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Are guitars a good investment? They always seem to go up in value and people will always buy them second hand.

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Pedals are good too. I mean, you're not going to get rich, but a good guitar will at least retain value. Cool pedals will go up in value a lot.

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Instead of holding a guitar she should be holding a black mans dick

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Yes lots of people make huge amounts of money on guitars, but the market is pretty volatile right now. Lots of people bought guitars during lockdowns and we can probably expect they'll be offloading them soon, which might mean it's a good time to buy, but it also might mean prices will never return to how high they are now.

Anyway generally speaking Gibsons hold their value or increase in value because boomers are obsessed with them.

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This is true of a lot of American manufactured pedals. Take a look at Dwarfcraft Devices stuff - try getting your hands on a Super Wizard or any of their fuzzes for less than 4x what they retailed for.

Hologram Devices Infinite Jets - if they ever stop making it, that's an easy 3x in a few years. Anything Earthquaker does in limited editions and Walrus Audio.

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>youtube video with 14 views
>watched whilst signed in to google
I'm on a watchlist now am I not?

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why she look so serious she should smile more

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You'll just get tits out guitar women in your suggestions for the next 2 weeks, there's quite a few of them

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Certain guitars will go up in price, but there are reasons attached to them, usually guitars from "a Golden Age, famous models used by certain artists or vintage guitars.

Pedals that have been used on famous records and by famous artists will go up in price.

Quite frankly, if you're buying guitars as "investments" and not to make music with them, you should hang yourself with all the boomers that bought residential single family home real estate and sold out america for a few shekels to make up for their jewish divorce rape of their lives, country and accounts, you faggot

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>jewish hands typed this

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Whats the next Klon Centaur bros?

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This 100%

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Earthquakers Devices Black Ash

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sexo cat

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Who /RAT/ here ?

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they were. Now they are like used cars. Everyone thinks their 2010 Mexican strat is worth $1,000 for some reason. However, musicians are scumbags, so you can still get good deals when one of them needs to pay rent or buy drugs.

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based and BBC pilled

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Guitars are instruments to be played. Guitar flippers and "investors" are retarded and ruin the hobby for legit musicians. But yeah I suppose you can buy brands with bottlenecks and long waits (like an esp), keep it in a humidified case and never play it for 5 years and sell it for a bit more on principle. If you're a fag I guess.

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Not when u fuckin drop ur les paul like I did
T. Drooper

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Gross, man. She's not into bestiality.

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Guitars and Guns are one of those things that will always hold steady and someone out there is wanting to buy it. Getting a good guitar and taking care of it is basically like keeping money in the bank.

>Lots of people bought guitars during lockdowns and we can probably expect they'll be offloading them soon,
God I cant wait. Been playing for about 5 years and I really want to upgrade my equipment. I've heard a lot of Pawn Shops are starting to sell them cheap since people are starting to offload onto them. I want to trade in my little Squiers but they were my 1st guitars and it feels a bit like im betraying them

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im not a faggot
RIP. what happened to it after you dropped it

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I'll sell you my fender custom shop

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>Are guitars a good investment
No, guitars are only worth what people think they are. Some guitars from the golden age of guitar music (50's, 60's and 70's) have exploded in value, but that really only happened after decades of boomer nostalgia and guitar companies making people think that you NEED that American-made 1970's Fender strat if you want to sound like Clapton.
Younger guitarists don't venerate the classic rock dudes anymore so I imagine the market for "vintage" guitars will contract significantly in the coming years. The guitarists I know are mostly trying to save a buck and will prefer to buy some MIJ guitar for 600 bucks than a MIA guitar from the 70s for thousands.

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Yes but only certain years and brands. I have a Marshall amp that's widely regarded as super shitty that depreciated hard but my Les Paul from the good wood area is doing amazingly.

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no imo they will have limited value in the future because people wont care. 20 years ago it was different story.

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I exclusively buy MIJ guitars they are cheap and the wood grain is much better than mexican shit, the USA guitars are outrageously priced

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youd be better off collecting looping machines and streamer mics with zoomers these days

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MIJ are basically MIA quality at MIM prices. MIK have also gotten really good in the past couple of years. There's so many more of them compared to the Vintage year guitars, too, so the chances of them ever going up in value are pretty low. Which is a good thing, because fuck paying thousands for a piece of wood with strings on it.

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I have a telecaster and it costs the same as when I bought it like 12 years ago

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Quit coping faggot

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She knows exactly what she's doing.

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Of course she does, all women do. Women are masters of psychological manipulation.

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My dad has been making classical guitars for a living for the last 40 years, sells internationally. He's told me that his clients are getting increasingly old and thinks when they'll die the market will be flooded. Basically making high-end guitars is very expensive (and barely pays), so it's mostly rich people are collecting them, not students or young players who'll actually play them their whole life. The future doesn't look too good, but as with all instruments of this kind, if they're preserved long enough they will eventually gain value, especially after the craftsman's (luthier's) death.

My father doesn't have much money, he offered to make me and my siblings guitars for our inheritance for that reason. I feel weird about it though, I'd rather learn to play than sell what my father made for me. I'd want to keep it in the family.

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yup instruments are always a good thing to hold. they only up go up in price and there will always be some purist boomer who will pay top dollar for the "original" (even if there's replicas out there). the only hurdle is space. so if you have the space accumulate vintage instruments.

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This unironically.
Additionally, guitars can gain value if we get new guitar heroes (famous players/bands).

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ask him to make twinned pairs for your inheritance, you keep one as a legacy and sell the mirrored one
Might actually add to the mystique for a collector

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>they only up go up in price and there will always be some purist boomer who will pay top dollar for the "original"
The stock of vintage guitars from the olden days is really low, modern guitars are made in factories with much, much higher output. There's no way a modern guitar is going to hold its value the same way a boomer one would, and the market for boomer guitars is shrinking fast.

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Electric guitars are much simpler to make, the difference in sound between mass produced and not is hard to notice. That's why high end Classical and Acoustic guitars are still handmade, getting them to sound right is a lot more complex, due to how they're built. But the market for Classicals isn't as large as electric guitars, they don't have the same boomer mass appeal. It's a niche market to invest in, similar to art. The people who make them wouldn't particularly be happy with that sort of investment though, they want their instruments to be played (I know first-hand)

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I fucking love mine. Versatile and built like a fucking tank.

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misogynist pig

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Buy violins and cellos. You can play them as the economy sinks.

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Poorfag version is to play a saw on the roof of your building ala Delicatessen.

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there are shitty DOD pedals i bought in the 2000s for around $10 each. they are now near $200 in value. even some pedals that i've bought within the past few years for $30 have gone up $100.
if you already own a pedal that gets feature on that onions JHS channel, its going to skyrocket in price. if you're into any sort of subgenre of music and you are able to figure out a tone or sound with a cheap pedal. hold on to it, someone will eventually come to the same conclusion and be unable to not make a video or post about it.
most modern/boutique stuff stays around the new price and never goes higher unless discontinued. so i dont mess with it.
honestly ebay and reverb have destroyed the used market and its extremely hard to find good deals, but it can be done.

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she can play my fretboard if you catch my drift

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American musicians are such trust fund faggots they purchase the damn things for 2k+
God knows what happens to them after, usually in a jew basement

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Thanks for posting anon we can now wait for the inevitable collapse so we can finally buy archtops again

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The thing with guitars is they are priced very carefully by the companies/investors who own most of the brands and plants. An exception seems to be better quality Chinese manufacturers who are making superior guitars on the cheap. Eastman for example, but even those are getting expensive. An electric guitar should cost $2000. It's a very simple product and manufacturing is rather highly automated. I don't think there's money to be made in general. That being said if you can tell a good instrument it's probably better than keeping your money in bank

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Shame on you for subjecting more people to that horrendous sight

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Should NOT*

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This desu. I have a guitar for sale and it's been more than a year listed. What use is value if you can't liquidate it??

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Literally no one uses pedals or even amps anymore besides Boomers. Everything is done now on Sims even by top music producers and bands

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I want to have my amp plugged in and my pedals on the floor ready to go by only turning on my amp. Can I do this with software stuff. I don't want to wait for my computer to turn on and start the software, dial in a sound I like etc. Other than that I would prefer software. It's not a big deal, but I just don't spontaneously play if it requires turning on a computer. Is there a solution for me? What's the name of the solution?

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John Deere's, any redneck item,
Fender Boomer amps pos,

Fender, Gibson, Telecaster,
Gibson, Martin

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shut the fuck up you reddit tier faggot

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>Are guitars a good investment?
No they are a terrible investment. No one plays instruments anymore teens don't form bands or go to shows. Its all pavement ape ook'ing now hitting buttons and stealing shit. For real if kids don't want to learn to play guitar because its not cool it takes ages to learn and people wont find you cool you need instant dopamine. VS stealing old music tossing some beat onto it and hitting random keys for bass and treble then smoking crack/fent and mumbling about whores cars killing whitey. Releasing said trash and getting millions of views/listens on wtv. Why the fuck would you buy old guitars. For real no one listens to real music anymore.

ALSO they're complete bullshit the decade does not matter tonewood is bullshit for electric. Yes a pre 90's made in america wtv is a good guitar as is one in a first world country by a skilled luther. But for real why would you waste money on something when the younger generation does not care about it.

I imagine investing in analog music shit would be a better option people really dig the whole "natural" digital sound. Old synths pedals random shit that is some what easily repairable hell I think my 4 track cassette recorder is worth a pretty penny now its really neat to fool around with and gives that indie sound this thing cost like 2-3k in the 80's bands could totally record albums not just demos with this bruce springsteen recorded his most selling album on one. Old recorders are neat tech if you want the whole 2deep4u indie rep.

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sound more like a fat ugly dipshit with zero talent
I've had 3 guitars double in value over the last 4 years
one actually x10

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>what is the name of the solution?
DAWless setup

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guitars are for girls you fuckin fag, didn't you see the pic?
What a fucking girl. Hey everyone come look at this dumb guy that wants to buy guitars like a girl!

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I should check prices doubt my basses are worth anything since >fretless and >bass even my 70's 4001

god damn filthy pleb bassists not switching to the master race of tone.

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>one actually x10
Holy fuck ok maybe you're right I paid 700$ in 2005 for this and the fretless versions are 1000x rarer wow 70's rickenbackers are going for a lot holy shit these use to be worth like 1k- 1.5k wow there all over 5k

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ignore all the weird dorks in this thread with 'fender' squires bitching about prices
if you're got a quality instrument with desirable specs, chances are it at least doubled in price recently
a lot of artist signature and other limited edition gear has skyrocketed too

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bro a lot of USA made stuff has 2-3x'd

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Struck a nerve there grampa?

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no, you just have no idea what you're talking about you bedroom wank-noodle sack of shit

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>Is there a solution for me? What's the name of the solution?

Yes, it's called not being a tech illiterate boomer

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Its tempting to sell this I want a fender bass vi which is a 6 string guitar thats technically a bass. Its a short scale bass neck on a guitar body. No one knows of these things hardly any brand has made them. They sound like sex Robert smith of the cure really likes them its how he's able to make really smooth bassy songs. Fuck I could have bought a fender 1956 model for 2.8k in 2014 they're selling for over 5k for the shitty 80-90's models I'm seeing the 50's models for over 15k.

What gives with these prices no one plays instruments anymore shows are rare now. What the fuck I wonder if I can sell my extra stuff easily. I am so confused zoomers don't play shit so what these are gen X wall hangers cringe boomer car culture but for gen x'ers

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>no one plays instruments anymore
more people than ever do
leave your basement

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whats this top part of this guitar called? i want to become that

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Metallica uses Kemper and Axe-FX live, retard. Nobody tours with amps anymore, hell even back in the day those big walls of amps were just for show and to impress midwit retards like yourself.

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Thanks. Will check this out. What should I get? I like fender style clean sounds and basic, but good quality effects. Reverb, delay, compression, eq
I work in crypto in a technical role and I hate staring screens and using computers 90% of the time.

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This is far more valuable in resale price. Thousands of les paul's produced and sold at thousands of dollars. Resale value is actually almost always down.

Vintage synthesizers generally only had about a thousand produced. I have a Moog Model D that I bought for $1300 in the 2000s. Take a guess how much it's worth now? And I still play it frequently.

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>leave your basement
I live beside downtown in a major city I live in hipsterville there is no more local shows I hardly see people busking anymore even the arts high schools have lessened with the music curriculum fuck there is no more loft parties or raves anymore on top of it. I'd love to leave the basement but there is fuck all to do. Which is sad considering how much of a musical hub Montreal was.

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I've been so demoralized by the sheer quantity of giant boobas I've witnessed get chopped off that I just get pre-emptively sad whenever I see a pair now

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Moog stuff has always been worth a pretty penny due to low number manufactering and synths have had an underground culture for ages analog shit will always go up in value especially if well taken care of and easy to repair

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No. Vintage guitar market will crater when the boomers are all gone. Which I can’t fucking wait for because I love 60’s Gretsches.

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>I like fender style clean sounds and basic, but good quality effects. Reverb, delay, compression, eq
Sorry but I misunderstood your query. Could you describe your workflow exactly?
>play clean
>add fx


>play with fx
>record and mix live

>play without recording

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Play without recording or record speaker with a mic. I don't mind the other stuff too if there is a dawless solution with a simple workflow

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People who value classic guitars are dying. It's like investing in baseball memorabilia

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To play without recording you just need some pedals.

Recording with a mic to the speaker is a whole other animal and to me, it was impossible to get a decent sound.

What I ended up doing instead, was recording my songs with a small digital recorder (i.e. Zoom H4n) and once I had a good batch, I made a selection of 5 or 6 and paid someone else to record, mix, and master them for me. If you want to do it like that, you just need to get used to play with a metronome all the time.

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I got pedals and amps, but this one guy said I'm a boomer and I should do some ampless, effectless, zoomer stuff. Probably that shit involves turning virtual buttons with a mouse. My signal atm is Tele -> some effects -> fender amp. If I could do tele -> multi effect -> virtual amp (no computer or menu diving) -> speaker or audio interface I might be interested

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no you can get controllers/pedal boards and shit

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> multi effect -> virtual amp (no computer or menu diving)
I don't see the use for any of that if you like clean sounds. I'd go after handmade pick-ups, tube amps, analog filters, compressors, vintage (or re-issued) delays and reverbs instead. Digital effects and amp simulators will never cut it for a tone-rich, clean sound.

For digital sound processing you might take a look at thus
and other similar outboard signal processors.

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Upper horn. Should be shaped like a cupped hand on her strat.

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>No one knows of these things hardly any brand has made them
harley benton makes a copy of the bass vi for $300. there's even a Squier one.

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Some guitars hold value. Fender guitars hold value. Gibson guitars hold value. It’s a boomer market. I imagine when millennials are boomer age, they’ll want Fender, PRS, Ibanez. It depends on the model of the guitar too cause some are shit even if they’re from a brand you like

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“Custom shop” with a hotrail. Lol. Lmao even

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I have a 2002 american strat hardtail with maple neck and a 1975 Alvaraz yairi accoustic. i love them both so much, they are top of the line instruments and i would never sell them, my sons/daughters will get them hopefully at least one of my kids will be good, they all seem to like music all ready

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I really want to pick one up. I love the filth it gives guitar tones

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I can't speak for classical guitars but for electrics, the people who buy fancy guitars (and guitars in general) are getting increasingly old. Only boomers and autists with money are buying these nice guitars. And zoomers don't play as much as previous generations

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Any USA made Fender or Gibson from the 50s and 60s will make you good money long term, they will only get rarer as time passes and the quality is superb. These will always be wanted