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/biz/ was wrong again. nothing happened.

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It's monday senpai

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>Signature Bank in NY collapsed, the 3rd largest US bank collapse in US history, within 5 days of SVB and Silvergate

>Nothing happened

OP, I know you're busy sucking dicks, but please at least pretend to be coherent.

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>/biz/ was wrong again. nothing happened.
a bunch of bank stocks dumped 60 percent. FED had to print money to bail out SVB, Bonds dumped crazy percents, and gold and silver mega pumped. But ya nothing happened tranny.

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There were a bunch of Dr's saying to sell everything because there was going to be a crash.
I guess he wanted to could load up on cheap BTC before the pump.

The Fed is a tool for the rich to socialise all the losses of the wealthy Americans onto the poor.

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Jewjak, have a shave!

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Can you feel it?

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/pol/ was wrong. /biz/ was right

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As I always fucking say, do exactly the opposite as /biz/ says, it's quite simple anon, just stick to the basics, some btc, some eth, diversify a little, stake a little(POND in my case), and you're gtg kek,

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make me faggot

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As if I'd like to obey some nigger on /biz/ lmao

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Just wait, time will prove you retard

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The percentage or people that actually listen advises here is extremely low anon, I wouldn't even bother

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still high enough to mean something kek
pond is not better than the garbage pajeets shill in this fucking board faggot

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>Shilling pond at this point
My fucking sides

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>Oy vey goyim be sure to talk about trannies in every thread like Ben Shapiro and his shabbos goy Matt Walsh told you to
Kys glownigger, I'm not voting for DeSantis

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They literally shut down the three crypto facing banks.

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These are genuinely so good.

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/biz/ is moonboi now as indicators are following a historical final bart pump into Volcker era doom territory.

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I only have a few saved but I can add to the thread

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>n o t h i n g
>e v e r
>h a p p e n s

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Any more classics to post in response to troonshit?

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There seems to be a concentrated shilling effort going on with the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failures in history at the same time "not being a big deal."

Where was this restraint when they were encouraging race riots?

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Pointing out that your kind are posting self portraits and claiming that we look like you is a valuable service. Thanks to his work I will never assume that someone that looks like you is on my side.

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Literal nothingburgers. Cope and seethe you subhuman midwith mouth breathing fat fucking retards. Nothing ever happens, but go ahead and tune back in to your regularly scheduled goyprogramming and goy rhetoric you placid fucking faggots.

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Trump, coof, 2-3 year global lockdown, BLM riots, war in Ukraine, global energy crisis, highest inflation rate in 30 years and now several major American banks have collapsed. You must literally never go outside

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the difference in skin tone on the chud is a master stroke

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>do exactly the opposite as /biz/ says
>buy crypto
Anon, I...

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all manufactured events

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I told all of my friends and family to pull their money out of the bank and now they probably think I'm retarded

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i use us bank. cant fuckin wait for the auto emails to start rolling in

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None of those things is a real happening though, the US has been suffering from inflation since the boomers turned our economy into a ponzi scheme to fuel their own gibs. All those things did is give scapegoats for what was going to happen anyway: Everything getting more and more expensive.

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>if it doesn't happen all at once it's not a happening
you adhd zoomers are fucking retarded. the housing crash lasted for 2 fucking years

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>Pointing out that your kind are posting self portraits and claiming that we look like you is a valuable service. Thanks to his work I will never assume that someone that looks like you is on my side.

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>third bank fails
>trading stopped on a majority of stocks
>50% losses across the board
Yeah, it's nothing

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So nothing is real until it's 1950s middle class American suburbia again? Or a nuclear apocalypse

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how did you read that in my post? i'm just saying the market is going to keep going down more and more over the course of months. we won't bottom out until late 2024

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And how do any of these affect me?

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>>Pointing out that your kind are posting self portraits and claiming that we look like you is a valuable service. Thanks to his work I will never assume that someone that looks like you is on my side.

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for vegas, the lowest month for us was january 2012. and things didnt really start improving until 2014, with the most noticeable improvement beginning in 2016. its a long road

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Biz is poor and always wrong, just come here for shitposting

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a lot happened very quickly. your understanding of a happening is either its an instant collapse of everything or its a nothingburger.

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>Just two more weeks