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> 48% of my net worth in a browser extension

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Fucking rookie numbers, mines is 100%

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Please please tell me you are joking and actually use a hardware wallet.

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Sorry, we are no longer serving IPs from America or that have a history of using American IPs

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130% here. And i watch a lot of porn on ny brower.

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Mine is closer to 95%

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>10% of my network is in POND, a project with no released products (yet)
>another 10% is in DOGE, a shitcoin that exists purely thanks to hype and speculation
>another 10% is in FTM, the black sheep of alts, mercilessly criticized in this very board and by most of my peers

I love being a contrarian, you see

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just avoid viruses bro, not that hard. dont click ads.

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what wallet OP you may be redeemable

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Porn websites are ironically safer than most nowadays.

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kinda based

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What you love is being an idiot, nothing in that folio is gonna give you shit

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You're unironically retarded

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Why would you hold a piece of shit with no product released? Also FTM is pretty much dead

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It's called being early retard, but I don't expect you to get it

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all pure piece of shit kek cope

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U kidding aight

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Nobody gives a shit about murica and their policies kek
No shit why you're poor anon