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What's the point of wasting your life away to be rich if you cant have this?

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can't have what? yes I want to be rich plz.

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She's a whore who got paid to be flown out.

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>travel the world
>95% on beaches or boats
Greeting from Kazakhstan.

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All of that shit is fake but it's good that she fucked over 200 guys.

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a whore who take big shits

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Must be nice to be able to spend mommy's credit card.

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do you think girls like this keep count of how many dicks have been inside them or do they simply not think about it ?

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Every. Single. Time.

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I’ve unfortunately been with whores like this, they lose count after around 50 or so

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Chad isn't a meme. Girls pick a couple dudes to fuck over and over. They definitely do not fuck ugly dudes.
t. world traveling Chad

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have what exactly?

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fucking whore

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Basically, she got a ton of bbc and bwc, and her cuck boyfriend will still marry her now that she "found herself"

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I won a trip to travel us, eu, Asia, basically won free flights but had to pay accom, I just stayed in hostels. I thank my parents and the people who helped me along the way. Some nights I had no money for dinner and they paid for me, I'm so thankful

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So many incels in this thread

She gets laid while you jerk off, deal with it.

Do better

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you just know

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>leaving my family to go on all-expense-paid extended vacation was HARD

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So she just got naked all the time?

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for the 49/50 on this board won't ever make it no matter how hard they try it's obviously a complete waste
the 2% that might make some real money, and the 5% of that 2% that actually become wealthy are the carrot that cause everyone to waste their time gambling.

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>verification not required.

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nah. For example i hate her because from this clip we can see that she is shallow normie golem mutt who never experienced pain and suffer in life, never experienced struggling to complete some goal. The biggest dream of such persona is irrelevant as colorfull food that she probably ate on those travels. In the end she will be old roastie who tries to cope from chad's cuck withdrawal syndrome.

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you're insecure.

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women don't get "laid", they get used. there's a big difference biologically and psychologically which is why promiscuous males retain value, even gain it with women, but promiscuous females have none.

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>travel the world
>experience western niceties in other countries never fully experiencing the actual culture

Vapid cunt.

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Gross white normie who shaves her legs and armpits and thinks being a fuck tourist is enriching herself. Give me a wholesome autist tomboi ftm boyfriend who unapologetically craves power over his fellow man.

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i ve fucked hundreds of whores so i recognise a whore when i see one, see? im having sex too even thought im an incel and there is nothing you can do about it.

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>Give me a wholesome autist tomboi ftm boyfriend who unapologetically craves power over his fellow man
This nigga wants a bulldyke

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This is psychological warfare against the nuclear family.

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>women don't get "laid", they get used. there's a big difference biologically and psychologically which is why promiscuous males retain value, even gain it with women, but promiscuous females have none.

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imagine getting mad at this. this is what you all DREAM of doing.

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I've always kinda wanted to do a sort of extended hiking trip through the Appalachians, how much would that cost?

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You should try having sex with something other than your hand, it'll make you less angry and bitter. You come across really sexually frustrated and incel-ish

Stop hating on chicks dude, it's suuuper cringey

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imagine getting mad at women success in any way
is this board filled with trannies or something? I don't see how a man can be jelly of woman success, we're not the same, quit this feminist nonsense

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kill yourself

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This, so much this. Anon needs to be better, bitterness is not a good look

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wow so oppressed

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shes creating freelance boat movies

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>Wears tightest pants possible to airport
She couldn't wait for day 2 of her year round trip to start acting like a slut?

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>this is what you all DREAM of doing.
Now THAT is proof you are a biological woman

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Can confirm

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>based TMR poster
I'm a millenial oldfag and never thought anyone else knew this song other than my weeb friend from high school

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Average European has traveled more than that before turning 18.

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They only need to travel to France to get blacked

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It's the currynigger he can't even spell well, he's the food truck girl spammer he does these incel posts to annoy you guys.
Among other shit to annoy us, mods are fucking gay for not learning how to range him yet.

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Faggot jew.

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And the bitch had her phone in her hand for every second of it
I hate tiktok femgroids so much

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Waste of money. Spending it on experiences when she'll need that money later in life.

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>So did you "find yourself" like you set out to?
>... ... ...

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What exactly are you trying to argue here?

A rich girl going on a vacation on mom and dad's credit card?

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wow, you sure showed me. get laid, incel.

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I did this except I'm a guy and have no friends

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You don't need friends. We all die alone, so we might as well get used to our destiny.

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why is everyone seething itt again? If I flip a couple more casino shitcoins I'm definitely taking an extended vacation. Traveling is fun.

>roastie backpacks through backwards islamic shithole.
>gets behead.
>4chan: hahaha dumb cunt should've known better.

>roastie travels to safe tourist destinations with pristine beaches.
>is fine
>4chan: filthy normie

they just can't win.

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I'm glad someone else on here remembers. Maybe it's a region thing; being near Otakon (where he performed twice) and being in school when Gundam SEED hit meant that I couldn't have avoided eventually seeing him in that strap suit if I'd wanted to (for which I'm glad, he is a treasure).

Also HL is a great DDR chart.

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That's literally just a vacation.

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I will admit that I'm jealous, and I will not seethe. I will strive to make my life better. I will do my best to achieve the things that make me happy, though I might not know what they are.

The future is uncertain, but I am not concerned.
My destiny is not in my full control. but my choices are mine to make.
I will take responsibility for my life.

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>blown out

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Seriously, how do these bitches pay for this shit?

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roastie should only be travelling from the kitchen to the bedroom

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Rich parents

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>Basically yes

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Have what? I do all that shit that she's doing regularly here where I live. No need to travel.

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This guy gets it. The trannies here seething don’t understand that’s the issue.

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She could stop buying into the travel meme and work to improve her decaying local community

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Fuck you nigga head faggot.
Where you been?


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>Reeee women enjoying life while waste away at home seething on 4chins

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1 pbtid
Demotivation thread

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>Every post showing the true nature of women is.... le demotivation

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Good for her. Fuck you incels for calling her a whore. So men can have fun traveling and banging sluts and women are just supposed to stay home, remain a virgin, and marry your ass when you come back? Girls want to have fun too.

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The point of being rich is being able to obtain items you want without having to sacrifice your time or take on risk to exchange units of currency for said goods. Money can only change so much about your life, much in the way that a paper towel can only hold so much water. There comes a point where having more will not alter your lot in life, and it is at that point it becomes obvious that money does not address all problems in life. Good genes matter more than money.

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i did this too, teaching ESL in Vietnam is a good way to finance travel. fringe benefit is getting to bang chicks like this pretty easily

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hope she meets a similar fate to those roasties in Morocco, fucking whore

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>this is what happened since
>carbon copy fabricated instagram lifestyle reel #5819829585

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I traveled and had fun but I didn't bang sluts because I believe in PURE LOVE (yet to be encountered).

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The clock struck midnight and a chill wind blew through the dingy back room of the seedy casino. The degenerate gambler, known around town only as The Rabbit had been spending his last few pennies on poker chips and roulette wheels. But tonight, he had stumbled upon something far more valuable - a mysterious token, shaped like a red rabbit. He quickly realized that this was no ordinary object - it had the potential to increase its value 100 times over in a matter of days, if he played his cards right. With a maniacal grin and a gleam in his eye, The Rabbit tucked the token away and headed out into the night, determined to make a fortune before anyone else caught wind of his lucky discovery. Little did he know that 4chan was already abuzz with whispers of the Red Rabbit and its magical powers.

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Haha what if it broke and started sliding down and then it flipped and squashed her

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How is OP webm success

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Once you get over 10 of anything you don't have a count anymore. You have to go over and remember each one separately and then add them up. From that point forward you'll forget about 10% of them.

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You know the world has completely gone to shit when faggots like you are using feminist shaming tactics on a literal anon forum.

>tips fedora

Bahahahahahahahahah dude you know theres no upvotes here right. Get the fuck outta here. I fucked your girl btw. She said you were a faggot

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It's not financially successful at all in really any meaningful way.
Said young girl in the webm thinks she can be some social media influencer by making vids of herself traveling around the world living a good life so ppl working jobs 5 days a week can upvote her vids and dream about just not working like her.
What she doesnt realize is that less than 1% of ppl who attempt doing that strategy just burn their time in pursuit of something that never comes.
It's financially negative when you realize how much time shes wasted as opposed to working a normal job and then investing your income into things like RSR, LINK, ETH, and LCX.
Had she done that for just a year, and even making $36k/yr (avg US annual income) at investing just 50% of her income - she'd be a millionaire in the market of the 2030's.
But she didn't, she lusted after a currency that plagues the minds of women the world over which is: $ATTENTION
There is no greater curse than being a woman with an internet connection and a camera in the 21st century.

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how many miles of dick did she take?

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women will get deprecated in 20 years, why should I give a fuck?

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idgi why can't you have that
none of that even looks like a particularly expensive trip

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What if don't want to travel?

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Women shouldn't be traveling at all. They only travel for either Instagram likes or for foreign men.

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Somebody smash this video up with the video of that white girl getting her head cut off by Mohammed

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He's right, you know.
I am rich and still a virgin.
Being rich is barely worth it if you're not chad or a pretty girl.
Money can only get you so much these days.

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anon, that's literally me except trannies are cringe and disgusting, which makes me question your faculties

are your eyes blue?

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Totally. It's insane that a fucktangular douchenozzle like himself would think it's okay to hate someone just because of what they have (or don't have) between their legs..

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I know I shouldn’t say this but white women are genuinely fucking delusional

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>other people having fun?! ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES

girls like this are so much fun
I've met plenty and they blow normie wageslavers and trads out of the water

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Are you a woman?

Why are there so many faggots in this thread, stop shutting up the board with your presence and fuck off

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>wearing a mask
This Jewish cunt actually took the vaxx

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of course she did.
>i had to take the vaxx to travel around! traveling is my life! i have to take planes to countries ive never been to before! see places in person rather than look at pictures and maps! being there taking in the experience! the air! the night sky! i love nature so i took the totally safe and effective vaxx that Russia as of today has ordered destroyed! im a healthy woman with a long life ahead of me!

she'll be dead due to "unknown causes" (number one cause of death in the world right now btw) before 2030 like anyone else who bought the like and took the totally lethal time released injection disguised as a vaxx (bc who doesnt take vaccines?)


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I hope Cohen switched the kill shot out in time!

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Picture was taken in Oy Veygas, Nevada.

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>Decaying local community
She's rich retard

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yes, since all these posts do is scare people here away from having relationships. Unfortunately for you most are waking up

>> No.53941785

travel is good for men ... they makes them understand things and be self sufficent as evey other living thing is out to kill them.

For women they just become whores, confused, disease ridden and worthless.

>> No.53941793

>all these posts do is scare people here away from having relationships.
sorry whore, i have no interest in that blown up vaghole that has seen over 9000 negro dicks

unlimited tight asian pussy is only 1 flight away

>> No.53941805

a man dreams of this
a woman is incable of dreams, on shallow whoreing - which gives them little satisfaction as its not an achievement.

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because the should not be travelling
footbing just werx .... chinese knew what was wrong and how to stop it.

make tiny feet a thing of status, women want it, also stops them getting out an about.

have to stay home and breed
feet look llke trotters implying womens true nature

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this is bait

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See, this is an example of the current Kike rhetoric.
"stop liking white women, they have sex with dogs! Get with chinese women instead!"

What a great way to exterminate a race of people. That why you promote it here on a predominately white site

>> No.53941823

I did this but I just ended up getting shit faced drunk in Thailand and spending all my money putting me back to zero, wouldn’t recommend

>> No.53941826

Daddy’s money

>> No.53941836

>current Kike rhetoric.
this is what white women actually do
in reality
go outside
and who raised these white women?
>white women
where are the fathers?

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You are not white, /pol/mutt. You will never be white.
Thank the good lord your inbred race of anglo orcs are finally getting terminated.

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>travel the world
In a very carefully controlled manner

>> No.53941881

All i can say is that you don't need too much money to do the same guys also at some point you will come back crawling from the degenerate worldview of hedonism, basically you will get disgusted with yourself after taking drugs and all of that to meet woman but in the end its worth it, you need to travel and leave your neet life

>> No.53941882

That girl belongs to
>rich family
>submissive rich family
>submissive rich family that is so sick of her shit that they are willing to dump money into her fantasy to live without her for a year or two
Normal people do not get to experience what she is experiencing, and I'm sure she thinks it's "normal".

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>In a very carefully controlled manner
meanwhile, while this cunts parents were busy at the mall making the next weaker generation

>> No.53941887

ayooooo muh dick bixnood EIGHT INCHES lmfao hop on

>> No.53941888

One more post about this, i still want to travel but i want to make more things, more than just degeneracy, i have taken the gnostics text seriously and i still think i am writing my life story but all i can say is that yes traveling is better than NEETing.

>> No.53941900

> meanwhile my zogbots died on television
You are not yet a man

>> No.53941909

we also killed 10 million iraqi's for no reason

>> No.53941911

The only correct take

>> No.53941923

Zogbots and this vaxmaxxed Jewish cunt basically have everything in common.

Meanwhile the Palestinians actually train their men to fight for their country-- against the force occupying their native land. We can still learn.

>> No.53941934

as a white father you need to counter indoctrinate your children as follows

to your daughter
- when ask them what they would like to call thier children

- how many children would they like

- females eggs go off after 25 and you get big risks of tard babies which can last for the rest of your life

- you will still be young and have your kids all grown up if you have kids young

- children are the ultimate goal

- you are the link in the chain that hand everything on, learn now to teach your children

- dont't trust polce

- dont trust teachers they are paid by the gov, and on the day they don't get paid they would not turn up to work. They never pay for you for anything

- hate the state

- know you maths - especially your times tables

- guide thier interstst towards boys

- if they behave like a man, - correc them to be more feminine

- explain that someday the "educations" system is going to come for them, all thier firends and teacher especially at uni and high school are going to be = BLM = diversity = woke = gay = trans etc.

Point out that no lefty ever does actual work and never want to go and liver in black countries and that all black countries are shit holes and that blacks are stupid animals - point to the IQ data, and show them images of what black countires look like.

- no tv in the house - no netflix - no adds, do not take your children to the movies

- encourage mein kraft, becuase it creative
-encourage amongus because it teaches them sus

To hide thier power level - as normies bleat

etc etc.

this must start from from day 1, every child book ther is a nog, call it out for the animal and throw the book out.

>> No.53941974

I've honestly actually met some people just like this whilst at university.

There are a couple of misleading things about it. Like they say
>one year ago
That doesn't mean they've been travelling for one year

These are like fairly generic
>explore the world
Holidays based on the idea of the 90s film
>The Beach

Even it looks like they're off adventuring around randomly, it's basically like a package holiday with a local tour guide assigned from what I can tell. They tend to travel round in groups so they don't get turbo raped.

Even though they make it look super fun in the videos, in the photos from one it didn't look like they were doing much beyond visiting tourist attractions, the beach and occasionally sipping cocktails pretending to be having "a wild night out"

>> No.53941991

How can I, as a 43 year old white American, convince some God-fearing white American, to hand his 16 year old daughter over to me in holy wedlock?

>> No.53941999

The trick is to find one where dad isn't around any more.

>> No.53942003

You think drug dealer Chad asks permission?

>> No.53942016

Anon's brainwashing techniques were so impressive that I want to emulate them, but to do so I would need him to hand the prime bitch he's trained over to me.

>> No.53942031

Almost everyone forgets almost everything about where they travel. Why? Because our memory serves to help us do work and accomplish goals. Even the most beautiful sights or experiences are useless to remember unless they affect our actions and ambitions.

>> No.53942043


>> No.53942046

They have a high chance of failing because he'd be pushing it too much so then they'd rebel and purposefully get blicked

The trick is.... subtlety

>> No.53942473

You haven't even had sex yet for real, you absolutely REEK of inceldom

Unironically improving your personality would go a LOOONG way to helping you get laid.

Unless you're a manlet, in which case you should just keep jerking off.

t. 6'2.5 chadlite who beds women by not treating them "mean" like you sexless incels think is ideal

>> No.53942509

Women are like robots
They don't have thoughts of their own or self-awareness, they just blindly follow their NPC programming

>> No.53942580


Simps out in full force tonite

>> No.53942586

you sound like a FAGGOT, literally type like one too lol

>> No.53942629

Very little if you camp champ
What if she meets the one on the plane that flies to the same destination and then they go for breakfast when they land and fuck later in the day? I love these travel hoes and they love me right back. Very easy to impress as well.

>> No.53942727

She's ready to settle down at 37 after getting her twat stretched apart by Devontay Cornelius and 400 other BBC Havers. But make sure you have an extra bed for her mixed race son.

>> No.53942731

Kek, missed it. Look at their noses too.

>> No.53942744

But of course.

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Why do the majority of 4chan posters get so easily triggered over an attractive female being happy and lash out by posting angry hateful replies? What causes this behaviour? What happens when you see a woman smile in public? Do you have the same reaction?

>> No.53942765

Where's the lie?

>> No.53942781

>predominantly white site

>> No.53942785

money = jews
simple as

>> No.53942789

Either that, or a trust fund baby

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I was only 69 years old. I loved Red Rabbit so much, I downloaded all the videos and memes. I'd pray to Red Rabbit every night before I go to bed, thanking for the honor I've been given. Red Rabbit is love, I would say, Red Rabbit is life. My mom’s boyfriend hears me and calls me a neet. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion of Red Rabbit. I called him a nocarroter. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It's Red Rabbit. I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, Think Bigger. He grabs me with his powerful dev hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I open my metamask wallet for Red Rabbit. He inputs the RR contract and tells me to sell my Chainlink (TICKER: LINK). It hurts so much, but I do it for Red Rabbit. I can see the green line go up as my eyes start to water. I push the button and sell the rest of my link from other wallets. I want to please Red Rabbit. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my portfolio with his love. My mom’s boyfriend walks in. Red Rabbit looks him straight in the eye, and says, Red Rabbit Keeps Pumping. Red Rabbit leaves through my window. Red Rabbit is love. Red Rabbit is life.

>> No.53942861

idk why you guys are seething so much. Hit pause button and scroll the video it's kinda easy.

1) She has quite an ugly face and has no tits. She has a nice ass but it's only because she's still young (around 20yo).

2)She was basically in australia / cambodgia / indonesia at max so that's quite a small world : no europe, no south america, no antartica, japan or anything.

3)most of her vids are from the same place and same days. She just made cuts to look like it was 1000 activites but you might have 30% of flying shit ballons 50% of beaches 20%random posing. Only thing looking cool was the turtle desu.

4)yes she spent the year fuking tyrons but almost every western girl do this. She just pictured it. On her case she's really ugly so if she don't fuck chads now she will never do it again in her life.

5)Parents paid for the full vacation, easy to see. Also she was always with the same kind of friends so look like a gap year during uni.

6)she will pay for her arrogance later in life. Easy karma. She's just another garbage woman nothing to see here.

>> No.53942871

I dont know who this is and I dont care

>> No.53942875

Because their happiness is not earned. It’s given to them. That’s privilege. A 5/10 can fuck 5 guys and get them to simp for her even if she doesn’t try. That’s privilege.