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Which is the most undervalued crypto?

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>peace of mind
Don't undervalue yourself anon, stop chasing "making it" and start making something you have "it".

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The best tech in crypto, ICP.

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That's a scam

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Maybe gns, matic, avax, or scrt

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Sirs buy <#MYSHITCOIN> do not fade it this is the greatest memecoin with real utility the dev is based sir and the community is based join our TG to participate in the based community our token will melt faces x1000 incoming only 32K MC and that dip is getting eaten up rn LFG.

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Undervalued, AVAX, certainly.
Overdelivers and underperforms.

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there's only one with real value

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It will be at 10$ by end of year

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I remember buying it at $0.30 and riding it all the way to $3 only to end up selling at $0.35.
everyone please laugh at me

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you're being generous - he's also a drug dealer, hacker, tax evader, terrorist, and north korean

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Hoichi cause it’s about to be revealed he is Ryoshi the developer of Shib. Dont believe me? Half the Shib devs have confirmed it.

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Chainlink and Avax I think

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Not too sure about Avax their Inflation is too big still

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U r a scam

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Delusional kekw

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Another delusion

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post hands

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Dog with bat

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privacy is undervalued so I go for ZEC, RAIL and XMR.

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ORE is sub 4m MC. DYOR.

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it will just blow up

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Privacy chap sighted.

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NEO. Is a Chinese blockchain, it had an ATH of 18 0 USD and it's currently 12 USD. I'm making thousands by swinging it every day.
Also, MAI (Mindsync.ai), it's 1,5M MC, and team already have a functional product. Once they start promoting it, it will go x100 easily.

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this and this

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I don't want to tell you just yet

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Unironically LTC

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Bitcoin the king

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Avax is still overvalued.

Link should be significantly higher

CRV should be higher

Eth is honestly overvalued also

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I bought this on MEXC already, wagmi.

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ICP is currently valued at 37,000 times its annual earnings. I think that is probably not "undervalued".

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op asked about crypto

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Bobos slurping this already since the Telos partnership

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please tell me more about this one.
How much is the marketcap really ? Give me a CMC link because there is 4 fucking ores fuck.

And please please tell me the marketcap and where can i buy it. Do I have to pay eth fees ?

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where did you get this data from? ty

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Top fucking kek it would even be overvalued at $0.03.

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Blackbox Transfers $BBTT. New privacy token with a working product, $360K mcap, juicy liquidity, and a working product that's generating revenue. It was a pretty easy play when I looked into it. Not listed on CG or CMC yet

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what are earnings for other chains? gas fees?

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>revenue up almost 40% in a month
holy shit that means the ecosystem/user base grew 40% in a month. that is an insane number. will this trend continue? is icp really going to take off?

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its elastos With stx and rif pumping. There is a shitcoin called Elastos that is 60x cheaper, has team from hong kong and they are using bitcoin network to secure their blockchain.

They are also realeasing new updates in March. They will probably annouce it at the alibaba cloud conference in dubai that will happen this week.

It is no brainder unless u hate money anon.

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curry thread

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You faggots have no idea

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I think Chainlink's privacy features like Mixicles and DECO should replace most use cases for Monero, but potentially not all.

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You mean which is the least overvalued?
None of them. They're all worthless.

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One niche that users are still sleeping on is data privacy and decentralized communication in web3. I see them taking major focus as crypto adoption increases.

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flippy bippy

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I don't think this is undervalued and why is no one talking about the comeback of the year NXRA? I am waiting for all the exchanges that say they will be trading it to kickstart trade so I can buy.

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Held since 2021. Adding some ORE too.

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Web3 is all about Data ownership and that brings value to DiD based projects. normies won't see this coming.

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you are fren, treat yourself better