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How does this make you feel?

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it doesn't make me feel anything. who are you, a discord tranny?

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Nothing, where is it going to go when she gets older? Right back into the hands of the Jews

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Sad for the state of "men" in this cursed year of our lord

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pure copium


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post your grotesque XY chromosomed face, tranny

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Retards giving away their money to a whore who will eventually spend it in a retarded way and lose it all, it's a win win for society

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how chinked can a black woman be before she's a chink instead of black?

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fpbp, probably a jewish trannie, even

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Oh I almost forgot

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OP absolutely destroyed lmao


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what if i told you the money does not come from ordaniary "men" but from a higher up to propogate a demoralization psyop because they can?

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Cool it with the anti semitism

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I'd say you were a schizo, which you are.

>incel thinks he's a giga chad

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Beautiful young women are the most sought after commodity on earth, onlyfans was inevitable.

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"Post your face"
Ah, yes. The fabled cry of the incel.

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the only sex you've ever experienced is being molested by a member of your family when you were a child -- this i can guarantee, without even seeing you.

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KEK. OP went back to dilating after this one

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I can fucking hear your desperation. sage this shit and move on

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you're absolutely seething desu, deal with your issues.

given that screenshot I'd say you feel alot, I never said that you should be upset, angry or mad, but that's how you feel inside isn't it?

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death to materialists
death to amerimutts
let's take this further so people are traumatised and get back in order

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Seethe, incel.

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she's jewish

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Envy and irritation, is that what you wanted to hear anon?

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That's a white woman anon

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honesty is good, better than the rest of the cope in this thread.

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all because she had some massive "underage" titties

if she was flat nobody would know her name

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Cope harder lmao

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>How does this make you feel?

upset at the state of the world.

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Sad for the future

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What motivated you to ask this?
Why are you posting this on /biz/?

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Some internet slut makes a lot of money, am I supposed to feel something? Ten niggers pass a ball between them for half an hour and make billions out of that. People idolize jewlywood actors when they should be regarded as plebeians just a little above beggars, prostitutes and merchants, like ancient times. I lived long enough in this clown world and have seen my fair share of randomness and stupidity to not care anymore. We all share the same destiny anyways and nothing can be done about it. That makes me feel something

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>lives until 2050
>reverse aging and life extension is possible
>but you can't afford it
>internet thots with generational wealth live for another 200 years

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You can't reverse entropy anon. As hard as we'll try.

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OP will never be a woman, and will never be loved by the minorities he worships.

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i didnt click your image. I do not care. Tomorrow i will wake up at noon, hit the gym again and smash some prime age pussy when i get home. Fuck you and fuck freemasons

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no but you can forsure extend the human life, not until eternity but maybe have people live until 150 - 200? That's possible.

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You’d still be a loser in ancient times, niggerfaggot.

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you're a pussy, I get it.

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The hilarious thing is, Bhad Baby is actually Jewish
Also to answer op, makes me want to murder all simps

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Ngl, it makes me suicidal. If I were a girl, I'd be the best OF chick online.

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she's a cryptokike industry plant who cares

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She'd still be a slut in any time period niggersimp

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ChatGPT, what does the Early Life seciton say?

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It's not just about her. It's about making comfy money from home. This is so unfair, every girl who ever made a dollar online with nudes should go to jail.

Cope harder by saying she's losing her soul or that she will have regrets but money rules everything around us. And no one cares how you make it. Money is power.

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>It's about making comfy money from home.

That's not how it works, anon. All of the top influencers are either frontmen for professional production teams or continualy invest large amounts into promoting themselves. It's just like most other business.

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I'm pretty sure a mid-tier girl with good makeup and lighting can push her insta-followers into OF and make more than my parents, who still work hard above 50+, in a smaller Eastern European country.
If I get an entry level office job here, it gives me less than $1k/month. I'm pretty sure you can make more with a nice body and like 1 hour of work/day. Even more if you fulfill fetish requests. This world is sick af.

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>every girl who ever made a dollar online with nudes should go to jail.
this but unironically

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I didn't say any of that
I do not care at all

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80iq post

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>in a blank room, a man shows you a picture, screams at you, WHAT IS YOUR REACTION? HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?