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Lold. Retard town name

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are you underage faggot? paying that much for a fucking meth lab trailer in tornado meth land. buy a home there and you will fucking kill yourself when you realize you have destroyed your life. move to nyc if you aren't a fucking complete retard.

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>just buy a home 9 blocks from a toxic waste plant
>heckin BASED and WHITE

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Are you rich yet? No? Then you should be living like you're poor until you are. That means a small place in the ghetto.
It's not a trailer and there is no lot rent.

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RE fags have now resorted to wojack spamming on biz to unload their bags

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not him but how is living in NYC? i work remotely and want to get out of my medium-sized town for a while, but NYC is very expensive and i wouldn't be able to save money at all in a tiny apartment.

is living in NYC for a year or so worth it for the experience? i don't mind spending more than i normally would for a year or so if it means i get a new perspective

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i dont mean actually live in nyc, i mean live in the surrounding metro suburbs

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a reddit soiboy would never say this, he would advise to move to a big city and become a rent slave for the rest of your life

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Considering everyone left the city in droves once they could work remote, no.

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inb4 b-but it's ugly

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>current year + 9
>not living in the middle of nowhere

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sure, suppose i lived away from the city center and took the subway to get around the city when i want. or even if i go somewhere like chicago or LA or some other large metro area.

would being in a metro for a while give me a new perspective on life that i wouldn't otherwise have? i feel like i'm missing out living in the town i was born in and not going anywhere but i don't know if it's worth it

but surely those people already experienced what the city had to offer and had no issue with moving elsewhere. i wouldn't want to live in a big city long-term, but could i learn something new by living there for a year or so?

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/pol/cels are now the hysterical church ladies of the internet

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>flyover literal who shithole in the middle of god knows fuck where with literally nothing to do besides kill yourself

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>would being in a metro for a while give me a new perspective on life that i wouldn't otherwise have? i feel like i'm missing out living in the town i was born in and not going anywhere but i don't know if it's worth it
idk, i was born here, but I lived in the sticks too and its miserable as fuck and im glad I can go back, idk what i would do if i were priced out of my home town, moved to fuck all kansas and could never even dream of coming back lol id kill myself

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It's even got your super trendy exposed brick wall! Look, either you focus on making it and nothing else, or yngmi. Even then there's plenty of fun things to do online.

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Here's what New Yorkers say they experience in their free time:
>sporting events

What they actually can afford to do after paying rent:
>get drunk
>go to the bodega

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Here. Big city, pretty, low price, and not kansas. What's the next thing you're gonna bitch about?

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They left the city in drives and moved to the outer boroughs and NJ, 15mins from Manhattan. Of the 5 boroughs only Manhattan saw a population decline.

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i’m just used to old infrastructure lmfao i can’t live in some trailer park shithole

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>there’s plenty of fun things to do online



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Only faggots crave city life. Not enough homos in the country to get a good bathouse going. Enjoy girls that sleep with niggers, getting robbed and or shot and getting roofied by mobs of aggressive faggots.

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Dude look
I own in Overland Park and I'm not going to do the generic dumb /biz/ poster thing and pooh pooh reasonable metro areas in the midwest; Omaha, KC, STL

but it is a horrific life of misery to be stuck in places like Coffeyville and Pittsburg in 900 square feet of 150 year old literal shack

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Get psychiatric help before you shoot up a school, you deranged faggot

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>aggressive faggots
dude , you are aggressive faggot

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Pol lives rent free in tranny and soiboy minds kek

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NY is bars, resteraunts and art galleries wrapped in sweltering heat or frozen hell. La / SF are miles better.

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SF is on par with NY, but LA? nigger you must be joking

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I would live the same life in nyc that I live in coffeyville. I am terminally online. Also you are most likely not getting 1%/mo gross in omaha, KC, STL. Maybe STL but that is nigger territory to the max.

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People literally go homeless just so they can say they live in Los Angeles.

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True. The difficult option, or any option which gives the one making it agency instead of helplessly blaming the system, is the de facto anti-Reddit opinion

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Factually true, as someone whose lived in both. Cities are good for hookups, and bar/club scenes aka extending your college years into your late 20s. That’s it. It’s also good for your ‘career’ until hopefully you realize the taxes and keeping up with Jones mentality kill any wealth building and that there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder.

The ‘culture, things to do, etc’ is all a giant meme. You can do more living in Grand Rapids Michigan than New York City , and once you’re old enough that you’re not chasing ass drunk every Friday night then NYC has literally nothing to offer outside of better yet still overpriced restaurants.

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SF is dead

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>spamming on biz to unload their bags
Why would I unload my bags? I paying around 3% for these bags.

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I know the the answer is "/pol/", but I find it genuinely bizarre how a board about Business and Finance is so passionate about living in small towns with no business and no opportunity to create wealth. Why are you even here?

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Living in a smaller city/town within driving distance of a large city is the bizpilled way. Minimize living expenses/jogger proximity, maximize business opportunities.

I'm remote so the more I can minimize my living expenses the further my high wfh salary goes. I dump it all into investments.

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This part sucks, the rest is great.

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NY and LA are going to survive, they always have. Orange County might be my #1 destination to settle down in as well.

SF is a legit hell hole, and the upcoming collapse of it will be very interesting. It might be the worst metropolis in the united states.

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>Then you should be living like you're poor until you are. That means a small place in the ghetto.
This is how I live except my area is decent. Everything saved and invested.

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You can build a business better (at least in some regards) in a smaller place. I mean it really depends on what your business is. If you want to run a store, the city might be better. But even then, a smallish town with a more close knit community and all the 'by local and pay out the ass' retards buy your stuff.

How are you going to start a business in some shithole like LA when mr shekelstein is charging you 2200 a month for a one bedroom ghetto apartment and niggers are robbing you weekly.

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> Minimize living expenses
Minimizing expenses is not as beneficial as simply getting a higher-paying job, which for 99% of people is how wealth is created. This is literally boomer-tier advice that has been outdated for decades and has no relevance for the modern workforce. It's the same logic as "stop buy Starbucks every day" when that would have no meaningful impact on people's actual finances.
> maximize business opportunities
There are significantly fewer business opportunities in small towns, full stop. Fewer people to either provide jobs or do work, the people that are around are typically less skilled and less educated, and there is less capital floating around to do anything with. Even just saying "WFH-only jobs" means you're cutting out a significant number of opportunities that you would have if you live in a city.
At the end of the day, it's your funeral and I'll continue to do what's actually needed to provide for me and mine, but don't give me some bullshit about small towns being /biz/ when virtually every small town on Earth is poorer than their large-city counterparts. That's just a cope and goes against any factual reality.

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Did you just not read my post you stupid fucknugget? Thanks for the longwinded spiel of shit I already know.

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Most people are incredibly wasteful. Living an austere lifestyle can get you far imo. I save about 2100 USD a month living cheaply.

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Just buy a house in Europe. 200k house there would be 1-2 million in America

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>Live somewhere you have no rights
No thanks buddy.

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Lol wrong. Go to any small to midsized town in america and you’ll see mansions everywhere. There’s plenty of wealth, it’s just different. Much easier to start a business, less red tape, less taxes, lower COL. Also if you can work remote then there’s a huge arbitrage opportunity there.

“Move to the big city is how you get ahead with career and money” is Scott Galloway tier dog shit advice. The average person in the country is a poor bloke, but the average person in the city is also poor as shit. If you’re business minded you can make it anywhere in America.

Difference is if you’re a college grad and go someplace mid sized you’ll have enough saved to start a family, own a home, etc by late 20s. Meanwhile do the same in nyc or Chicago and you’ll just be broke complaining on Reddit or Twitter all day, unless you are top 1% and go the banking route or something else like that

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Growing income matters to a threshold, but it’s far lower than you think. Once you reach 100-150k, then managing costs is far greater to financial freedom. At that point you can reasonably reach financial
Independence in a decade or less through austerity , compared to keeping up with the Jones mentality where no not even 200, 300, 400k will get you there

Income is a big piece of the puzzle. But the equation isn’t income growth, it’s savings rate. Every extra % you save isn’t just extra money in your pocket, it’s less money you need to live on.

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>Lol wrong. Go to any small to midsized town in america and you’ll see mansions everywhere.
delusional retard. kek.

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Most of the small towns are 75% trailer parks.

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my hometown unironically has some very large victorian homes from like the 1800s. unfortunately most of them are beat to shit from neglect and abuse and consequently sell for like $125k, while the 1500-2000 square foot well-maintained ranch homes sell for $200-250k. and then there a ton of shitty rinky dink 1200 square foot mid-century homes for $100-150k that are poorly maintained, and some nasty ratfuck trailers on private property.

"more urban" living is overpriced but it's also way easier to make money and overcome that cost of living. if i had stayed in my rural hometown i'd be stuck on $50-60k a year with a $1500-1600/month bill for a house. instead i moved more urban and i hit $100k/year in 4 years with moderate effort, and my house bill (when i buy) should be around $2300/month. i'm saving a lot more money despite the cost of living increase, and my work is a lot more interesting and flexible than the alternative.


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Reminder that house prices would fall if it wasn't for immigration. But they don't want you to buy houses and have space for children. They want you and your wife to work. No time, no money, no energy and no space for children.

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houses in the middle of nowhere are still like $150k, at least in my state

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And most cities are 75% ghetto. My point remains

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>is living in NYC for a year or so worth it for the experience
It could be vest experience of your life or the worst, nobody can say.

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>Most people are incredibly wasteful.
not really
this is just some 4chan autist fantasy
hurr durr everyone is wasting all their money like IDIOTS except ME, the super smart individual (who can't get a gf for some reason)

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In my whole state, there are only 350 houses currently listed with an asking price under 300k.
The housing market is utterly and completely fucked.
3 years ago in my town every street had at least 1 sign out front, now there is literally nothing, nobody is selling because there is nothing to buy...

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>In my whole state, there are only 350 houses currently listed with an asking price under 300k.
that's a lot. just buy one then

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>no I won't leave my nigger worshipping shithole for europe even though there are plenty of welcoming places for cheap
american problems

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none of them are within commuting distance of population centers with jobs.

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Income compared to the cost of living. You could make $100k in SF and be homeless and make $50k in Wyoming and own multiple homes.

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how are you so good at finding these?

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It's all about the purchasing power

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>he thinks americans have rights