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Why are we dumping aggressively? You told me the new bull market was here.

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Just a bullish retracement bro

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No, you misunderstood, silly goy. We said the market was bull shit. No refunds.

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Turns out macro economic factors is not a meme. Prepare yourself for the age of the bear. 10 year minimum of dumping and crabbing

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$10k is programmed

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your anus is programmed for cocks, its literally hard coded

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Chainlink was pumping

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bull markets regularly see pullbacks of 10-40%, time to learn good asshole puckering skills

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Boomers don't like the Russia uncertainty. They are also selling stocks for bonds given the yield treasuries are giving. Gotta prep for retirement.

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Because it was a bulltrap, as was obvious to anyone looking at the Stoch RSI. See: >>53842545

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checked, pretty obvious dessu

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This is not a bull market. Rates are at 5% and rising. Hard to grow without debt and the cost of debt is rising.

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Because Chainlink was pumping against the market yesterday. That is not allowed.

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you will see eventually

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when FOMO lags, i dump on them. they get scared and sell everything. rinse and repeat. honestly that's all BTC is good for at this point

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>click next to image and its STILL highlighted
oh boy im triggered

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i thought we were in a bearish melt up

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hard coded for BLACK cocks

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Bobs itt missed the bottom. Wake me up if we drop below 21300

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More like 11k at this snore pace

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No, we told you the bottom was in. It's going to be a slow climb back to the top.

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I'll wake you up next month

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>BTC price is the same price is was a month ago
>This is bullish
There are people on this board who unironically think this is a bull run.

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>bull markets regularly see pullbacks of 10-40%
keep tell them fren, since biz is filled with dinbs
good time to stack again
considering scooping some ctsi, sylo and hook, trying to take a risk like genies do, prob i can recover from the Solana losses

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I'm buying link and zil

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The bulls are building up momentum Chad. Bag promising altcoins now

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The market didn't get what it wanted as the FED cobtinued to raise rates, and threatenes to raise them more sharply in the market did not get back in line.

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Thanks fren, I just bagged some Ride, hopefully it'll moon when more utilities are added to its cloudbreakers nft.

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Adding magic right away

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Nigga has lost money

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>Why are we dumping aggressively?
hard to point out a specific reason, that's why I only look at stables and NFTs now....Calvaria, DeGods that's Solana tied, seekers that can be used to run nodes on the sylo network and a few others.

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Fampai we were just knocking on $15K, unironically zoom out

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Historically, this quarter was meant to be a good one for most altcoins. Confidence is gradually coming back to the market as we prepare to enter into the bull run come 2024. Just DCA into good gems like UTK, AZERO, BLOK, and GRT and stay comfy.

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Link went past $8, jews just can't have that happening.

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Based. Do you plan on picking up XCAD at all? I don't have any but I probably will when it comes down closer to a dollar.

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ZIL is a good one Oldfag. Sell off your Link and replace them with QNT and NXRA.

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>BTC price is the same price is was a month ago
That's wrong though you fucking faggot.

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QNT is the poor man's LINK lol