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Mine's Ritestream.

they got former Disney and Netflix people leaders and Binance staff.


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ORE - Wallet ID Exchange - probably 100x to 500x during a run.

VELA - will go up in a run, maybe wait for a big dip
Radiant - Maybe a 100x like kaspa, grab a bag and wait a year

x2y2 - New promising NFT marketplace - 50x to 300x
Rari - solid 15x to 25x eventually

Algorand - has something to do with global payment systems and cbdc

AI projects will be the desirable projects of 2024-2025
Wallet Utility & Security and projects will be top.

Any new exchanges with a easy on the eyes interface and stable / quick network code will be going up.

TXbit / MEXC both will be going up as they are proving to be reputable exchanges.

Arbitrum will be a layer 2 meme pump.
Polygon - This is going to at least 10x to 25x from where it's at.

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My choices would have to be:

HILO: Allows you to bet on whether a coin will go up or down without the risk of being liquidated. They are constantly adding new coins. Project just launched and had a correction at around the same time. Hasn't been listed on any exchanges yet.

Shina Inu: Shiba's gf. A lot of weird coincidences surrounding this coin suggest that the devs have a partnership with Shiba's devs. Look it up on Youtube. Guaranteed to pump when Shibarium is released.

JizzRocket: Funny maymay coin that's been edging for a while xD

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BMDA is a legally compliant privacy solution for DeFi

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Arbi Stellar - node shit, gonna pump because of autismo devs and good community

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NCT, poly something lol. Polyswarm? Lol not important
Don't know what it does, who designs it, promotes it, holds it. On and on and on

The important thing is it's on binance, coinbase, and a dozen other normie friendly exchanges
And if you squint and cross your eyes it looks like Used CUNT. Haha based

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Mines cult & revolt2earn- they’re building a zkevm.

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Concentrated Liquidity will both boost volume and generate income for the treasury that can be used grow the ecosystem. This will be the beginning of the explosive growth.

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NFTb because I unironically hope NFTs will get a second mainstream chance in the far away future. It's also good for staking and they make a collab/announcement like once a week so the chart never goes truly limp.

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>Cringe AI picture
Die in a fire.

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stop typing like some used car salesman, it's cringe and turns people away from the project you want to show off. im not going to call you a shill but this is not how posting works here.

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>node shit
We already know how that ends thanks to Chainlink.
>NFTs getting a second chance
Not in a million years. Unless we come up with a different name for a near identical concept

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>ORE - Wallet ID Exchange - probably 100x to 500x during a run.
Delet, I'm not done accumulating stop fucking shilling man

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Checkdot (CDT)
>$2m market cap
>0.74 market cap/FDV
>released late 2021

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What's wrong with the current name?

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imgnai fag bagholders are planning to migrate over to this. tele is the same as the name (TrawlerAI). ai is the narrative you are literally brain dead anon if you do not see this. I spoke to the and dev he has been saying this is going to be developed into a personal ai assistant which reads sentiment in telegram groups, through comparing the activity and words used in chat to % gains. Therefore a literal moon indicator as a telegram bot in development. this is going to be one of the most useful tools for every degen once development is complete, and the token launches completely on sunday.

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would love to shill my coins but the tranny jannies bann all my posts

AHAHAH I sold for 2x
And was telling the rest in discord to sell and got banned. AHAHAHAAH

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>ORE - Wallet ID Exchange - probably 100x to 500x during a run.
Damn, stop this man, I'm still buying.

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A fucking gem, I am moving it to MEXC

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If it's AI or ID management, no jeet will ban it.

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stakewise. only shitcoins ive got into since 2016 is lido and arweave outside the top 100 mcap and link at 22 cents. slightly concerning token distribution but the creator is not anonymous and there’s no shitty celeb “advisors” or marketing campaigns. dont actually have a bag of it yet tho, buying ETH currently. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Arbinu is giving a miracle entry point right now before the pump to 20m. Time to hop on

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Privacy coin sitting at $400k with barelly 350 holders and not on cmc yet. Have working product for encrypted sending of erc20 tokens

Privacy coins without working product are sitting now at $6m so you have x10 right there. Also we are about to start ZK-Rollups craze

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This one unironically looks good

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based OG /biz/ shitcoin

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Dragon chain

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I am disappointed with the recent performance but I'm bullish long term

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>ID management
ENS and ORE on this.

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staking it on Polygon, juicy rewards as fuck.

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Arbinu is implementing staking and will soon go to 20m mc. Prerty obvious play annon

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StereoAI real use case crypto an AI

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Ore is a better option because it's managing multichain ID, while ENS is only for Ethereum chain

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What will happen to the ORE-ALBT pool, now that ALBT has changed to NXRA

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tornadocash fork
maybe rugs, dunno. 80k liq 150k mc worth aping

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QOM for sure it’s the shiba preditor and has been steadily rising.

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Arbinu staking is coming. Grab a bag or rope

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I think the pool will be changed to the new token immediately, i.e ORE-NXRA

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kumamon. a bear coin in a bear market. its too obvious.

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For now, only Fundrs staking is live. Hanging around their twitter handle for More announcements.

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So much trash in this thread. Just buy arbinu and chill

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Lmao, I was scrolling here not expecting anything half decent. This actually looks like a good tip

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Nice pedocoin you have there, OP.

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Arbinu at a great entry point right now

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Surely I am not being targeted to provide exit liquidity for this shit sandwich of a chart!

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pajeet scam and telegram

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I don't even consider Arbitrum projects, at all. Do not bridge your funds to the scam chain, they will not be safe.

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Unironically Request Network. They fill a boring yet necessary niche in DeFi. Once Huma Finance finishes building their invoice factoring platform on top of Request, businesses will be able to borrow against verified incoming revenue based on their invoices. This process of borrowing against receivables is a widely used practice completely necessary for Defi to ever actually serve real business needs.
Request abstracts out several steps in the pipeline through tokenized invoices. Infinitely producible, yet unique and immutable, NFTs are perfect for invoicing and receipts. It's not glamorous or flashy, but there's real, tangible value in the manpower saved. Fiat integration is live in the EU, and this process will become more widely accessible, and the Crypto market will finally get reliable access to liquidity that isn't based off of projects over collateralizing their own digital assets several times over. This is a hugely common practice, Grand View Research estimates the annual value of invoices factored is ~$3.5 trillion, and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2%, meaning it will only become more ubiquitous in finance (https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/factoring-services-market).). Request is the one of the few, and certainly the most well established decentralized platform providing the foundation for these services.
Call me schizo, or coping, or whatever. This is my earnest analysis and I'm handing it to you on a silver platter. You might not believe it, but I'm in the green on Req. I'm doing ok, not great, but that's my honest situation. I see a need, and a product that fills the need more efficiently and with less potential for fraud.

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Vela ain't no shitcoin so why don't you classify it as such, huh?
AI projects I be keeping tabs on are: ASTO(sylo partner), RLC, and FET.

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>Unless we come up with a different name for a near identical concept
Probably those that got utilities are ones to run up on say NFTs that could entry ticket into a certain gaming universe called Cloudbreakers and these ones are all in sync with car navigational info.

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Bruh, I still remember grinding this thing hard, wasn't really feeling it at first 'cause it had Shiba in its name and I thought it was gonna flop. But damn, ended up getting a 6x return on it which I promptly threw into some sick NFT mints like holoride x QoWattEcosystem Gen2. And let me tell ya, the FOMO was real when I saw that sweet FP action over on DeadDegens, which is absolutely crushing it with the TVLs right now.

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Should have sat my ass down and not scalped any Arbitrum plays, but nah I chose to go for it and got rekt by some stoopid ass nuggets who used me as exit liquidity. Luckily, I hopped on some KuCoin DCA bot action and snagged NFTb and Sylo as buys. Made some sweet gains with all that market volatility, senpai.