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How do you see the future of the NFT market?

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it seems that the NFT market will continue to grow and evolve as more creators and collectors embrace the technology and its potential uses

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money laundering

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I think projects will continue to niche down. Take a look at feetpix, which is doing thousands of ETH worth of txs in it's first month. You just need to find the right project OP.

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Full to the brim of shoehorned AI in one way or another. A market like that must remain relevant by leveraging gimmicks. Cryptogpt is merely one example of this.

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Completely and utterfly fucking dead, seen as a dark chapter in the story of cryptocurrencies. As it should be.

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This, the animal/ape hype died, the shiba dog meme died, these collections aren't selling because they stagnated in 2018 or so. nfts wont go away but they will be drastically different.

Fuck influencers and the entirety of India and Russia for scamming like there's no tomorrow and tainting what could have been an otherwise comfy market

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Shut up nigger I don't care. Is the Sopranos any good as a show, though?

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did you miss aimg or whatever and all the copycats of last week? kek

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Are nfta still a thing or just a bunch of ppl holding overpriced jpgs hoping that the crypto market will moon again?

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ppl mad they buy the top lmao
Some projects will stay and gain legendary status, most will fail

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