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>tfw only 200 LINK

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is he smiling because it could be worse and he could be bagholding MORE than only 200 link?

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Sell something you can live without. Got a car?
We're getting close to lifting off and you could probably sell some Link later and buy another car

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>We're getting close to lifting off
2 more weeks bagholder.

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you have 2 more years to accumulate
the price is not going anywhere

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Keep buying fren. I started out a couple months ago and 500 link seemed impossible since im a poorfag but i kept going as long as the price stayed at under $10. I worked overtime and bought link. Made extra money reselling stuff and Bought more link. Tax return money went into link. Keep going, this is probably the last chance to accumulate at these prices before ccip and staking v1 come out. Sure we didnt buy at .50 cents but the reward is still huge even now, dont think too much about it and get as much as you can. Alot of normies are still buying shit coins. Youre future self will thank you and dont listen to the fud

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Based anon, stay on course marine, get as close to 1k stack as much as possible

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I could trade ALL my shitcoins right now and get 25k LINK.. should I do it?

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you should kill yourself

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That's an ok stack retard stop idolizing link like the ultimate play in crypto or something. Diversify into monero and marlin protocol or something with half of that link you got.

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Thanks fren i already got like 900 so im almost there. Even then my next goal is just 2000 link lol. The more i look into link the more I realize it's the best play out of crypto in general and im not gonna stop until i reach 10k or when the price pumps over 10.

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I cant recognize its expression. It looks like a mess. I really hope everyone who used AI art dies of a heart attack for being pathetic talentless hacks that want to feel like they have any sort of artistic ability.

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Haven't heard that in a long fucking while kek.

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LINK *is* the end game though

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Is tihs post a meme or are you unironically telling someone to sell their car to buy more of a fucking cryptocurrency? Is your brain THIS damaged?

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dont feel so bad i only have 300 and bought at 20 cents