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>doomposting peaking
Yep, nothing is happening Monday. Nothing ever happens.

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I look like this.

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It is just /pol/ tourists, same thing happend when ftx went down. They will be gone next week when nothing happens and claim they never went to /biz/ to doom post only to look for the next "happening" just to do all over again.They are mentally ill poorfag losers so whatever, /people/ always wrong anyways.

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what's the current sentiment on SVB?
are most expecting it to be bailed out or fail?

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We aren't on track for a doom day like ftx until May. When we do we'll finally reach the bottom. We will retest 16k before then and it will hold.

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Nothing *good* ever happens.
Things do happen all the time but they're all bad and our lives just get worse and worse.

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I just spent two years wearing a diaper on my face and injected with mystery genetic engineering?