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LUNA CLASSIC + chainlink

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I'm not sure anon. I been thinkin about that a lot lately

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Anyone saying something other than Federal Reserve Jews is wrong.

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>pic related

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Do you really have to ask that?
It's obvious who.

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You know who.

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poltards and fagzis will tell you it's the jews or some hyperconcentrated group of mysterious elites because they're extremely limited in their ability to perceive and comprehend that the world around them is bigger than their 4x4 closet of a bedroom. these retards demonstrate signs of psychotic disorders such as concrete thinking and delusion and are generally just fucking stupid incels gambling their life savings (literally like $100 is a big trade for them) on markets they simply dont (and never will) understand. the truth is markets are generally made by heavily capitalized funds and individuals who deploy thousands of "bots" that execute hundreds of thousands of trades per day based on parameters set by the operators. it has nothing to do with their race, religion or ethnicity, it's literally just mfers who went to college for finance and got hired at a hedge fund. you are actually never going to make it if you think some religious group is plotting against you and painting the charts. fucking retarded. anyway usually these entities deploying all of this capital either have a bullish outlook or a bearish outlook and depending on the proportion of bulls vs. bears that are actively traded at any given time their respective self-fulfilling prophecies (ie, TA) will come to fruition and the chart will reflect such moves by going up or down. if enough people are bullish, they will buy more of whatever asset theyre trading and the sell orders will get eaten up and the price will go up as a result. vice versa if there are relatively more traders with bearish sentiment. thousands of funds/whale accounts control hundreds of thousands of bots and usually the laypeople (ie, 99% of the retards on biz) are in reaction mode to whatever the market makers are doing. they're almost never ahead.

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we're witnessing a high stakes negotiation happening in real time

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isn't it obvious

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dubs of truth

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So you’re telling me the bots are Jewish?

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Collective Jewish hivemind

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i say this

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All of us anon. Apes strong TOGETHER

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Took this long. /biz/ is dead.

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I don't know but
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Good morning, Sirs

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The CIA most likely

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Good morning ser. May you be blessed today and do the needful

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Cool it with the anti-semicolons. Picrel is always and forever responsible.

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10/10 would read again

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Goldman Sachs

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you are
you are the only thing that exists in the simulation
there is only 1 soul

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such a naive take. They are in business to make money, and their most profitable enterprise is stealing from dumb money

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That's a lot of words to say your wife gets dicked down by Tyrone three times a week while you drink craft IPAs and play Nintendo Switch
>the truth is markets are generally made by heavily capitalized funds and individuals
Yeah, the Jews. You are saying the same thing you just said we were wrong for, the only difference being that you are too cucked to name the kike.

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>if enough people are bullish, they will buy more of whatever asset theyre trading
that's not how it works at all.
the line determines behavior behavior does not determine the line.

if the line goes down people will be bearish and bad news will happen
if the line goes up people will be bullish and good news will happen

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Im not reading this

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all participants

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