam but it might pump a bit more before it rugs. Place your bets but don't pretend the fed are gonna use this shitcoin. Take a look at the 'team' on the shambles of a website kek

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>The entire world uses your token

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There is absolutely no liquidity to rug retard. This project has been in the works since 2018 rugging makes no sense when you factor the time value of money

>> No.54162171

No liquidity means it rugs harder retard. This 'partnership' creating a tiny bit of liquidity for the team to exit scam with some cash. But do as you please I don't care

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>ITT schizos still making breadcrumb threads about Link when it's trading at $6 nearly six years after it's ICO

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We won and there's nothing any of you fudding arsewipes can do.
You lost.

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link marine here. this is great news. when do we get paid?

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How much CPH to make it

>> No.54162508

The office is there, it reeks of Hakka Chinese curry. I've had many meals there. Hak Box (Broadway #106) is where Sky often orders from.

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Check the price lmao. Fud chads evicerated your little scam shitcoin. We really did a number on you loser bagholders. Even twitter marine fags are demoralized now. The best part is yet to come, slow bleed to $2 and link being known publically as a scam

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Jesus christ i think I was in that thread. What a fucking joke all of this is. A fucking podcast about camping AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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LOL. If this is winning, what does losing look like? At least Im alive I guess

>> No.54163526

I love noticing things

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I'm not new and I don't know what cypherium is. I also stupidly never messed around with Arbitrum, so I won't be getting free money.

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The light you hold must balance the darkness. Muh virtuous poverty is one of the biggest jew psyops of all time, one that it took me years to deprogram.

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>Even twitter marine fags are demoralized now
hard to argue against this, demoralization is at extreme levels right now
but what does that usually mean, its either the last step for the total death of the project or the other outcome
place your bets on which of the two this is gonna be

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You actually just lost. When fed starts shilling their cbdc people are going to start fighting a bit more with their wallets. The fed will likely be the losing side and even if it's not, you won't win either.

What is more important to you? your safety or your freedom. That is the upcoming war.

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Is it worth buying some cypherium?