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How do I even go about buying an NFT?

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there's a start, anon. good luck.

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Go to OpenSea>>find an NFT with high volume like FeetPix>>buy now>>Connect your metamask>>pay. Done.

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Download VeVe and buy Disney nfts. If nfts will succeed this is a formula to sucess

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You can either wait for some celebrity/political figure to drop something (because there's a high chance it'll actually sell) or you can flip nfts on NFTb or Rarible. I mention these because both have pretty good collections that don't cost 1 ETH+. NFTb is on the BSC so it's all bnb. You can also stake its token if you want before you start buying.

Also avoid AI garbage. It's always dogshit and you can bet they will never have any usecase whatsoever.

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what a lame porn collection to be perfectly honest.

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You gotta tell what you are looking for retard is it for personal reasons or do you plan to sell it or what?
Lmao I haven't heard about half of these. yikes

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a shame i wasnt into crypto when nickelodeon released their shit initially

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I've never bought a single nft and I think that whole scene is scummy and retarded but rari and nftb are ok for staking. I don't understand why that is but I don't complain.

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Just buy more bitcoin you stupid nigger.

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whatever happened to the fliku inu ai bros or whatever that shit was called. guess the marketing money dried up.

these any good?

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Nobody is collecting jack shit for a personal collection lmao

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sounds kiddish though
already have some, but btc isn't going to 20x from here any time soon