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If I learn a trade job rn I can outearn computerfags in 5 years

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If you make it on shit coins you don't need to work at all.

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Computerfag jobs are going to 0, SVB failure is going bring down half of California's VC backed tech companies

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yikes bro I thought we bizraelis were past this?

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Pretty good, depends what it is. A lot of industry is going to be coming home to the west this decade. Get skills for manufacturing such as learn electrics and you could get by nicely. Don't do any back-breaking trade, those are for chumps.

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Be sure to learn a trade that is not too burdensome, like being an electrician.

Don't be a digging faggot like me or a construction worker unless for a few years, you're going to ruin your health.

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The investment banker fears the grocery store cart collector

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always do something only for a few years. then your health will not be affected