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let me guess, 2 weeks?

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Thanks for reminding me to dump this bag of unregistered illegal digital asset securities before they become worthless.

>Just sold so I can go ballsdeep into some Saylormoon tokens for 2 million EOY.

This goy is destined for stupid amounts of bank paper.

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found the faggot who doesn't do research. Ruling out from Judge Torres you tiny brained child. Stay broke you bitch and stop FUD'ing shit that is so far beyond your intelligence level.

Who are we kidding, we all know your a paid shill that takes dick bareback. What a sad existence

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The thing is, anon, no one uses it. Lmao. You can point me to articles from 2013, but, they’re just not using it is all. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

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We're gonna be so fucking rich i can barely fucking comprehend it, literally shaking with anticipation fuckkk

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I am literally straining and leaking in my chastity device, soooo comfy. Will continue to hold until ATH.

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I don't always FUD my own bags, but when I do its bags of filthy CRIPPLE.

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Look at the marketcap...
What's the point of throwing away money (new investors) for maybe a small 3x...

Unless le switch is on and xrp was worth 37500000 gorrillions.. not worth buying

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Bro, its a demonic token minted deep within Satan's anus by zionist jews, for zionist jews to enslave all goyim in a world of perpetual kike-your-customer. If you aren't taking at least a suicide bag out of self preservation then you deserve your poverty.

>I'm with the jews on this one, jabbies earned their servitude... I'm going to get paid since nobody seems to care.

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I hit my 10k bag last month.. as a mcdonalds wagie... i can safely say i am proud of myself.. xrpbros.. we're nearly there

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haha i dont think they would have spent over two years and 100million dollars for some shitcoin they think will go to zero. I am not even a fan of ripple but you have to be a dumbfuck to think it is going to zero and has no value

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Another very low IQ shill take. How much do they pay you again?

Any midwit can research to understand they're working and testing with 80% of central banks. I wont' do the research for a faggot like you, your here fudding which means you'll be broke forever.

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do you faggots not watch/listen to the news? My god your smell of fucking the worst BO from miles away.

FUD faggots have a helluva life. Paid to knock whats coming. Love it and reinforces my bag even more.

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And also because the research doesn’t exist.
>ripple media says that xrp is working with Scotland for digital pound

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How the fuck some of the fud trolls going to say XRP is gonna lose, then proceed to sell bags for ETH-made fag coins. I hope the inner hamster in you produces the processing power to make the dumbass decision of buying XRP at $10 or more saying you bought early.

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what's the latest news?

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hi GOD
2025 micronova event, everything on schedule so far

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>same price like 7 years ago
>last chance
kek at this globohomo shitcoin

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I am an XLM and XRP main stacks schizo like you, but poorer.

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Proud of you my fellow low income wagie.

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This shit peaked at its lawsuit controversy kek transfer ze funds to cryptogpt or doge or something, then you might actually make something.

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Why on fuck would I swap my beloved ripple for some shitty AI coin idiot

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last chance for what? selling? already did.

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Useless tho, no industry, enterprise or company will pay your garbage for data they can collect through usual means

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It peaked there for dumb fucks like (You). Not for smart people.

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Only X im buying is XMR faggot

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XRP will endure and outlast all your garbage piece of useless shit projects anon, suck cock

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Worth it

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poor fag here
is 1k enough?

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Don't worry my stacklet, there are only two outcomes, we go to zero or you wake up one day and your world is never the same again.

>even a tiny bag should do I think.

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I got no clue if XRP will every hit a meme price, but you should be proud of the discipline getting to 10k as a McDonalds worker. Let's start working out consistently anon. We're all going to make it!

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>2 more weeks
>Last chance

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someone please answer this anon, thx

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If you have a 10 year time horizon, sure... plenty.

>If you want to retire on the lawsuit pump, need 50-100k min.

This is however entirely speculation and lore.

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kys retard

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>2 weeks is 3/22 2023
for real this time

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Assuming dimond hands and willingness to endure anal punishment...

1000 XRP = suicide stack
10000 XRP = make it stack
30000 XRP = private airworthy F14 Tomcat money

50000+ XRP = politicians on speed dial, murder charges quashed - finance revolutions premium FUCK-YOU money.

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I fuckin kneel in absolute respect wagemaster.

10k XRP on a McDonald's wage is both a substantial sized bag and a demonstration of superior personal characteristics.

>Can't wait to see you with us at the brap buffet brother.

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All PoS tokens are going to be classified as securities, yes.

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This is honestly really sad. Can you fuckers please sell this dogshit and buy something that'll actually make you guys money?

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what will a 15k stack get me?

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Nonsense. It's either generational wealth or the greatest psyop of all time. No in between. A few hundred xrp in the case of the former will do you just fine.

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This is why it will never go over $5. The system is not going to allow Brad Garlinghouse, David Schwartz, and the other insiders to be the richest men who ever existed.

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The “system” allowed a redpilled autistic Aryan who owned a shitty payment system and a shitty car company to become the richest man ever. The second richest man is some bald faggot who owned an online bookstore

Anything is possible

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So when nothing happens (in two weeks) will you finally rope or will you continue living in your fantasy land to cope forever more with your moronic obsession with a token on a chain intended to demonstrate technology with no uses?

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Yeah, but the govt couldn't with a straight face shut down car sales or online book sales. It has already shut down XRP sales in the US for years and probably will continue in the future. Brad and Co having so much of it in their possession I am sure is part of the animosity the govt has towards XRP. They don't want to make those guys unfathomably rich by reopening sales.

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It’s both.

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Already all in.
I can’t all in any more.

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My wageslave brother.
I am so fucking tired of waging.

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Just 12 more days. Unironically though, will fuckin iso20022 actually have an impact on anything?

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Good on ya my wagie friend. Now get those 10k bags of xlm and xdc. Good news is it's a lot easier.
you tell us, sir.

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Hold on, brother. We’re almost there.


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>Imagine still not being aware how high this will actually go.

Minds will be boggled.

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get the fuck out of here with this corporate scam fuck sakes. It's not pumping, it will never pump, just cut your losses and sell you delusional schizo faggot

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How big is your stack?

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You guys said the same thing for 2/22/2022
Yet here we are.