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I am preparing my main portfolio (low-medium risk) for the next bull run and I am looking forward to opinions from you.

The current portfolio I have in mind is the following:
>10 % BTC
>50 % ETC
>10 % LINK
>10% DOT
>10% CAKE
>10 % SUSHI

Additional coins that I think about adding are:

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the future is ai powered
get some fresh $AIR

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>No sign of AGIX on your list
NGMI OP. AI will lead the next bullrun. Screencap this.

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>50 % ETC

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*ETH, my mistake

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100% AVAX

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good portfolio op
wish you luck

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What's your net worth ? Even 6 coins is a lot and won't give you as good returns as more of 2-3 good choices

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kek at the OP image. i love the idea apu is calling the IRS so often that they know its him calling

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I'd consolidate into 1 or 2 from the last 4

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It seems insane to me not to put the majority into BTC. Everything else is a gamble.

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I had the same thought at first, but I do not want to miss the bull run in case a developer team fucks up one of these coins. Therefore, I want to diversify the risk.

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I want to make it.

With BTC I would get 2 mio with luck when I invest 400k.

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It's more likely that BTC steadily bleeds out over the coming decade and becomes more of a museum piece / mascot for crypto.

Crypto is an emerging field with tokens having active competitive dev teams.

BTC is objectively an inferior currency to something like ALGO and doesn't have an active dev team making updates to it, meaning it WILL become antiquated.

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I'd advise to ignore BTC and look at Monero (XMR) and Algorand (Algo) which both do what BTC set out to do, but better

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Defi tokens will be cucked out of existence
>to withdraw from aave protocol we require a one time kyc

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>preparing a portfolio for the next bullrun
>no privacy coins
Never gonna make it.
Get some XMR and a bag of a micro cap privacy coin with great potential like XLA.

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People with serious money actually trust BTC whereas every other crypto is still a meme. New features, updates blah blah blah doesn't matter. The fact that bitcoin is not changing all the time is a GOOD thing.

I'm not saying others won't have success and bigger multiples during bull runs. But they won't replace bitcoin by being "objectively better" and having cool features because they are still simply not bitcoin.

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Good points. I think about it. Thanks.
Regarding XMR, I like the tech, but I think normies are not ready for this. The chart does not look promising to be honest.

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Lol crytpo doesn't fucking "do' anything anyway.
Wat fucking updates actually matter?

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EOY I'll have a similar amount to gamble with
gonna go heavier into BTC though. 400k is enough that with a 3-4x on my returns I'll be fine. I'm also gonna be getting into earthworm casting production IRL. WIth fertilizer prices getting ready to kill a few million garden inputs are gonna moon.
50% BTC
20% ETH I'll ride some Davos Coattails
10% XMR if its good enough for the DNM I can take it as a longer term hodl.
the other 80% is gonna be up for grabs. I'm gonna med/long term swing but 25% of all my stacks are gonna be forever holds with sell orders at differing price points.
I used to like CND token for information purposes but haven't followed the project and am not sure if its still active. But I liked the idea of buying it for information gathering purposes. The idea of open sourced information is something very tantalizing. Fortunes will be lost in its search I think, even if something can even be found.

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Interesting, good luck with your RL project.
It's nice to have something going besides crypto.

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everyone wants to grow weed, but no one wants to create the stuff to grow the weed.
My area allows 18-12 of em per house.
You should all be gardening
its not food inflation, its a food shortage, we will be running out of fertilizer due to Russia's infinite stupidity.

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>and I am looking forward to opinions from you.
>The current portfolio I have in mind is the following:
>>10 % BTC
>>50 % ETC
>>10 % LINK
>>10% DOT
>>10% CAKE
>>10 % SUSHI
Cool except for sushi
>Additional coins that I think about adding are:
Also high caps? I believe the low caps have a way of multiplying ones assets faster than the high caps.
Adding magic, sylo, hook or even Slp won't hurt your portfolio!
>Nice picks thou

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Wrong, btc will always be around, algo won't. No one even remembers algo or cares about it anymore. This market isn't logical and to attempt to bring logic to this market only makes you retarded and get liquidated

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Holy shit, cnd like cindicator? Lmao haven't heard that name in years, I remember downloading the app and being bullish on it in 2017. And yes, presumably dead now. You remember poe?

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should be 90% BTC
the next bullrun is about what can actually be used as money as currencies go into hyperinflation, gamble on shitcoins with your scraps

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An absolute fucking trainwreck of a portfolio. Why are you holding onto coins from the last bull run? Nobody gives a fuck about any of this shit. CAKE? Are you fucking high? You should be getting into new narratives like perp dexes/real yield (GMX, GNS, VELA); Arbitrum (also GMX, MAGIC); and interoperability (QNT). If you really want old shit from the last bullrun probably only MATIC and maybe NEAR will do well. BTC and ETH are safe but you won't see massive gains.

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SafeChungus of SafeChungus.com is launching in 30 minutes, lets fucking go!4!