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why is goyslop the most profitable business?

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Because we are animals whose sole purpose is to eat

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It's not, unless you count soda as goyslop. Sodas are a money printer, compared with food.

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>why does the food depicted as goyslop sell so well to the goys
I don't know retard it must be capitalism

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how come politicians don't know how to eat an All American Hamburger with cheese? You best bet you tight arsehole a Chynese politician would sit down to a comfy bowl of bat soup any day of the week

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Goyim have no self control.

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die if starve

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its not, weed is

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Weed is goyslop

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crops that does into junk food are subsidized by the government so its basically free money

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I've mostly decoupled from goyslop. Feels good but the cravings come every once in a while. Shits mad addictive

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Soda is certainly goyslop. A virtually nutritionless high calorie drink designed for maximum addictiveness and profit which has permeated society.

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Why are incels on here so obsessed with what other people are doing? You aren't superior. You're posting on an anime forum on Friday night.

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How much slop did you eat tonight, goy? Even if you regret it we both know you will still give in and eat it again.

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Just eat some goyslop once a week it's not gonna kill you if you're eating healthy otherwise. Honestly the only thing that's unhealthy is the sodium and how heavy it is in saturated fats. really not that bad for a meal

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Because it’s delicious and people will pay to satisfy their primal needs, it’s capitalizing on how the brain is hardwired.

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Eat and fuck. But we also need to praise Jesus in between.

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That looks really good, I'm so god damn hungry.
I'm turning into a ranjesh.

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Jesus doesn't exist sorry to break it to you, it's a kike myth to misdirect simpleminded goyim you should be aware of their trickery by now fren.
>Oi vey you can't worship him!
>Guys they are worshiping a fucking jew we got them!

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Amen brother

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>Jesus is a kike myth
Yes they spend all that time and effort propagating a religion that resulted in two thousand years of pogroms, massacres and expulsions because they just did, ok, it benefited them. And he obviously doesn't exist, that's why they wrote about him in the Talmud because that's just what they do. You stupid nigger.

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Believing anything a bunch of semetic niggers wrote 2000 years ago, and I'm the low IQ nigger?
You're literally a goyim and deserve whatevers coming on this earth to you.

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Holy trips. Checked.

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>that grammar
Ok Herschel, I hope you're not paid by the (you) because this is the last one you're getting from me. Hope it's a comfy day in the Tel Aviv office.

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That fine gentlemen looks quite happy.
>Hates kikes
>Worships kikes
Schizophrenic everyone.