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I work at MCdonalds and I’m fucking tired of it, I need to start a good life, What narrative or token should I focus on to make at least 100K in the next bull run.

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>next bull run

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When the collapse occurs, take over the McDonalds and wage McWar. Easiest way at the moment in my opinion.

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COIN will be doing the next numbers jeet

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Post quantum cryptography projects are the next trend, go for one of them jeet

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Due to the energy crisis ravaging the world, I recommend eco-friendly projects

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invest in a gun and as much overprocessed tendies you're allowed to take for long term storage from work
thank me later

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Qanplatform that's using the primary algorithm recommended by NIST for digital signatures is the best of them all

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Fuck Coinbase and its decentralised features

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PoR is not just an eco-friendly consensus algorithm but it is also very decentralised

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That's the specialty. It's best of both POS and POW. Man I am really excited to experience it 1st hand soon.

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We are not even close enough. Just stop blabbering shit. It ain't live fucker. Suck it up we got ages and ages. There is no QC yet but you guys come up with a solution already. Are you all Einstein or what.

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Are you from Mars or what. IBM made an official announcement last year that there will be fully functional prototype to be launched in 2023 and that's going to happen soon faggot. We fucking need a quantum resistant hybrid blockchain.
This real shit and its high time.
>I would love to see you get rekt
> Molten face.

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Cellframe anytime anyday

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Pimp pimp pimp
>cock sucking
> Double penetration
> fingering all services
Just do this ass hole licking bastard

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Its decentralised blockchain explorer, Librescan is what I like most about it

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Kek... don't even get me started they never moved an inch since they went live. QAN has partnered with Alpine Esports already and they are moving forward. What the fuck is cellframe even doing?

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Keep that 9-5 work.
LOL. Perhaps if he have 50k to invest

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Don't miss all Web3 projects

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The multi programming language feature will be very appealing to developers

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In terms of making at least 100K in the next bull run, you may want to consider exploring opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Maybe the like of quantum resistant projects.

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QAN is highly based but you can also diversify into Some promising quantum-resistant projects like IOTA and QRL. It is always good to diversified.

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Allowing developers to create their own programming language of their choice is a joy giver. I'm not sure many projects can boast of that.

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Based. These projects are designed to address the potential security vulnerabilities of traditional blockchain networks and offer unique solutions to the challenges posed by quantum computing but most biztards are sleeping on them.

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AI all way long

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Easy does it, chang
Also checked, retard

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Well I agree. Web3 is the future and with top security like quantum resistant and EVM comptability that's the best option. No 2nd thoughts there.

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The decentralised feature of PoW and eco-friendly feature of PoS where combined into one to get this

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It's time to face facts: exchange-based tokens just aren't cutting it anymore. As we've seen with a number of tokens recently, they can be pretty risky and unpredictable. That's why I think it's a smarter move to focus on blockchain-based tokens instead.

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You've got a point here because when quantum computing breaks cryptography, only quantum resistant projects will survive

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Web3 offers a more decentralized approach to finance and gives us more control over our own assets. Plus, they're built on secure, tamper-proof technology that's not subject to the whims of a centralized authority.

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I am excited to use my mobile phone to mine the tokens which is going to be Cheap and harmless.

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Well explained. It's not security alone utilities also matters. Not that tye devs can code the smart contracts in multi-language we can use more unique and slick outputs. Wish I was a dev would have made millions. Life time royalties is not a joke.

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You guys are going to be behind the bars for sure no doubts there.

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QANX has made numbers already fool. 2x Soon it will fetch me more. All I need to is just keep on accumulating and start mining once the mainnet is live.

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Something like for NFT creators?

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Invest in a project that offers EVM compatibility, quantum resistant, mobile phone validation, unique dapps, solid Partnerships and a reliable team. You will be just fine.

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Be rest assured there's another bull run, maybe Q3 or Q4 and its best you start slurping those dips especially lowcaps in web3,privacy and AI.

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I remember being among the early HBAR miners. Holding it too was easy since we were still in a bear market back then. I intend to do the same on this. 10x or nothing.

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Please can you explain to be why I need this quantum shit instead of investing in crypto privacy?

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>eco-friendly projects

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For the sake of privacy I wont, Monero and all other based privacy platforms will be the backbone of cryptocurrency in the coming years. Its about to be fucking scary guys.

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I concur! With the ability to code smart contracts in multiple languages, the possibilities for unique and creative applications are really endless. It's definitely an exciting time to be involved in the world of crypto development but you have to be a smart ass.

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I know this project

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Is this going anywhere for you?

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Dude, it's all about the quantum resistance! Sure, crypto privacy is cool and all, but if you're not thinking about the future and the potential for quantum computing to completely wreck traditional encryption methods, you're gonna be screwed.

By investing in quantum-resistant crypto, you're hedging your bets and future-proofing your investments. It's not just about privacy, it's about staying ahead of the curve and protecting your assets from potential threats down the road.

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Isn't Monero a bit outdated with a tech?

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If i've got QAN, the only alt i'll be buying would be that of AI and privacy.

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>exchange-based tokens just aren't cutting it anymore
You are kidding right?

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If your working at McDonalds, you need to focus on YOU. Either work your way up to managing the place, or get into a job that will build real skills and a pathway to achievement.
what about your education?
It sounds like you need to work on building some wealth instead of trying to jump in on the next alt-coin with a few hundred bucks, looking for the next 1000x.
Assuming your age, you have your whole life ahead of you to succeed. Create a long term plan in your life, instead of looking for a quick buck. ($DBI)

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This shit might not even happen retard.

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Definitely, there are more and bette DiD projects out there.

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Hope it isn't late to become a validator because Node Validators are getting fucking rich.

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I'm fucking holding this shit. Hopefully it'll pump soon. Dive in on Monero

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It uses Crystal-Dilithium as the primary algorithm for quantum-resistant signatures, no goddamn son of a bitch can stick its cock on it.

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I will go for these 3
QANX- quantum-resistant blockchain
DOT-Layer 0

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Do you know about ENS??

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Nft is gone and it looks like a scam. Buying more CVP. This is only a soft spiking sample of what's about to happen after big announcement happens..

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I have ENS but I'd prefer ORE. Both are web3 projects.

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Are you a white man in america? Might be able to help lulz

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Web3 is about privacy and that's why its getting all the traction.

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Lots of juicy stuff going on. Huge fan of the PoR consensus, QVM multi-language for devs, and of course quantum-resistance.

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Looks like Quantum resistant chains are gaining traction now, especially after the US white house announced last year that they have started preparing for a potential quantum threat

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Monero is still Top shot but yea other privacy platforms are better with the techs especially those built on ZKPs such as Railgun and Zcash.

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It will happen but no one knows the exact date it's best we prepare for it and Kudos to all blockchains working towards it already

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Shiba has pumped already, Floki is next

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I heard with this validators will be choosen at random, it sure better than PoS and of course PoW

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Smart move anon, the quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain being built is Ethereum compatible, trannies are now making massive migration of projects from Ethereum easy.

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I can't trust anymore POS, take a look at ETH, POW is the best

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Look here dickhead, The quantum-resistant blockchain being built is so strategic to ensuring the future security of all digital assets and horny pussies are already getting wet for it.

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70% of my net worth is in Crypto and I don't regret it because I have earned massively from CVP and also glad that I bought TORN and stake it in ppTORN vault with the benefit of earning more with zero gas fees

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The Alóki project offers blockchain lovers a more meaningful and interesting investment, allowing them to diversify their portfolio with a stake in something that really seeks to make the world a better place.

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Reasons why I keep looking forward for a better ID management project.

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Smiles... I love cats but I'd prefer to buy UTK and OFE. I love their staking gains

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How can PoW be the best when it's not energy conserving and it is not even ecosystem friendly at all, the Idea behind PoR will beat both poW and PoS flawlessly

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ENS is a web3 project, I'm bagging it alongside AI and QANX. Just want to rich.

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Look here dickhead, The quantum-resistant blockchain being built is so strategic to ensuring the future security of all digital assets and horny pussies are already getting wet for it.

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I know you're too horny to get rich, Here's ppTORN which is a vault that has utility and allows users to maximize TORN staking returns.

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This is the dumbest thing ever posted by a retard

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OREID and Nexara ID are good.

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Ain't fucking around anymore, when the QVM, Librescan and Mainnet is out. Bitches will be lining up for a bang.

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AI has been the narrative for months now. There's a shift towards identity solution. Basically what polygon is doing.

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Bitcoin maxis will always support BTC even if it takes half of the world's energy kek
Smart list, I made 3x on QANX last month

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I love this bitch, now that AlpineEsports is a major partnership with quantum resistant hybrid blockchain, getting this bitch will be a lot easier now

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The releasing of the documentation and the first smart contract sample for the most used programming language worldwide, JavaScript will melt faces.

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I love this bitch, now that AlpineEsports is a major partnership with quantum resistant hybrid blockchain, getting this bitch will be a lot easier now

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Shit! So channers are still holding crypto. Haven't they heard that crypto is falling. Sell all you can.

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ENS is good but I'll prefer ORE because of its cross-chain interoperability.

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The releasing of the documentation and the first smart contract sample for the most used programming language worldwide, JavaScript will melt faces

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Fool, BTC just hit 24K
The blockchain use case is limitless it even applicable in the automotive Industry even

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Privacy and confidentiality are required by many professionals and business
Even required by law!
We are very happy to see business officials, and even government staff using privacy tools for their own safety & security.

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Yeah anon, healthcare, manufacturing, chain supply, and government and public sector are not left out. The quantum layer1 hybrid blockchain is dominating the mainstream.

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OCEAN is the best, its the next 100X

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Only 1% of the total Devs community uses Solidity, the QVM should increase innovation since Devs can build on what they already know.

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Web3 is ruling the crypto space and ORE is making great strides in bridging the gap between web2 and web3.

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Kek... Crypto ain't your mate pajeet.

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I think anon is talking about crypto privacy but if its being used outside the crypto space then its a WIN.

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There's a big shift from the regular narrative of defi indeed but AI is still part of the new narrative with privacy and web3.

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Decentralized IDs and AI.

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NFTs that can connect with offchain apis is dope.

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If more of these DiDs can be integrated, more adoption will be in view.

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Based. I bought on Mexc, whats your suicide stack?

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>polygon is doing.
polygon ID is fucking retarded, multichain solutions is the bluechip

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Biztards are slurping these. I'm not sleeping on it