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You guys said bear season is comfy on /biz/. I'm not feeling comfy at all.

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It was but then you frog nigger spammers and shitposters showed up. So, no feedback stay in effect until not a single frog fag posts on this board. I the mean time, I made a 2x in the last 6 hours

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it's comfy when you are 100% in cash. you are not bagholding shitcoins are you OP?

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A plague of frogs.
A panopticon of frogs.

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I'm sitting really fucking comfy, anon. Buy the dip. DCA in until next month. Thank me later, anon. Everything will be ok. Check that charts and look at march 2019. It's literally the same exact thing.

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Bear season is really only comfy in retrospect. Also, last bear there were more new memes and more fun in general.

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it's because the market still up so it's weird. there are still some nasdaq normies lurking around here. it was much more comfy in november/december/january before the short squeeze started. give it some time they will leave on the next dump

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objectively wrong, go back

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We forgot to tell you that you need to be holding cash during the bear market to feel comfy.

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This where you are in cash and not holding shitcoins, bear season are comfy af.

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Last bear season was a whole lot of fun for sure lol. Once you've been through a couple bear seasons the feeling dulls a bit and you're much wiser than before. We're all gonna make it, Fren.