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How do I know what all the smart and rich people are buying? Is there like a secret club or something?

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Follow the Book of Revelations

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There's a secret club, yes. In our minds we probably hype it up to be some kind of illuminatti, eyes wide shut kind of shit. It's actually more likely just akin to sleazy backroom dealing but in nicer backrooms with fancier cigars and champagne than the backroom dealing more accessible to us.

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“”Grooming” and post pubescent procreation is masculine, but society isn’t ready for that

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they are buying children to rape and sacrifice to moloch

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I don't get people these days. They'll call someone a pedo for liking a 17 year old girl. It's like they have no idea what the word means.

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I was called a pedo in grade 8 for dating a girl a year older than me

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No secret that Central Banks are buying gold at record levels. Ignore that at your peril.

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>No secret that Central Banks are buying gold at record levels
Central banks as a collective or central banks as in shitholes in central Asia?

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>le hillbilly was a pedo so I can be too
Go to jail

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Central Banks all around the world and governments also. Not hard to find the details, friend. Meanwhile the largest foreign holders of dollars are quietly slinking towards the door.

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There are secret clubs but there are always hints being dropped everywhere for certain karma reasons. Like for instance, buy fetch.ai as it will be going parabolic soon - hint, this is an example of info being displayed for all to see. The choice is yours now.

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they even call it grooming if you're friends or talk to a 17 year old then date her when she's an adult. even if she's 22

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>It's actually more likely just akin to sleazy backroom dealing but in nicer backrooms with fancier cigars and champagne than the backroom dealing more accessible to us.
Um, no dude. They literally eat kids. Read the Franklin cover up.

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Nobody cares if they personally eat kids. Kids eat kids. People care if they are the reason that they pay twice as much for [favorite product]. That really is the problem with you people.

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That shit is fucking creepy. If you knew her as a innocent child you don't get to take her innocence and pretend your not slimey

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post tits

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>having sex with someone is taking their innocence
go away you neurotic roastie

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>sexually mature
post tits whore

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Are you for real? Get out of here you fucking snowflake loser.

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Bhenchod is a prominent curse word in North India. Only in North India do people call others sister fuckers. Because unlike the Muslims we don't fucking marry our cousins. North Indians follow the example set by the culture. It's very clear. A man of God is only allowed three kinds of relations with the opposite gender. If she is much younger then you she is your daughter. If she is much older she is your mother. If she is close to you she is your sister. The only exception is your wife.

It's fixing hilarious that all of you are so triggered. You know it's true. If you knew someone as a child it doesn't matter if you wait till they are adults. It's fixing creepy for you to romantically pursue that person. To think otherwise is to be like goat fucking sister fucking heathen.

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Kek my brother said something similar when my mum was talking about a coworker with a 18 year old girlfriend. Normies have been completely psyopped by roasties

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>show bobs and vegenea bhenchod mother bitch

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You guys are pedos
That’s why you think it’s cool for 22 year old to buy a 9 year old wife.
You guys aren’t men, you’re pathetic trash that every man would smash in the face.

I don’t have children but I would destroy pedos like you if given the chance. I hope your interactions with kids are monitored because I wouldn’t trust someone like you guys around kids.

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Shut the fuck up you can't even open your bottle of so.y without help

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Poocel simp
Every passing day it appears that Muslims are more based

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>thinks an adult marrying a 9 year old is acceptable
Fucking children makes you a bitch
I would beat the shit out of you if I ever found you in real life.

Any father, brother or son here with any respect for humanity would take pleasure in putting you in your place.
Pedos like you are what’s wrong most with this world.

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>Read the Franklin cover up
anyone thinking sexual blackmail isn't real in politics is willfully ignorant. this is just one case. there is also the case of bryan singer doc called "an open secret"

and sure the mainstream "pizzagate" (involving comet ping pong) was probably a psyop to discredit and divert attention away from the actual documented cases of the phenomenon- mainstream bullshit story "muh hilldawg running child trafficking from a pizza parlor was the gay op to keep normies away. (a sort of new age of the 80's satanic panic involving the high ranking US General michael aquino allegations of the rape of scores of young children at a military base day care center) it is a safe bet to assume the most high ranking politicians are compromised with video of them engaging in child sexual abuse. and this is just america. There are several cases in the UK of even more of this disgusting behavior of the highest ranking political figures- some involving the late jimmy savile, others involving ritual ceremonies such as hamstead school in London. it's a hell of a rabbit hole that will fuck you up if you dare to dive down it. proceed with caution, obviously graphic testimonials and much mainstream damage control to sift through. trigger warning obviously, proceed with caution if you are sensitive to these types of stories. judge for yourself

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I'm built af, I would snap your neck like a twig little boy, the only place you can talk tough to me is here on the internet

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Is this for real?

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Central banks in emerging markets are buying gold because they get smacked extra hard by inflation whenever the U.S. Fed engages in inflationary policies. Not the best indication that you should buy gold as is evident but the nosedive since the start of February

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Throughout history, women delivering children at 14 was the norm.

Yes, a 24-year-old man with established existence should wife a 14 years old with the acceptance of the family.

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Pizzagate is a normie psyop. Politicians and dictators were always masonic pedos/gays of the Jews for hundreds of years now.

It just parroted out there to erode normie moral further. Nothing to do with traditional man-woman relations.

Demoralised retarded doomer