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These are the people calling you chud on /biz/ for derisking your portfolio

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this cant be real

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I have someone to send this to please give link

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this has got to be fake, I refuse to believe it's real

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>rich from a crony bank job
>can crossdress in public to get off and dab on your underlings
Living the life...

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I just assume all wh*te people are trannies by default

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It's real anon.


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Not a single person on /biz/ owns any shares of credit suisse.

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I would literally pull all my money from whatever he is managing.

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Poe's Law in action, the world we live in is so cartoonish its hard to tell what is real and what is fiction.

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no way...

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It is real in the sense that he is doing it for inclusion and diversity. Is he doing because he wants to be a woman. No.
I bet he pounds 3 top class strippers every Tuesday night.

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Its literally a bald middle age guy with a crossdressing fetish. 10 years ago, people would’ve called him a fucking weirdo

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Its not real, he's actually a man. Its not possible to change gender, nevermind change from one to the other in the space of a photoshoot.

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Why would you post that to me?

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Equality, women can't be allowed to have all the fun.

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>Financial doom is coming
>Btw guys have I mentioned that Im trans and how much more important that is?
I fucking hate them hate them all. Their entire existence revolves around their sexuality

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That's not trans, unless you mean transvestite. It's just crossdressing with a fancy name.

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fucking hell i called credit suisse was next last week (i mean, it wasn't hard) but if i had seen this back then i would have actually bothered to short

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I, too, have come to despise eleutheromaniacs.
Don't let any fancy names distract you from the real problem.

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>"op here, im trans btw" in real life
Fucking lol

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Can't make this shit up

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That's a proud, strong woman, shit lord. Women in finance have it tough.

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>Pippa "Pips" Bunce (born Philip Bunce) is a British banking executive. Bunce, who is non-binary and genderfluid, is a senior director at Credit Suisse. She serves as the Head of Global Markets Core Engineering Strategic Programs and as the Co-Chair of the LGBT Ally Program at Credit Suisse. In 2018, Bunce was awarded one of the Top 100 Women in Business by the Financial Times.
lmao even

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I'm glad Islam is spreading in Europe.

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>one of the Top 100 Women in Business
lmao, men just can't stop wining

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> A champion of nonbinary identity <
how do they come up with this shit

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Ah fuck they/them have a wiki article

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kinda based tbqh

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welcome to clownworld

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>you WILL be publicly exposed to my sexual fetishes and you WILL like it, GOYIM

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kek, literal definition of globohomo. why is it this easy, frens?

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only pippa, philip didnt make the list

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it's literally the chudposterbot
ignore it

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>people calling you chud on /biz/ for derisking your portfolio
it's fed bots actually

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>These are the people calling you chud on /biz/ for derisking your portfolio

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Crazy people are in control of global finance. We knew this already though.

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>I made a fetish my identity and the whole world has to partake in it

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Holy KEK

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>Bunce is married and has two children.
Imagine the wife KEK

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You'd be surprised. Women are the biggest coomers, even more than men, and created 90% of the fetishes you see today.

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this. I never saw a JEET tranny. Always white for some reason

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Untrue and you know it. Men live their entire lives around cooming. Women just suffer their coomer husbands for their children's sake. What we see here is an infamous scenario where a man waits until he's baby-trapped his wife then troons out. Women forgot how to stand up for themselves after the regime co-opted feminism.

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Nope, degeneracy is intrinsicly tied to women roastie. And YOU know that for a fact, you're just trying to cope. That's why women must be kept away out of society, like they do in Islam.

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its the same person. there is no Pippa.

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>awarded one of the Top 100 Women in Business by the Financial Times
fucking clown world lmao

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I'm about to ruin your innocence, my apologies.

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Related to anglos, some homosexual anglo made a general about checking trips with an eth address to collect some shitcoin and here I am bored and drunk trying it

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In Islam... The culture famed for sodomizing farm animals and little boys?
You could delete women from the earth and men would still be finding new and more horrific ways to coom.

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What you see nowadays isn't true Islam, any more than what you see in Rome isn't true Christianity. You're trying to ad hom my argument it's not working roastie

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typical late transition AGP many such cases

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Based jeets

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Capitalism is the faggiest thing on earth.

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>25% for teens under 18
>Dogs primarily a male fetish
I knew it
>Anal more popular than cuddling
Whyyyyy zoomers whyyyy.

I'm not being disingenuous, i can see your point about the faith being twisted. Islam still seems like it's just trying to wrestle sand people into not being rapey.
Back to the OP, I think it's far more believable that this guy trooned himself and has a porn addiction, than his wife somehow being to blame for it.

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>Bunce was awarded one of the Top 100 Women in Business by the Financial Times.

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OH SHIT. That's literally me right now, chuds.

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Imo it's quite real but I think guy is just larping to score diversity good boy points
If there happens to be a majority of white employees, they are next while he is safu

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Literally cannot get more META than this. Especially since I'm watching her stream rn. Holy shit

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Lads, I want MAXIMUM absurdity, and the good Lord provides daily.

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