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What was the reason for that big ass dump 7 hours ago?

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I went to the indian buffet for lunch

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chainlink released some news

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Nobody cares about your token at all, even on /biz/. It's not being suppressed. It's old as shit and has zero hype. It's actual proposed function and utility, coming SOON, isn't interesting to most crypto buyers, and the being a wallet of 500million team dumping tokens would scare off any sane speculator.

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chainlink released functions
shut the fuck up you gaslighting jew, the jig is up, literally everybody that has been longer in crypto than a few months realized by now that the whole crypto market only revolves around keeping link from breaking out

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A generation of gullible mongoloids.

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HA Trumpanzies are so cringe.

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you can gaslight as much as you want, i wont sell. in fact i just longed this morning.

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price cares

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>Nobody cares about your token at all
Vodafone, Mastercard, R3, IBM, Tata, Swift, AWS, Google Cloud, Deutsche Telekom, half of crypto, ... all disagree lol

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Do whatever quietly, penniless homosexual.

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The price action must be crazy! I'm so excited for you guys.

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Even you care about Chainlink.

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>Built on Ethereum
So buy Eth? Got it.

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>>Built on Ethereum
nobody tell him

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Never under estimate the power of being down 90%.
Close your eyes and imagine you didn't buy erc20 scam tokens at ath and brainwash yourself into "never selling". And then shut up and stop invading every thread with your retarded gme tier conspiracy bullshit that you linktard faggot baggies suck directly from each others assholes.

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anything else besides eth copy paste jobs?

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Very clearly one big player dumping everything. There aren't many players in the world who have $4B in crypto to begin with, so it's a short list. Perhaps a bank or exchange liquidating to pay the wolves at the door.

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Everyone predicted a major BTC dump after this week’s news.
Not our fauot you have the pattern recognition of a mollusk.

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lol, cope

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that's not how market cap works

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Linkers piss me the fuck off.

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t. midwit reddit troon

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Fucking shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.

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lol, unable to answer

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You were down 6% yesterday after the amazing TWO MORE "PARTNERSHIPS" announcement anyways before the whale even dumped. You're looking for shapes in clouds because that's easier than admitting your not good at crypto, when that's the only thing that made you smart and special.

Maybe you should try doing something yourself instead of letting a Russian con artist "make it" for you?

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>You're looking for shapes in clouds
I’m looking for Bitcoin dumps after Link news.
And guess what.

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thanks for proving my comment, you can go dilate now

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that’s gold coming from a link bagholder

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>You were down 6% yesterday after the amazing TWO MORE "PARTNERSHIPS" announcement
Bitcoin did spend most of yesterday going down.

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I'm showing market cap because it was a broad fire sale, not just dumping of one coin.

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way to out yourself too, could you kindly help your fellow troon with dilating?

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Again. You were down 6% after the announcement before the dump even happened retard. Maybe you should learn to read a fucking crypto chart if you're going to let token salesmen handle your future for you?

What did you think? There was going to be 24 hour delay between chainlinks 1000th fake partnership announcement and a moon trip? Pro tip newfag dummy: crypto moves on inside trading before REAL announcements and dumps on retail afterwards. Link hasn't moved at all, unless you count bleeding down since long awaited ponzi-staking.

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reddit says it's the silvergate fud

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>here are some icons. all are copy pasted eth though

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>You were down 6% after the announcement before the dump even happened
See >>53920086

Link gets news, Bitcoin dumps.
Tale as old as time.

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Even if they are all copy-pasted ETH (quod non), they are not ETH and buying them is not buying ETH.

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Jews, probably.

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>w-well, the existence of bootlegged copies doesn't speak for the popularity of the original, i-it means nothing

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Then it’s time to buy
Silverkikes are exactly who we thought they were. Why would btc be down on that news?

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The post I replied to said you should buy ETH instead of Chainlink.
Buying Matic, Fantom, Harmony, ... obviously is not the same as buying ETH.

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Black people

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>my shill coin can beat up your shill coin

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I shorted before the dump. No, we're not done yet.. maybe. We are technically at a key support level, but it's more likely we dump more because jews might try to chop me.

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>Op asks a legit question about the dump
>Thread gets highjacked by Chainlinkers to avoid answering the thread seriously.
Great deflection guys.

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*but it's more likely we dump more, BUT jews might try to chop me.

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reddit is fucking retarded
Look. The main reason is because we got rejected from 25k. Simple as.

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Are you insane?
Chainlink is THE primary indicator for BTC price action.

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Linkies stopped being funny 2 years ago.

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In your -90% burnt and twisted imagination. If it were true, you could easily make up for the horrific and unspeakable losses you've suffered holding chainlink through the crypto Golden age by always opening a short on btc and link when Sergey makes a blog post.

Of course, you could just leave the short on link open perpetually, because it's an alt that had its run already.

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>If it were true, you could easily make up for the horrific and unspeakable losses you've suffered holding chainlink through the crypto Golden age by always opening a short on btc
You don't say anon.
You don't say.

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posted without comment

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The jews.

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Whoa, you just discovered that alts follow BTC price movements.

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Don't dwell on that jeet. But the dip on udo and qanx or fuck off

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Imagine being this retarded.

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Sergey gets hungry when LINK poomps and since the LINK price (and liquidity) is so shitty nowadays he also needs to dump some BTC to finance the McFeasts (and the army of hookers dressed as Ronald).

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don't be silly, you know it's true

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Because crypto is shit, lots of hacks going on.

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We're going back to $10k. Enjoy the ride retards. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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More like BTC is dumping on Link's resistance lol

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That's why I'll always stick with quantum resistant blockchain and DiD management projects. They've got beat of the alts.

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Who's this fat pig?

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I don't care about shits, I'm getting a cash back while using Utrust payment platform.

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Don't get panic anon, Self custody is the new way to go

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As someone who shorted before the dump, you're retarded. Even with the last upcoming discount, you retard nocoiners STILL won't buy LMAO

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This. When you see something happen so often it usually is a sign that it may be the truth.

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The team is going to dump the equivalent to the entire circulating supply this year.
My target price is between $4 and $3.
Anyone holding this coin without a clear exit plan is a fool.

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>Buying Matic, Fantom, Harmony, ... obviously is not the same as buying ETH.
Obviously not, considering all those three are reliant on a 3/5 multi-sig wallet to function. Harmony is already dead, the other two will follow suit soon enough.

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None of them is quantum resistant. So they are all gonna die off faster over time

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I don't fucking care, buy signal, avax, ore, kcs.

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I always prefer multichain solutions on top of self-custody.

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It's the other way around

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There are a lot of security improvements in the space, particularly through privacy and DiD, don't be retarded.

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Built in, nay... _pre_ _programmed_ _minor_ price correction.

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Why is this thread full of some link fud? Last year or so this shit has been buy everytime it's <$7. Just tp some when it's >$8.

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LINKcels really think the market moves based on their rank 20 something irrelevant shitcoin. It's hilarious.

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Imagine what will happen if it combines with quantum hack? The crypto with the best security should be quantum resistant

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helloooo? are we still in fucking 2017?

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Because you didn't find Sergey Nazarov 53914493

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>enterprise adoption bad

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if i had to guess, some institutional player uses an algorithm to trade, someone plugged the Silvergate bank news/increased risk profile into the algorithm, and it told them to de-risk so they turned part of their portfolio into stablecoins/cash which caused the dump we saw

based on the time it occurred, there is a better than even chance this player is based in asia-pacific region, maybe singapore.

basically some analyst somewhere decided that risk of crypto taking a leg down in the next days/weeks was elevated so they de-risked, and that analyst works for someone who plays with billions not millions.

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And only those that implemented the primary recommendation of post quantum cryptography from NIST are safuu

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ETH Denver started.
The lyrics on screen say “dudes” but I’m sure that girl mostly said Jews

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silverbank, and more generally, the whole banking system cutting on/off fiat ramps to crypto

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I bought

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Cellframe and Qan will be leading this trend

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wow, that was bad.

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And there's no identity management project there? DiD is the future.