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Im confused.. i broke my own rule of never panic selling. I swapped my USDC to USDT on quickswap after de depegging but now my funds seems to be gone. My USDC is gone and USDT is not showing. I know im gonna get a lot of scam efforts here but maybe some genuine solutions aswell. Im pretty stressed out.

How is it possible that both USDC and USDT are not showing up in my metamask wallet?

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Post transaction

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Thank you for playing goy :)

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no refunds

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are you LARPing as the kayberswap guy?

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check the transaction, fees are pretty high now your tx may be stuck assuming you did not fucked up.

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Did you add USDT as an asset in your meta mask

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calm down,everything will be ok, the network is congested a bit.relax ,don't jump yet

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Buy chainlink

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thats just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes

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Try buying more maybe it will fix it?

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also what the fuck is quickswap lmao

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>I swapped my USDC to USDT on quickswap after de depegging but now my funds seems to be gone
Damn bud might be gone. hopefully it will poof back in but have had that happen before.

>post transaction

Hide secret keys and post transaction if legit. Post the transaction verification code whatever you got when the transaction completed with no USDT USDC but gas fees paid.

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This you?

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How is this possible wtf

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wait, wtf?
if I'm reading that right, someone traded 2 million for 5 cents?

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imagine the look on this guy's face when he saw his balance
I can't even
>sorry buddy, you just had to wait 20 minutes and you would have saved a million dollars

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Damn, so we do need banks to prevent this?

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He swapped through an amm pool with around 2$ of liquidity
Not sure if he didn't check slippage or the router fucked him up

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What does this mean?

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You're the retard for not knowing

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He sold $2M of product to someone who only had $2.

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How do I become the $2 guy in this scenario?

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I feel disturbed having witnessed this.
I'm so sorry OP

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kek no refunds kid, the power of decentralization

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literally this do something useful in your lives and show us the get rich quick strat

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how can that kind of transaction go through? ain't there any safety mechanincs? it's like nigger made contract

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Do you want a free market or not?

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There are no safety mechanics on DeFi chains. You can lose all your money to slippage or lack or liquidity.

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When you do a swap on an AMM, the pool has X token A and Y token B

The AMM uses an invariant X * Y = K (it's called a constant product)
So this means that if you want to swap 200 of token A to token B, the amount you get is given by (X + 200) * (Y - delta) = K, with delta the amount of token B you get after thet swap. Because of this formula, you can actually swap as much as you want but the price you get depends on the liquidity available in the pool and how much imbalance you're bringing to the pool.

The problem is, if the pools are highly imbalanced or have low liquidity, you get high slippage compared to what you would expect to be a fair price. That's why you usually have a slippage parameter for swaps: this prevents orders from going through if your impact on price is too high. In this case, it seems that he swapped on a pool with very little liquidity so the price was garbage

Now the thing is that there may be multiple pools for a given pair on different protocols. That's where the routeur supposedly comes in: it will tell you which pool will give you the best price for your operation. Problem is: complex routeurs can be hard to build so it's not uncommon to simplify the process by making some assumptions (such as all stables are worth 1$, or enforcing going to a given currency, like USDC, then performing the next leg of the swap). These assumptions are fine most of the time but can bite you in the ass when things go wrong.

That's why I think it's either:
- the guy went through the swap without checking the expected output (so slippage and how much usdt he would get considering the liquidity in the pool)
- logic issues on the router side, it's crazy that the best path it found is through a pool with litteraly no liquidity

Most likely it's the user who fucked up and didn't pay attention though

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on a side note if this is you OP holy shit bro

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I want regulated free market, not some where people blindly trusts some nigger contracts and fucks everything up

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>it's like nigger made contract
Consider this a basic IQ test. If a gentleman named Tyrone with high concentrations of melanin in his skin walked up to you on the street and said "Ayo wyboi wahnchu saaain dis contrak ta gimme aww yo efferiums fo bout tree fiddy?" it would be wise to not sign said contract. This is the futuristic equivalent of that.

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Pretty sure in another thread it was said he used Uniswap V2's pool instead of 3crv(?). The old Uniswap pool only had 50 cents liquidity, so he basically clicked the wrong button and lost it all.

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>I swapped my USDC to USDT
Lil pomp here......
Lil pomp there.....

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This is more like the equivalent of a guy so desperate to offload his $2M that he walks up to the first Tyrone he sees on the street and says give me whatever’s in your pocket for this.

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the future of finance

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You're right, he used a router that went through Uniswap v2 see >>54034395
He could have just withdrawn from the pool

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Who got the 2mil, pool or some lucky nerd?

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How the fuck is this possible?

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A bot front running

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Thanks anon

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>OP don't kill yourself bro work it out. You can do it.

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I lost like .001 bitcoin here and there along the way with a few 5's and tens in other shitcoin cross chain de-fi something exchanges since they appear to be super risky. Good luck on winning it back.
>t, ftw.

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explain this to me like to a golden retriever what is this?

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>Waffles, we are all fucked.
>You're still a good girl, though

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that's why I don't mess around with these uncanny exchanges and I stick to vanilla Binance

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Have you tried contacting Vitalik on this? He may issue a refund

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Ethereum, ladies and gentlemen.

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This cant be real what the actual fuck?

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Why somebody would invest in pixel money is beyond me

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Internet money is not real money. Get a job. Thanks for playing.

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It's all pixel money.

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unironically an empty liquidity pool holy shit sorry fren.... its gone

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This is why you don't use any of these swap services or anything with slippage. They are are for gambling with beer money because of exactly this. The good news is we are healing. Hundreds of crypto millionares made from cumsonic inu 1000x trades on jeetswap on the last bull run need to be purged during this crypto winter.

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lol, lmao

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is somebody going to tell him?

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>the world computer

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you can still make it OP. next cycle is only in a couple years
just dont forget that stables are rugs and fiat is also a rug
good luck

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shutup retard ahahhaaaa

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He made 2 million and lost it but if he did it once he can do it again :)

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Future of banking

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its a newfag who had never traded on an AMM before probably, fucking retard

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i love how uscd got fucked so fast, i didn't think it would affect me too much, i only have nfts from ai universe, this is not my war

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Thanks for playing cryptotards, no refunds:
>decentralized.sovereign.trustless. You fucking dumbasses are so stupid.

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Imagine being a crypto nigger
Lmao, I am laughing sitting cozy in my low p/e divvy stocks.

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Doesnt exist cryptonigger

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>DeFi is the Futu-ACK

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You got a fair price according to the rules of the contract designed by very very smart nerds doing really hard maths and stuff
Fair trade fair price enjoy your 0.5USDTs maybe you can trade those for a blowjob from newly released from work Sillicon Valley specialists

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the fault is clearly on kyber. these aggregators have to update their pools constantly. that said the guy will never see a penny

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Yeah, uhhh dude....your money is gone....

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add the matic usdt token address to your wallet and it should pop up, there should be a "add token" button on the UI somehwere

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Ignorant is a disease. I use Quickswap to store my MATIC and Maiar Dex for UTK and EGLD. I guess that you haven't heard of it either.

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I'm a crypto muggle, did the guy just lose 2M dollars?

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post etherscan tx

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>Ignorant is a disease
hello ESL

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fuck it's real
screencap me boys

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he lost $2m yes
frontrunners gained $2m

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hello tech illiterate retard
real aggregator contracts and real DEXes have slippage tolerance settings
meaning that in a real aggregator, it would respect his slippage tolerance and only route it through a pool with enough liquidity

OP is LARPing as the 5 cent guy, but if it were true, all he had to do was route the swap on a real aggregator, if there were no pools, he wouldn't lose the 2M, the transaction would have just failed

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nobody front run anything
the kyber contract is just pure garbage

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a person sold $2m into a $2 pool, the pool is still $2. kyber and uniswap didnt get the money. yes a frontrunner got the $2m

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kyber routed 3crv through uniswap v2
there is no liquidity on uniswap v2 for 3crv
technically there was 2 dollars
the aggregator is supposed to route it through the largest liquidity possible

you don't understand what a frontrun is

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holy low iq batman, did the money evaporate? keep being a faggot over vernacular. a bot that catches high slippage trades, slippage increases as liquidity decreases, walked with the money.

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So where's the money?

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fuck I hope you're larping, anon. I was almost you but lucky for me I have some good internet friends who held me off the cliff

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Next time buy Steak throw em in the freezer and watch tv

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frontruns are done by MEV bots you fucking animal
I never seen anyone double down so hard on talking about something he didn't understand
you don't know what a frontrun is retard
stop embarrassing yourself LOL

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There was no frontrun. He swapped using an abandoned pool with no liquidity. The balance was later restored and a MEV bot got all the money for like $1. No frontrun, just a very fast cleanup afterwards.

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kys chink, you people who think you're smart for using some memorized word when my point wasn't about the word frontrun, which is why I went on to elaborate exactly what I meant.

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Where's the money? I asked a very simple question. It's not in the pool. So where is it?

>> No.54043452

great call it an MEV bot. i already corrected as much >>54043218

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People running MEV bots should be shot on sight

>> No.54043471

I already explained where it is, he's just chinking out i used the wrong word for his slippage bot

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is the bot in the room with us right now?
show us the sandwich happening, retard, you can't lol

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>Where's the money? I asked a very simple question. It's not in the pool. So where is it?

The money went to a MEV bot who quickly swapped in the opposite direction just after the guy who lost everything.

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I explained exactly what I meant here
jump off a bridge, non american

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Thank you.

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i don't understand what i'm looking at
some1 pls explain why his money is gone

>> No.54043686

wait, i read the thread, and understand this.
basically a liquidity provider issue or some shit?

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*moves the goalpost*
there was no frontrun, the guy lost money because kyber is shit
you are retarded and never seen a sandwich attack in your fucking life
we can see frontruns, because they happen right before the transaction happens, that's why it's called a fucking frontrun, kike cattle faggot

did it go through your brain yet?
did you not read the gigantic thread kyber team is doing on twitter to damage control their fuck up?

what happens later to the pool is irrelevant to the transaction that happened before, retard
are you gonna still double down and go apeshit nigger brain and yell more "chong chong chong" because you can't even post the sandwich tx on etherscan?

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>runescape varroc grand exchange be like

>> No.54043765

when you trade large amounts into a small pool, you get hit with more slippage. kyber wasn't updated to use uniswap v3, where all the liquidity is. therefore the user was slippaged out of his $2m which went to a bot this anon so kindly explained is an MEV bot

>> No.54043774

here is the Kyber team explaining why their aggregator went haywire

apparently there is some faggot nigger here who thinks this is a "frontrun" LOL
chong chong

>> No.54043821

not reading. kys chink. you seriously have some superiority complex issues to go on this tyrade towards a stranger over using the wrong l33t speak for your programmed bot when everyone else knew what I meant which if they didn't I went on to explain what I meant and even clarified the term was off. you must be a chink woman. you arent smart princess.

>> No.54043825

thanks bros,
i'm sorry for OP if legit, or for whom ever that actually happened to

>> No.54043849

kys chink. rent free.

>> No.54043870

based on this the team is already assisting him

>> No.54043969

Yeah they're totally gonna give him 2 million dollars lmao. They'll offer him a few thousand in chuck-e-cheese tokens to shut up.

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This shit is fucked, I wonder how many suicides resulted from similar incidents.

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No only did you get scammed out of $2M you will also get a nice capital gains tax of 20% on that $2M for doing that transfer

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>He swapped using an abandoned pool with no liquidity. The balance was later restored and a MEV bot got all the money for like $1
WTF is this shit?
Somebody explain wtf is going on I'm about to become more than irritated.

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Lurk moar fag

>> No.54044255

>The money went to a MEV bot who quickly swapped in the opposite direction just after the guy who lost everything.
Where can I read up on this? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

>> No.54044269

>Implying it's not a frontrun

>> No.54044270


Guys I love paper money so much

>> No.54044386

>terminology doesn't matter, words don't matter
I was just busting your balls, but are you an actual nigger? you seem very fucking livid that you namedropped "frontrun" when that was just kyber calculating gas and doing some fucked up route
just shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about, or can't just search about it for 5 minutes and see the blogpost by the retards who did this

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the bot trades right before your trade pushing the swap rate to .00000000001 or whatever of usdc to usdt, then your trade goes through, then the bot swaps back. is the basic idea of most bots that capitalize on slippage, NOTE: I AM NOT A PRORAMMER AND DIDNT LOOK INTO THIS SPECIFIC INCIDENT just conveying the idea. its only possible for them to do that when as a user on uniswap it would give a warning.

>> No.54044408

>"frontrun" AFTER the pool is used
mmm... I think you might be off there buddy

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Don’t listen to the other dickswap shills. No one has ever heard of that or uses that dogshit.

>> No.54044526

4AM UTC (Mar 11) = now minus 15 hrs, ~45 minutes.
OP's post: 11 hours, ~40 minutes ago
That tweet thread: 7 hours, ~45 minutes ago
OP got fucked via a miss click, panicked actions, being tired, etc...

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How do you think GNS was picked up before the pump?

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>The future of finance

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>so we do need banks to prevent this

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You can't even make this shit up anymore. Crypto is such a fucking scam holy shit.

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>Because of this formula, you can actually swap as much as you want but the price you get depends on the liquidity available in the pool and how much imbalance you're bringing to the pool
This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Only a pajeet could design such a moronic system.

>> No.54044736

Going to assume you're a retard here. Have you added USDT's polygon contract address to your wallet?

>> No.54044774

What? You think it's not right to offer the user to swap their $2M for $0.05?

>> No.54044836

tradfi is exactly the same faggots. go on some penny stock exchange with $5 liquidity and market buy $2m

>> No.54045030

Bust his balls some more fuck that nigger guy
Words matter

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rent free chink rent free

>> No.54045692

Thanks for the lols op

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>> No.54046723

calm down
next time you'll remember this and use the correct terminology

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So this is what half of the world is going to convert to when all the banks fail any day now? Sure it’ll go well, especially since the people with most of the money are old.

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> on quickswap
the 2m is on Kyber
No its not OP

>> No.54046904

>never panic sell
>unless you are really panicked
you dumb mother fucker

>> No.54047366

Do a flip Faggot.

>> No.54048853

OP was LARPing, yes

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Are /biz faggots really this fucking stupid? 150 replies for a 1 pbtid?
You all need to die, repeatedly.

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I don't know anon, I'm only familiar with Uniswap and Pancakeswap as top DEXs. I also explored more recently like maiar where I earn passive income on Egld, Zpay and Ride through staking.

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>I also explored more recently like maiar where I earn passive income on Egld, Zpay and Ride through staking.

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Jesus Good luck anon. No way should this be legal

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I don't know, you're the one who said it was in Bendigo.

>> No.54053744

kys chink. you arent special. this is what low iq faggots, woman, and little dick men do to gatekeep people out of learning new things. I clearly knew what I was talking about from the beginning and clarified as much and you went on a sperg rant over terminology over how a highly specialized robot works.