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I have all my money in the bank. Am I going to be fine or am I about to lose everything monday morning?

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The bank is not bussin' fr fr on god.

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Don't know. I'm just gonna leave mine in cus nothing ever happens and i feel social media faggots are just hyping shit up. no cap

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Kek I know you.

Ugh to be honest, I'd split it into multiple banks if you can, cause I know you aren't larping.

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No refunds

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There is no upside to keeping your money in the bank. None.
You are creating infinite risk for zero reward.

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Considering the glownigger damage control campaign going on right now, gg it was nice know you (financially speaking).

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And I don't believe any CEX's are truly FDIC insured despite what they claim, I wouldn't keep much on any exchange at this point.
It's a hard call and I don't want to give you bad advice because you helped me.

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Daylight Savings your money gets transferred to Ukraine, Cayman and the UK.
Thanks for playing.

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The FDIC cant cover what happens on Monday.
Riots are expected across the US by next weekend.

Museums are notified to hide valuables, which is a very bad sign.

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Fucking guns in the pawn shop, Why god I just wanna join the great revolution