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Why yes Biz, I do hold Fantom, and no I’m not buying your shitcoin especially that exploitable and hackable Hbar.

And Yes, Fantom stole the Hbar code and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but seethe on plebbit and telefag. Now go seethe more.

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I never heard of this one. What’s good about it?

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Based and trannypilled

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Nothing OP is a fantom thief, they stole the code from the github. If you want the origincal authentic code then I recommend hbar.

Copycat = Fantom
Original code = Hedera Hashgraph

Also please go to r/Hedera if you want to learn more. We have a wholesome community of hbarians.

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Once the litigation starts rolling in prepare to go to jail for holding a blochchain running on top of stolen code. You better make sure your account is not connected to the wallet you used to hold F*ntoms or you will go to jail. Every single tranny who geld Fantom at some point will be hunted down for stealing from an American company and a council of governing body of corporations.

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I honestly think being able to turn off the chain is a major benefit to Hedera.

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Fantom Gigachado

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based anon dabbing on hbar trannies

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Cayman Islands lol

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fBomb fucking rugged i was right

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Beautiful stack you have there anon

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>can you show us on the doll where fbomb touched you?
Top kek, it’s still above where you said it was going to rug weeks ago hahahahaa.

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I don't know why this shit counts as spam but I made a long winded post about how you could change my life and I'd post my journey here and not touch anything if you helped me out until the bullrun.

I give up

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>posting a ERC-20 wallet on a FTM thread.

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>Tibetan Cyber Shekels
holy shit what the fuck are you doing you nigger

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But it rugged you fag, it's like -90% or something

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You're going to get cucked like all the retarded ripple schizos and you can't even blatantly see it. Nice.

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Hedera wishes they could have created Lachesis and Clothos. Believe your own lies. FVM is coming out Q3-Q4 this year.

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Fuck yeah I'm an idiot forgot it isn't erc20

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Im desperate my dude and I made 80 bucks off that from nothing so I couldn't complain, try being in my position and you wouldn't judge it was free money.

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>made 80 bucks
you know what you need? a job to build up some capital first

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Please, please tell me you're just larping here as a cum gurgling nigger and you really aren't one. Because, damn, you sure are looking real.

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>can't figure out what chain he is on.
this is exactly the reason why you're poor...

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-50% looks like rug to me

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I mean Hedera Hashgraph literally created Lachesis, even Andre as much in his Ama.

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I know that, I lost everything in January and been stuggling to find work since.
I know on richfag land nothing seems shitty but in the real world it's fucking over.
You guys are such sacks of shit to constantly be derogatory to people when you yourself either got lucky or had capital in the first place.
I don't even want crypto to gamble at this point I want my life back.

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Andre was already arrested some time ago. He devoured the prison guards and escaped back in november last year

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It was after the Bahamas leaks while he was visiting Kong's palace. Got scrubbed quite well from the general public but was lots of threads on 4chan.

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Low IQ fud. They are two entirely separate abft consensus protocols. Lachesis and Clothos are far superior. Hedera users can turn off chain or use their own. Remember what happened with Ripple? Remember how they fucked over their investors for the banks? It's literally the same. Fantom is far superior in every aspect and offers near infinite scalability, superior security, and sheer speed. FVM releases Q3-Q4. Get in or don't. The choice is yours not mine.

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>most crypto is down 80-90% from ATH
>anon thinks -50% is a rug
>hbar -88% from ATH
how new are you, exactly?

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Bitcoin must be a rug too. The market moves in it's cycles. Get used to it. Buy the dip.

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>I know on richfag land nothing seems shitty but in the real world it's fucking over.
That's nice but I'm also a wagie and I've also been rugged so hard I've had nothing but a hundred bucks to my name and I got a job and rode the 2020 bullrun. I won't believe excuses like jobs are hard to find when there's a workforce shortage in the first world.

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I'm gonna reveal some of my power level.
I created the HBAR cease and desist fud, I included Piper or whatever their law firm was and larped saying I was in contact with them and filing and C&D
I create a lot of interesting alpha fud here that people roll with.

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Clearly you're a thirdie, your fucking kind are pondscum parasites that shit up this board.
I'm not gonna give you any insight because you're thick as a brick but kys and do us a favor.

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>and then everyone clapped.
yes, you had us all fooled anon

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>I'm not gonna give you any insight
don't need any brilliant insights from piss poor peasants begging on biz

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>Calling American peasants
I do it to pull you stupid niggers out it works like a charm now kys pajeet nigger
FTM is a pajeet shitcoin
I can derail any of your threads and I killed your shitcoin

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>lost everything in January and been stuggling to find work since.

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I wish I had that much fanties.
I've been slowly growing my stack, currently have just under 12k.

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You're late to the party, champ.
I already dumped the bags at $3. Enjoy your eternal hold.

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hahaha, you dumped at $3? much weak trades
I dumped at $3.46 which was 0.06¢ above ATH. up your game my guy.

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I know you fuckers will dump on me the moment I buy. It's been pumping with virtually no corrections.

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Why up my game when I held those bags throughout the pandemic and the rally? I'm already made.

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>no corrections
It dumped -50% recently, what the fuck do you mean

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anon, it's going above ATH this year at the minimum. DCA in, what's the problem?

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ah, I'm totally with you there. It's just I dumped 1,000,000 FTM at $3.46, and then did a 100x short down to 0.16, made mad cash my guy. hope you got yours

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Um sweetie, I bought fantom first. You sure Hbar didn't steal first? Use your big boy words

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At this point you’d be stupid to not have exposure to MCLB. They might be the next Harry, their treasury is 100m+ in the bear market and they’re developing shit non stop.
pic rel

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Uh, Enjoy losing all your money Sweetie, as Fantom (FTM tranny token) is a SCAM!@

Enjoy funding Andres retirement and HOOKERS AND COCAINE debauchery, idiots.

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>not knowing Andre lore
At the Dubai conference when the Harry orgy was on, Andre went to his room to code. Also this orgy made Uman have a mental breakdown kek

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>the harry orgy

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I remember seeing posts like these last cycle all the way to ath and when the dump happened they would add "I told you" as if fantom was the only one losing value.

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>Dubai orgy

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Yeah, well. I don't like futures myself. Better safe than sorry. Congrats on your move tho.

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Good afternoon everyone at /biz I'm a longtime lurker and hardly ever post but I do enjoy watching people here and always have been interested in investing, unfortunatly my life hasn't allowed me access to enough funds to do anything serious, I'm a long time Christian although my faith gets tested a lot but I also believe everything I've done has lead me to the place I am today and finding biz as well.

Besides all the scamming going on with the indian coins there has been plenty of good advice here I've learned and seen many of you help eachother in various ways, it has softened some of my harder edges knowing the same people I thought to be inconsiderate and only horde their wealth have shown me that prejudice just isn't true, I don't enjoy the shame that comes from asking for a hand up and It is usually met with pretty upset results but I also know the intention is what is matters and people can tell who is being sincere versus who is being dishonest.
I'd give you a sob story but that would take longer than a simple QRD to really explain but to say the least I've walked a path most wouldn't dare wish upon their worst enemies.
I honestly hope you all have a good holiday with your family, God bless you all and your future God is still in my heart and my life and I hope he remains in yours as well whoever reads this.

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I hate thirdies most than women.