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I work off the books and simply just put the money in my bank and then buy bitcoin. I don’t pay taxes on that income. How fucked am I ?

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Anons will try to scare you but for the most part as long as you aren't rich you'll probably be fine, just make sure if you ever cash out a large amount to consult a CPA to cover your bases. Audits are random unless politically motivated, and not very common.

That said if they ever do audit you, you can get fucked in the ass hard. So you should probably do the CPA thing within a decade just in case.

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keep it under the minimal taxable income per year and nobody is going to care.

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wont a CPA ask you if you pay your taxes, and won't they report you if they find out?

also what constitutes "rich?"

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Move to El Salvador. Cash out there. Never look back.

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see you on the beach king

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>Audits are random
They aren't. If you run your own business or have a million deductible items, or have strange income sources you're 1000x more likely to be audited than a wagie filing simple form.

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I mean youll be fine until you sell, also if youre putting loads of money into a bank and not paying taxes on it you might get caught that way

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make sure to always have a dark stack available. an unknown amount of monero so if they do fuck you in the ass then you still have your dark stack

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i meant fiat currency

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Your back won’t rest you out but your exchange will when you cash out, then you’ll owe back taxes on what you used to buy the bitcoin in the first place. I would keep good records

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*your bank won’t rat you out

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Income taxes are voluntary, anon

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