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why did he do it bros?

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cutie 3.14

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too much pokemon vore

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I can't believe someone hasn't murdered this guy. Between this guy and Epstein being suicided humanity is useless. There's all these people that 'have no hope' and want to do terrible things to themselves, but none of these lost individuals will do the needful to remind these people of their humility

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Looks exactly like that h3h3 guy there

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

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He looks pretty geeked out there. And his hair blends with that tree in the background and it looks weird.

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Textbook sociopath and con artist. Many such cases.

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He's a bankman. It was his duty to destroy crypto to save the *banks*.

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Do you really need to ask? You don't even need to check the (((early life))) section -- you can know everything about his motivations immediately from his physiognomy.

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they're actually brothers

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Oh. So it was all a show. Bummer

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So he could pump used cunt harder than any of you chuds will

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Wrong pic lol

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talmudic brothers? oy vey!

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>Epstein is alive

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>epstein suicided
>what is reading comprehension

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He said he’s sorry, just let it go

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Because I am cattle and if he didn't trick me I would have lost it to other (((products)))

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Captchas gettin real hard

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It’s a religious commandment for kikes to swindle non Jewish people

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Oh no problem i forgive him, can he let my money go now

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Tale of the scorpion and the frog.

It's in their nature.

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He thought he was untouchable because of who mommy and daddy were and who his girlfriend was.

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why did the scorpion sting the frog?

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wankman bankman

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schitzoid kike being immature with money.
>he literally believed his lawyerfag lefty commie parents were untouchables and he could literally break tons of laws and get away with it as long as he paid a bunch of politicians.

classic episode of a mentally ill kike letting their greed get entirely out of control.
seen the pattern hundreds of times with kikes.
tale as old as the first shekel.

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for that one chick's sweet sweet punnani

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trusted a female to run his business for him LMAO

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Born into a family of well connected, highly educated scam artists

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Lol its literally in his surname

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ron jeremy of finance
he fucked em all
scams even binance
elections are his call
top jew, king heeb
a sheen's envy
sharing pussy with homies like dairy queen's tendies

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eternal need to subvert order.

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Theyre all actors, sabotaging crypto is another example of private espionage by powerful non governmental organizations

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Every time someone on this board tries to turn you against your brown brothers at Polygon, using racial stereotypes and divisive hateful rhetoric, remember that a person named "bank man" is probably botting the comments.

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Because he’s a kike

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God damn... They added Sam voice?

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Because he's a Jew

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>do the needful
Good morning sir

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this 1 9mm bullet is 25 cents

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He's Jewish, it's in his nature.

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all jews are inbred goblins

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Couldnt help himself, its in his blood

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Your fault for trusting a jew

No refunds

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It's like the story of the frog that crosses the river with a scorpion on its back.

>"Why would you sting me?", said goyim startled whilst carrying the jew safely on their back - "Now we'll both drown"

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my rhymes be bankin
my jeets stay yanking
the rug
is pulled but it's made out of wool
around the corner, around the bend
we're all being taken to school again

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Cause he think’s funny

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>who writes this shit?
which part of it, the pic rel or the text? are you saying that SBF's father Joe didn't help Liz Warren draft her tax legislation? If not, are you implying there's no reason to link SBF with Warren? Or do you mean that there's no way SBF could have been tasked with destroying crypto from the inside? What exactly do you mean? Stop being a retard and contribute something meaningful or stfu, anon

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Stop being an obtuse cockslurper.