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I bought an NFT that will make me a millionaire. Dubs and I spill the beans.

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kek that webm is crazy. what is happening here?

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Snake water park. The snakes are just trying to have fun but the human is bullying the water snake so that’s when the python comes to show him who’s boss

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As an NFT collectooooor I think I'm obligated to roll.

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Bring the wife and kids down to THE SNAKE ZONE this sunday! We got wet snakes, dry snakes, pythons, water moccasins...you name it we got it!
also, checkem

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if its not haircomb i dont wanna know

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This you brah?

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that's a man

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just tell us faggot

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OP here just switched to my phone. Nobody is going to get dubs but I’ll tell you anyway before this thread hits page 10. The NFTs in question are Dora the explorer memes.

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nice fake and gay resposne anon stay poor

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i cant comb a childs hair that would make me a pedifork

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why do you people keep posting men?

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That'll teach him to leave the poor snakes alone

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bean beans the more ya eat the more ya toot ..the more ya toot the better ya feel

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Lmao no

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what about these digits tho?

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isnt 'you people' a bit racist
im trying to make you rich enough to afford a house in the suburbs, grandpa

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rollin rollin rollin'

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tell us

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we have a winner!
Feetpix is the new meme of 2023, with already more than 2k ETH Open Sea volume is just one month of existence and most of the BYAC and Punks holders accumulating.

burning 50% of the Royalties every week. As easy as it sounds, the more pervs trade, the more the supply of their favorite feet will go down, making them more rare and valuable.

The Perv Movement will be inclusive to a wider range of perverts, and Feetpix holders will unlock 7 airdrops of new perversion reaching some supply goals.

After unlocking all airdrops and the supply equilibrium, half of the royalties will flow into the hands of the alluring Pervs DAO.

Huge plans afoot for promoting to OF & PH coomers. Name a better degen plan. Protip: you can't.
feetpix.wtf for more

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It will make SOMEONE a millionaire, not you.

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>nigger roastie feet

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looks better than 99% of the nft projects i've seen lately desu

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since you also got dubs, picrel

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who is a man now
claim haircomb now for wealth in 2025

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