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Literally NOTHING is going to happen

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Based. However, watching /pol/ tourists sperg out is funny. Also, that's a man.

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This women worked at SVB and videos of her were going around for months. There is some fishy shit that goes on here in this forum. Insider anons please let me in the club.

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nothing ever happens

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I hope a brazillian gang kidnaps this whore and puts her head into a hydraulic press and crushes her skull

I'm so fucking sick of seeing this cunt

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the idiots on this board are no better than the normie redditors they despise, flipping out over everything msm puts up or blaming rich people and other races for why their life sucks ass, seeking solidarity on this board with their retarded fellow """non-conformists"""

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True... Just woke up I felt so comfy in my dreams today

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You ok there, buddy?

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-men love to overestimate their performance in bed
-men love to be praised by any woman
-men love to underestimate the lust of women
-men love to underestimate the boredom of women
-there is nothing more boring to a woman than to be fucked over and over by only one man
-men love to think that women love men like women love children
-men love women
-men love to service women
-women love children
-women do not love men
-women are in heat all year long
-women see no reward for faithfulness
-women see the reward for sleeping around
-women see no reward for their virginity
-women do not desire to have only one provider for sex
-women do not desire to stay virgin
-women do not know how to stay virgin
-women do not desire to be prude
-women despise asexual Chads
-women fear of being asexual

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Spoken like a true loser. Get off 4ch problem solved, chud.

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>Spoken like a true loser. Get off 4ch problem solved, chud.

have sex incel faggot permavirgin

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>mfw doomers trying to steal my comfy

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not since boxxy has a girl's mere existence completely ass blasted so much of this website. it's beautiful.

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at least boxxy wasn't a shitskin brazillian

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based nothing happens poster

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/pol/ tourist here. I'm just lurking tho. Not trying to fuck up the vibes here.

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what happened?

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This but for the fucking simps posting her. And their entire families. Shit like this is why we have retarded tiktokkers being internet para social whores. And it's the fucking simps playing right into it. That's why this cunt is specifically a problem. Laugh it off though wait and see. Her fucking personality is like every whorish internet camera gesture on sexualized cocaine to snag simps. And clearly it worked so 4chan wants to reward her for it and give her more attention and followers. WW3 can't come soon enough so these useless simps can go die. This bitch needs a sitewide ban

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>Literally NOTHING is going to happen
to me

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based and /pol/pilled

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gookmoot needs to make a tiktok board seriously, maybe even an e-celeb board as well.

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/comfy/ is when a happening happens because crypto would moon

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Fuck it I want the problem solved now. Make the images and webms reportable for a ban under a subcategory specifically for this cunt

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Yeah I’m on a tour too. I like it here

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Have sex

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haircombers unaffected as usual
cant lose a penny if your coin is worthless

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It was revealed to me in a dream that nothing would happen.

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>the incels obsessed with an e-whore aren't the eternal virgins it's actually YOU because... WELL IT'S JUST YOU OKAY!?

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smol bun

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blessed thread. We're all gonna make it

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A lot of simps in this thread

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This post has transgender vibes.