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Should I be Plumber or NEET? I'm investing in RE.

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I can also install cabinets.

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what is RE? i don't understand some of the acronyms that americans post

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Real Estate. I'm going to be a landlord. Should I buy up houses with Plumbing income or neetbux?

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you know, many men fear the plumber is fucking their wives for a reason wink wink

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Yeah and UPS too so what.

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if you plumbing there is a reasonable entry barrier as most people don't want to do the job, so as a side career is very viable. plus you can fix your own plumbing at home

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I'll just be a Plumber and also an Electrician. More money.

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Be a programmer and an astronaut too. Always good to have a fallback plan.

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I can do everything on a house except roofing and siding. I prefer to stay in the house.