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>spent her entire life doing good
>Replaced with a moronic deskbot

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that's a jewish man

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>inbred pedokike
>mouth literally created to consume chad arab turds

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I don't know who that is and I never will.

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Can't spell CUNT with out the U in her

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Very bearish for baby killing.
Planned Parenthood and all of biotech that relies on the corpses of murdered babies will have to rethink their business models.

No more easy profits through butchering the innocent.

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I only miss her because she's solely responsible for the fall of Roe vs Wade. Without her hubris during and after the Obama era that "she will win!" only to die under Trump when Hillary lost, the old as time ignorance of women ironically led to modern women getting yeeted from their abortion rights. How the wicked fall.

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RGB's death was magical like poetry. She waits to retire so that she can have Hillary appoint her successor. Trump elected which shocked them. Tries to cling to life before being sent to hell, fails, Conservative justice appointed and the crown jewel of feminism, row vs wade gets overturned because the feminist women got cocky. I have no idea how many future people who study history piss and shart themselves laughing at this dead kike burning in hell.

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nearly identical post, only sad part is Jewish pearson textbooks will teach her as a hero instead of a villainous twat that ruined her own parties greatest achievement of soft genocide

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Nog and spic babies aren't innocent. They need to be purged. We should be expanding abortion to areas that don't speak English anymore until they start speaking English again. "Women's access to Healthcare" all the browns away. Cuckservatives are so fucking worthless. This was a worst possible scenario.

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Bitcoinization will happen, there will be a restoration, it will usher in a second Renaissance. Our guys and our inheritors will write the history texts.

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think about OP kike
that inbred ginsburg goblin mouth opening up, salivating over the meal to come as I push out a meaty shit, it passes her kike lips and without a single chew it slides down her inbred jew throat to mingle with all the other arab/muslim logs that are currently being digested in her kike goblin stomach

t.arab chad

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The next poetic verse of the Supreme Court will be a punished and righteously vindictive Clarence Thomas overturning affirmative action. Don't worry libshit NGOs will spare no expense making sure all the underprivileged BIPOC get all the abortions they want