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What are the old fags sentiment on current crypto market situation? Halving is next year march however i believe we will see 1 more low before the golden rally...

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Sounds realistic. Should occur within the coming weeks if so, though.

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>another major dip
It’s possible but based on other 4 year cycles it’s unlikely

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I'm thinking we'll bounce this year and then drop perphaps, but it's low enough to accumulate and not short, a big drop is also possible so I'm just buying spot, not anything crazy. In fact my plan for next 5-10 years is to accumulate everything in commodities but instead of gold and silver own bitcoin and some rare metals needed for batteries. After, I go into general equities again

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Crab line 2019 for awhile
Monetary policy troubles in 2024
QE restarts to keep boomers happy
Btc 100k+ 2025 eth 10k+

This will be the final bullrun.

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>QE restarts
You're going to have a bad time. Tightening is the only thing keeping the boomers from rugging the entire system to fund more tour bus camper purchases and another boat in the driveway.

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They do QT for 10% of the time and QE for 90%
Bear market started in 2021 and will be over before the 2024 elections
You’re retarded if you can’t figure out why and when they pump and dump the markets
They’ve been buying cheapies for years and they’ll send markets back up eventually. Just like every other market cycle

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oldfag here. forget all patterns and logic. it's only up. first time we will have a brutal bear into and after halving.

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I am never selling.

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also, everything will to go to ashes after this run. the age of corpo chains and CBDC's is coming. ordo ab chao