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My dad is buying me a house. I'm going to rent it out and collect rent.

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yay again

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Congrats, I am happy for your success.
If only all people had parents that didn't waste away their children's futures for absolutely nothing.

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It's incredible how many people on /biz/ get a free house from their dad. Hopefully I'm next.

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Rent it out to your father to maximize profits. He obviously likes it if he bought it for you.

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my dad only charges me $2,000 a month to rent out one of his properties :)

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>Sorry dad but I'm going to have to raise the rent again, the price of sewer and gas plus trash is just too high it's $100 more than last year; so your rents up by $1000

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This is how you make it, just make sure you're not a rentoid yourself

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Hope you're joking or at least the place is a mansion
Unless you're saying you're paying the mortgage on the house you'll inherit, which is fine.

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It's 1200sqft but rent in this area is about $3k, so I'm getting a break.

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Lol you're stupid for many reasons
I'm guessing you're white because only white parents have had their culture and identity killed enough to charge their child 2k in rent.
>1200sqft for 2-3k
>Subsidizing parents lifestyle
>Subsidizing parents mortgage that you're not guaranteed to receive if they die
>Not paying off your own house payment at 2k a month mortgage
Renting is not a break.
Like I said this is a different story if it's completely paid off and only going to be left to you or you're paying the mortgage on a home they told you that you'll inherit.
Otherwise I have bridges to sell.

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Well done. I one 3 houses but I have 4 kids.
Hoping to leave at least one to each so they never have to rent, or if they rent, they lease out their own property to cover the cost.

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>Glownigger HQ: "Okay gentlemen, in order to practice posting on /biz/ today's training will involve you to post variations of an anon talking about his dad buying him a house. This will be in preparation for our full efforts when SVB closes in a few weeks.

Dumb glownigger, you're not supposed to post the training material anymore. The theater is live today.

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>Some newfaggots responding to an obvious bot troll post

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kek have fun OP

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I was snowboarding in Zermatt earlier this year with my kids, and the place we were staying was owned by this 20 something girl.
I was curious so I asked her how she ended up owning a ski apartment in one of the worlds best resorts, and she told me that her grandfather left it to her.
Honestly I was touched. He’s isolated her from a ton of hardship and built generational wealth.

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you've made this thread about 10 times now. either your dad is full of shit or is taking realllllly long to close for some reason

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I wish. I’m looking to buy but prices are rebounding again.
Dunno if it’s true everywhere but definitely in NYC, Miami and DC areas.

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Interest rates are too high anyway
Check a amortization mortgage calculator
20% down on a 30 year fixed and you're looking at paying 3x the loan
2x the loan on a 15 year.

Genuinely hope you're rich and can drop a huge down payment because every parent should be like you and aim to build their children.

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