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Why they don't teach economics at school?

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???? they do. stop going to bad schools

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No they don't retard

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Ok, why they don't teach economics in my europoor state school?

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Yes they do retard. Pay attention next time

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europoors don't have money so it doesn't matter

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because the lottery commission is involved with the public school system

same reason they don't teach statistics in a meaningful way, nobody would play the lottery if they understood statistics

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I think they do, OP. Here in America I've seen a lot of high schools with econ classes. And obviously plenty of colleges have degrees in it.

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they don't want millionaires, they want obedient workers.

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Why would you teach economics to bugs that don't have money?

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They can barely teach math kek

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But if i'm poor doesn't that mean i'm more in need of financial education?

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Economics from an academic textbook is pretty worthless. I had to take it in high school and despite the GFC fallout happening while we were studying it there was no unit on that debacle.

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Because thatd be actually useful for once, and they dont want to be useful

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Do you want a bunch of antisemetic nazi kids?
>because teaching them econ is how you would get them.

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Hard science means you can have repeatable results. Meaning if economics were a hard science you could get a formula that would basically guarantee profits. TA is basically all hoodoo and astrology. Even the supply/demand curve is just a made up line. Economics is bullshit is what I'm saying

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anyone really regret learning about native Americans for like 8 years straight in social studies?

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nah, if george washington could defeat the brits by stealing pontiac's hit and run tactics then there's something of value in there

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The most important takeaway is that America functioned for hundreds of years on conquering easymode opponents and distributing free land to the malcontents. It was literally cheat codes for social growth but now the free real estate is all gone

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I never understood why people get butthurt about social sciences, you're trying to predict the behavior of a complex evolutionary system, thank fuck you can't predict shit with formulas people are not like gravity always pulling in one direction. I thought even in hard science complexity fucks your models over long periods of time.

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Would you want them too? Look at what they did to home ecc and the food pyramid.

Every one is fat and helpless

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>Economics from an academic textbook is pretty worthless
I disagree. There are a lot of people who never study economics seriously, so they end up just repeating memes that politically motivated people share. The dreadful macro 101 textbook might not be something you throw at 16 year olds, but they should at least be tastefully introduced to a lot of important concepts.

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Well no matter how you split it it's basically just made up shit that sounds right, not objective fact which is what you teach as basic education

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They did at my high school but it was a half a semester class and the other half was US government

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Take a stem course and take a soft science course and the difference in rigor is insane.

I had a semester of all soft science shit at a max credit load and all I did was drink because I had too much free time.

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Canada has a lot of empty land. And across a small strait there's all of Siberia. We /filibuster/ now.

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Well so does Alaska but it's all unusable because it's fucking cold there

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The way you allocate resources to best satisfy your needs is not an objective fact? What are you mongoloid?

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So what is the economic formula for allocation of resources to fit needs?

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There are no formulas because circumstances are not always the same.

An entire field of study can't be bullshit just because the results you get and archive are not always the same every time you repeat the same experiment.

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Economists are losers that would be filthy rich if they actually knew anything lmao

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I gave one person a medicine and it treated their illness. I gave it to another person and all it gave them was indigestion. Medicine confirmed for not a real science?

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My europoor economic class sucked and I went to a school for the top 10%. All the future stem kids memed on it

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Economics is a very common degree among billionaires.

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>Ctrl + F "jews"
>0 results

what happened to this board

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they train you to be a worker drone, not a thinker and knower

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That's taken for granted.

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Social studies is not economics fuckwads




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The fact of the matter is if everyone becomes financially educated they won't finance every aspect of their lives, and the music stops for the economy.

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No, because you won't have money anyway
It would be like telling a blind person how awesome colors are

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because you can not attain on edge on markets as a retail investor with out losing your marbles completely

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Idk, nothing I learned in high school or college about finance has been as useful as watching youtube videos about the markets.