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Please just go back. You are ruining any genuine excitement and hope there is still left with Link. Don't worry, we still like it and all, we just want to be left alone and vent and fud for fun. We don't need your epic truth committee threads. Just go back.

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based. this

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>went all in at $50, like everyone else here
FUCK chainlink

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cult groups mention is the issue of harassment. After all, groups that have invested time, money and thousands of hours of effort into controlling the mind and developing “useful” skills in an individual do not want to lose that person for several reasons:

They need that person’s skills
Pride: it makes them look bad if someone leaves
Fear that others will get the same idea.
Harassment is real, and it can be quite intensive, based upon the group the person left, their money and resources, the individual’s position within the group, and how much personal investment in “getting the person back” the group’s leaders have.

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What's wrong with link? I have a couple hundred bucks worth. Bought at like $6. I assumed it would be worthless for years. Don't you niggers know how to hodl? I bought $300 worth of doge in 2014 and sold it for $150k during the price spike of 2021. stop thinking you'll get rich overnight and hodl.

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Absolutely gigachecked. Read this post and read it again. LINK fudders are a deranged cult but we can help them. We can show them love.

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Shut up incel
I'll FUD link all I want

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>tfw the magic is gone

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Quantitative eating

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I will describe some of my personal experiences with harassment: these are autobiographical and part of my history. You will learn about both the good things I did, and some of the incredibly stupid things I did, in response to cult harrassment. Hopefully, by sharing my experiences, it will help encourage others that they are not alone; and help people realize there are different options than they were taught by the groups for dealing with harassment.

Some of the experiences I describe I went through for several reasons:

>I was top leadership (in the “top 4”) for the Chainlink Community Advocate Group when I left, and their head trainer; which made leaving unacceptable to the top leadership at that time – I was considered a security risk

>my brothers, sisters and children (who by this time were in the early 20’s) were all at the time I describe part of the leadership council for this group, and several had a vested interest in “bringing me back” for punishment because they bought LINK. Ari Juels showed up at my son's ball game and tried to convince me that returning to the cult was the most logical course of action.

> I have a tendency to speak my mind, and to make top leadership angry with me (by doing things such as writing blogposts or giving interviews with known Chainlink Fudders)

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Well yes, that's what I'm saying. I just want the euphoric truth defenders to go back to twitter

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you're all cringe. the nolinker fudders, the ironic fudders, the ones who give fudders (yous), all of you. all you niggas need a life.

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>it's another fudders post some bullshit narrative and get their faggot fudder friends to samefag it to make it seem like consensus episode

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Just go back, tell the new CMO coming here was a mistake, the nazis are very cringe. Just leave us alone, that's all we want

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cope, you've had your fun, time to go

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Fucking normies ruin everything. Congrats on ruining link for everyone here. Why can't you all stay on your social media apps with the other normies. There's more people to convince there. Everyone here holds link we don't need you to explain what link is here you're just very irritating

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Fuck off

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Well this is a new fud angle. Pretending to be old fags who are sick of people who are sick of fudders. Bold. Daring. Brilliant.

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18 digits fuddie. they are NOT sending their best

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I'd take organic fud over wrongthink Chainlink patrol everyday

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https://www.dextools.io/app/en/arbitrum/pair-explorer/0x36970fc0dc6f3e21C924997bdf4DF2a790dDF503? get your ass in here we are going to the fucking moon!

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https://openbetai.io/ https://openbetai.io/ https://openbetai.io/ https://www.dextools.io/app/en/arbitrum/pair-explorer/0x36970fc0dc6f3e21C924997bdf4DF2a790dDF503? get your ass in here we are going to the fucking moon!

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this, just fuck off you humorless twats

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>fud for fun

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>organic fud

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My girlfriend’s dad is a banking exec, I told him I’m all in on crypto. He and I met yesterday. He is a kind and mild mannered guy who comes off as deeply intelligent. I asked him how he felt about decentralized finance and he said it was a risky venture (no surprise from his banking point of view) and anyone putting money into it is a fool. He seemed disappointed that his daughter’s boyfriend wanted to talk about crypto and OpenBetAI token. For me, crypto has fundamentally changed my life - it has taught me about finance, geopolitics, and that I have the agency to live a life I wasn’t sure was possible. So, when he seemed disappointed, what did I do? I doubled down. I gave an impassioned speech about why cryptocurrency is changing the world and democratizing resources that traditionally only the wealthy had access to. It is giving poor communities a fighting chance and that it is revolutionary and something that is a big part of my investment strategy. I don’t know what the point of this post is, but I just, idk, he made me feel like a fool of an investor because he either just doesn’t get it or is scared of it and I feel like his view of me has become less favorable in terms of dating his daughter, but I’m going to stand up for what I believe in. Ramble over.................https://openbetai.com

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This desu. Nothing outs you as a nulinker or stacklet like complaining about FUD. I personally don’t but
LINK has always been fudded for multiple reasons; to gatekeep, for ‘fun’, frustration, to spark objective criticism and mainly midwits (like myself) baiting high IQ autists to spoon feed them reassurance given the horrific price action.
>b-but the fud is meeean now, not funny like before
The stakes are higher, most of us are in 6 figure hell because we held like retards and didn’t take enough profits. Of course the euphoria of buying 20 cent linkies and memeing about AB, 1k eoy and being all in this together has worn off and given way to a more cynical sentiment. It’s not a secret club of frens anymore

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>Noooooooo you can't just correct my insane FUD talking points constantly!
>Can't you let us "fud for fun" without being contested for ONE day, for the love of god!
Don't you realize how fucking demented you guys sound?

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The year is 2035, you enter your local 7/11 to buy yourself a g fuel before your shift in the local crypto mine. The android working the counter says they only accept OpenBetAI token. You pull out your phone, draw a stick man in less than five seconds on a yellow back ground and then sell it as an NFT. From the sell you make 6 OpenBetAI token, about 5 million dollars in old world money. You go to buy the drink only to find out that from the time you closed your phone to the time you talked to the cashier the coins had dropped in value to only 3 dollars per coin and you now owe at least 10 OpenBetAI token to the robot for the gamer fuel. You leave the store, frustrated, and drive off in your Tesla................https://openbetai.io

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Well yes. What you still don't get is that this is precisely why you are annoying to most of the board. We have been holding this for 5 years now and we recognise insane fud for what it is, and it's a way to vent. Having a dead serious advocate in the room going well no sweaty you are wrong but that's because you really DON'T UNDERSTAND CHAINLINK BUT I DO is absolutely cringe and annoying. Also, always, whatever the circumstances, trying to justify the team's choices, even when they are obviously wrong (for instance Sergey's new year blog literally spelling out token not needed) is the opposite of what we always did here, which was to put it through the roughest microscope ever. This is why we settled on link, because it could weather it. If we start excusing missteps then there's no point in this. So leave us alone, go back to your pink tainted glasses bordered jannied community chat and leave this board alone!!!

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chainlink fudders are sad creatures permanently looking for engagement from linkies, who ironically just keep ignoring those cucks.
I've unironically spent some time in the fudding groups, and they are so damn sad. Most of the time they spam their nonsense and barely get any likes, yous, or quotes. They can spend a lot of time writing those shitty fud posts to end up with 0 engagement.

These faggots are desperate for attention that nobody gives them besides the few losers who keep fudding link in their closed groups, and what's sad is that the only few likes they get are mostly from losers like themselves.

You have no idea how badly these fudders crave attention. Imagine posting like every day, every few hours, and having some posts either blocked or ignored.
You have no idea the mental distress those people are going through.

here is a (you) i know you crave

(picrelated what a link fudder looks like)

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Way to out you faggot, go back

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>Token actually sneeded.png
If you enjoy these sort of interactions, all the power to you. No one is actually bothered by it. I would consider neither of these posters "sweaty". But dear lord, how can you let shit like this slide? >>53964276 or pic related? How can you objectively look at the state of the board and say: "it is muh sweaty community advocates who are ruining it for everyone else!" when, at any time, there are more FUD threads on the catalog than neutral or positive threads. It's insane really. Absolutely baffling.

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>hey bro, look at this crypto project. Super niche back end infrastructure.
>Let's buy in and fud it bro. Don't let the normies in bro.
>Let's fud the shit out of our own bags of super niche high level project which most people won't even understand when you explain it to them.
>Let's keep FUD'ing it after 5 years so even when people are interested and want to learn we put them off immediately.
>let's fud on all media channels at all times. We can languish in single figures for decades and make no money bro.
>What you waiting for bro? Buy in