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Link street anon here.
We'll head to 8.5ish guaranteed in couple days, with all that buy pressure going on.
If we drop (and it's most likely that we won't), we will retest the magical 8 dollar again.
Thought, if we leave the pitchfork-channel, we'll probably drop until the end of the falling wedge, which is going to be 20th of march.
It all played out according to plan, so it should play out as expected (again)
Making money will never be that easy again

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You know TA is brainlet tier, right?

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Trust me, I study finances, made my money on wall street and now work for the Frankfurt stock exchange
My TA is as legit as these monkey's tits

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>made my money

Well which one is it?

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I worked in NY previously and now I'm inside XETRA now.
Frankfurt is a garbage city since we have junkies inside our main train station, but the ghetto divas are top notch quality. Huge tits and love to drive 90km/h in a 50km/h zone, which fucking turns me on, as they actually can drive good.
Americans can't drive anyway, so I'm happy I left that bumper car fiasco

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What happens after 8.50

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Fuck yeah bros 5 more days to go. Big news were supposed to come out this month it is all lining up.

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>buy pressure
>zero volume indicators
every time, thanks for the sell signal fren

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After $9 Bitcoin dumps.

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but since we have been in that accumulation phase for almost a year now, I doubt it'll take that long for us to kick off

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Hahahah delicious cope. Link was supposed to reach $1000 back in 2018. Now 5 years later you are desperate for even $8 aaaaaahahahhahahaha linkfags down bad

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Imagine the smell.

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just two more time units

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Okay but two dollars ain’t much. When’s the actual pump to 81,000?

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Did you lose your stack on Bancor or was it Celsius?

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just two more larger time units

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Shush ugly.

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in 10 years
ccip will bring us about 3.5%
swift might shoot us to 12$ again, hopefully. We gotta wait for AI integration and Trump printing more money.
Link is a longterm hold
trust sehrgay

no but realistically speaking, 81k will probably be hit in 1-2 decades, as we still struggle to get above 9$ with all this bullish news

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Did you spend years of your life waiting for staking and 1k eoy? $7 is closer to 0 then to 1000.
Just like the GME midwits who thought they were gonna be rich when GME reaches $10000, now theyre desperately waiting for the epic short squeeze while being down 90% exactly like the linktards

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kek he hurt you bad didn't he? hahahaha loser

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redpill: link DESERVES to pump

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oh look its the 27th daily chainlink TA thread wow cool lines bro

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the market can stay irrational longer then you can stay solvent

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linkies can stay delusional longer than market can stay irrational

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fudders truly don't understand the depths of our autism. they call us cult members like it's an insult kek

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anon is correct and you're a seething and coping incel
lol kek lmao

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they dont understand we are unironically never selling

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Top fud! Nicely pitched. I'm giving that a 9/10

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that guy was really upset hahahaha

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link at 7$
btc at 24k$