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25k AMP
0.06 BTC

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I dont have anything you have

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you have too much on a project ive never heard about so that's bad i think (amp). hbar is pretty dead. qnt and btc are okay. i dont think you should diversify further but look at pond and the stuff they want to release soon(tm).
ok folio i guess deifnitely not as trash as some people here. remember you at least arent dumb enough to fall for hex lol

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You stupid fucking tranny.

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Sell your qnt and amp and buy more BTC keep the rest

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You have to be unironically a faggot

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based af kek

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ain't reading that anon, tl'dr or fuck off

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All that just to say you like men? Come on bro

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Def a poorstack

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Considering the fact that he is NOT actually diversifying, I don't think it'll hurt if he looks for at least 2 or 3 more shitcoins, I mean, in crypto the more doesn't mean the better, but OP is a faggot as always, so who gives a fuck

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Acute suicide risk.

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10k is the hbar sui stack op. Make sure to reach that goal. Dont forget to use hashpack for native staking. 6.5% per year.